Witching Well
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Item: Witching Well
Size: >10000m³
Type: Water reserve
Living: No
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards context dependent poison
Location: Base 6-29459
Reported Anomaly: mind altering, medicinal


Application 1a: Blackmail (after)

The item is to be given out in quantities exceeding 250 milliliters to unsuspecting subject. The area around the subject is then to be monitored for three days after deployment for missing children incidents or strange cases of child amputation. After such incidents were recorded, the subject is contacted with the claim that the deploying Insurgent works for someone who knows what the subject did, and that the subject from now on has to annually pay a fixed sum towards an offshore bank account (height of payment is dependent on area of deployment and subjects wage and/or financial standing). If the money is not paid on scheduled, a note regarding suspicion towards the subject is to be sent to the parents of the affected child or the responsible authorities (to be chosen on a case by case basis).

Application 1b: Blackmail (before)

Evidence of the item's effectiveness is to be provided to the subject (suggestion: one or several tapes of item deployment/experimentation results or access to the "Witch Camp Report", see addendum 4). The subject is thereafter to be asked for there cooperation, with the threat of item deployment in there near vicinity (possibly to a member of there family). If subject does not comply, send sample of item to the family of the subject. Results are to be recorded for future study.

Application 2a: Medicinal (requested)

Insurgence may request quantities of the item for medicinal purposes, as long as their results can be documented.

Application 2b: Medicinal (conditionally)

Doctors and other medical staff of the Insurgency may prescribe the item at their convenience; as long as their patients can not reject treatment, and the results can be sufficiently monitored and documented. This includes prescription to patients outside of Insurgency influenced facilities, if a request towards the prescription was made and payed in advance.

Application 3: Demonstrative

Removed. See addendum (3) and (4)


The "Witching Well"1 is a mineral water repository with a pumping and filling station attached, as well as any water produced there in a manner as described below.

The well itself is a 2,5m diameter hole within the water packaging facility. The room itself is decorated with runes consistent with medieval symbols associated with witchcraft. The writing on the walls is mostly written in graffiti paint dated to around 1990. The last water officially produced by the well was extracted in 1987, with the station owners filing for bankruptcy the same year. Records indicate that the water produced by the well was not anomalous during its commercial availability from 1967 to 1988.

The anomaly is only present within the water if the well was provided with a mixture of ingredients as provided in addendum 1 in the last two months prior to extraction.

When water from the "Witching Well" is consumed in excess of 240 ml its anomalous properties activate immediately and last for about two days. Higher amounts of water increases effectiveness of all effects mentioned below. The water can also be introduced to the body via infusion or injection.

The effects, as listed here, are ordered by time of the discovery, oldest to newest. It is possible that further effects might be added at a later date:

  • Indiscriminate taste and hunger for human flesh of children between 2 weeks and 15 years old.
  • Ability to wake comatose humans, 78% failure rate at 250ml, 35% at 3 liters without further improvement from increased dosage.
  • Slow reversal of dementia (brain damage induced memory loss).
  • Slowing cancer growth by 70%.

All effects are present without the actual consumption of human flesh or human parts. The desire to eat children never becomes compulsory, meaning all subjects affected by the anomaly must have made a conscious choice to give in to their hunger. The choice to consume human children is described as a "compelling" or "attractive". For further details see addendum 2.

There are no detrimental effects if no parts are consumed. The hunger induced by the anomaly is unaffected by physical hunger, although some subjects claimed physical hunger as a defense for their actions.

While most of the machinery present in the station were sold when it came into the possession of the Insurgency in 2003, the facility is still capable of pumping and packaging 2000 liters in one hour (~5,55 l/s). The facility rarely reaches this capacity cap, with most fillings packaging only 20 to 50 liters a day every 2 weeks (at a speed of 0.01 l/s). This is done to preserve the installed machines and to keep down required maintenance cost. Larger quantities can be produced should demand increase or more quantities of the item are requested for a larger deployment (see addendum 3).

Water packaged at the facility can be packaged with bottles of several known water brands as well as special Insurgency bottles. Insurgency bottles are labeled with a white on black label describing the content as "Sulfer-di-hydrogen-oxyl" (SO2H2). When speaking to other Insurgency personnel it is encouraged to use this term for identification of the anomaly, as it is not a real chemical compound currently produced. Insurgency bottles are further marked as poisonous with the official poison symbol (GHS06). The packaged anomaly is only to be stored in Insurgency facilities in bottles marked as SO2H2, as the other bottles can only be identified as to be filled with anomalous water through a taste test. The anomaly is not detectable through chemical analysis and if the taste of the water that is supposed to be in the faked bottles of major brands is unknown, not even a taste test could identify it.

Holy-water neutralizes the waters anomalous properties in a 1 to 152 ratio (1ml holy-water reduces 152ml anomalous water into normal water). The effect of holy-water changes, if the priest that sectioned the holy-water has preciously molested or abused a child. In which case the water gains the ability to induce pedophilia or fantasy of violence towards children respectively, alongside all of its other effects. The ratio 1 to 152 is consistent. All effects of holy-water also apply if the holy-water is applied to the tissue of an affected subject. No other interactions between other religious symbols or foods was observed.


(1) Recipe

These ingredients can not be detected in the packaged product and all measurements are approximations that have proven functional.
The following is to be thrown into the extraction hole in the Well-Opening-Room:

  • 2 kg sugar or salt
  • 1 freshly decapitated animal2 (preferably chicken) INCLUDING THE HEAD.
  • 300 mg cocaine or 3 liters of distilled alcohol3

Variations and experiments are possible do to the water returning the same test results after every ritual reloading. There were not even trace amounts of the things thrown in detected.

(2) Subject statements

2003-03: Like biting ice cream. You know it is wrong, you know the consequences, but you do it anyway.

2003-06: Have you ever seen something so sweet and nice? How could I not?

2003-07: What ever you did, it did not work. No matter how smooth her skin is, no matter her brilliant eyes. I wont harm her and if it kills me.

2004-05: Well, I usually work with pork and beef, but this was a challenge and I think I beat the challenge hands down.

(3) Defunct Usage procedure

Application 3: Demonstrative

  1. Select a target meeting the following criteria:
    1. Multiple children in close living proximity (example: school, juvenile correctional facility, summer camp)
    2. Centralized standard water-supply (example: cafeteria, water-cooler, water-tower)
    3. No anomalous history
  2. Set up covered surveillance equipment.
  3. Replace the water supply of the target area with water from the "Witching Well".
  4. If necessary also supply tools for large scale cooking operations (cauldrons, spits and/or ovens).
  5. Document casualties and replace equipment and remaining anomalies.
  6. Leave a note reading "We are the Chaos Insurgency" in the area in an obvious location.
  7. Use the ability of the Insurgency to perform this set of instructions as a bargaining chip in future negotiations with civilian groups and governments. When it is clear that the other site knows about these incident(s), it needs not to be mentioned during the negotiations.
  8. Should negotiations in which this bargaining chip was relevant fail, enact a strike on an area relevant to the negotiations in the next three months following the end of the negotiations.

(4) Addition to "Application 3"

In 2005, the Insurgency approved the use of application 3. The result was documented in the "Witch Camp Report". Insurgents tasked with supervision and documentation interfered with the running operation. Even with their interjection, the event reached a 98% fatality-rate in involved children, and a 70% fatality-rate in involved adults (including Insurgency operatives). After reviewing the documents regarding the "Witch Camp Report" several high-ranking members of Alpha command voiced their disgust about the procedure. Further usage of application 3 was put on hold and eventually removed from the Usage section of the report. Application 3 may be reinstated in the future should the Insurgency be in need of a much stronger bargaining position in future negotiations with civilian groups or governments. The result of the "Witch Camp Report" were covered up by the responsible government authorities and the Foundation. The coverup states that the incident was performed by a satanic cult that committed suicide after their operation had concluded.

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