Person of Interest UC247 Dossier
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= = POI-UC247, The White Empress - Unknown role = =

Personal Description

Real Name: Information not available

Nickname: The White Empress

Affiliations: No Affiliation

Place of Birth: Information not available

Civil Status: Possibly a citizen of an Eastern European country

Sex: Female

Height: ~ 1.8m

Weight: ~ 68Kg

Age: Information not available, possibly 32 years old

Race: East-Baltic

Ethnicity: Russian

Nationality: Information not available

Eyes: White

Hair: White

Brief Summary

The White Empress is a young woman probably working on her own account or freelance for various GoIs, she operates on most of the surfaces of the globe except some Eastern countries like Moldova which have very few GoIs or none at all.
The origins of The White Empress are still unclear and the limited information about it do not allow us to identify her real name.

She often comes into contact with GoIs (whether small or large) to offer them a contract that generally aims to help those GoIs in exchange for unfailing loyalty to The White Empress. If the contract or trust is broken for any reason, The White Empress tends to circulate the positions of the GoI bases to other rival organizations. Although she does not seem to have abnormal abilities, she seems for an unknown reason to succeed in disorienting certain abilities or abnormal people.

Incidents or other events related to POI-UC247:

  • 05/07/2000: Kidnapping of a SCP Foundation intelligence officer and murder of his wife and child.
  • 25/01/2006: Assassination of Director Mason of the GoI "R.A.C", causing the destruction of an organization that was likely to become an ally of Chaos Insurgency.
  • 26/05/2008: Circulation of false information between the GoIs "Church of the Broken God" and "Psychotronics Division" in order to launch a mutual destruction of the two GoI (possibly caused by The White Empress, however, the information still needs to be verified).
  • 22/08/2013: Information leaks from base ███ and total destruction thereof.

Research is still being conducted to learn more about POI-UC247, which may have carried out other actions.

History and Circumstances for Interest

The first reports concerning POI-UC247 were compiled in 1998 in Congo when she was allegedly at the origin of the Second Congo War by helping to militarise the two opposing camps and to keep the flame of hatred between Tutsis and Hutus burning. This war allowed POI-UC247 to seize an anomaly that was highly coveted by the SCP Foundation and other organizations.

This action had attracted the attention of several GoI at that time, wishing to use the POI-UC247 for their own interest and purpose, however, she never followed the various offers they were made to it and left without ever leaving a trace. She made a strong impression in the 2000s in Uganda by selling weapons and abnormal objects to the Army of the Three Lords, which allowed this minor group to militarily repel the SCP Foundation for three years, which did not stop trying operations against this group (this remains to this day a defeat of which the SCP Foundation is still ashamed).

The activities of POI-UC247 are varied but often remain in the same perspective which is: "I give help but I want your loyalty".

POI-UC247 last appeared in the Ukraine on 06/04/2017 during a friendly meeting that potentially led to a contract between it and a local GoI that was experiencing a strong increase in growth. The assassination was given to Special Operator Elisabeth Kaitlyn, however, while the Operator was drawing the White Empress it was discovered that all the pages containing representations of the white empress were completely covered with black ink. The assassination proved unsuccessful, allowing the target to disappear, which had a profound impact on the Operator for an unknown reason.

Research to find out where POI-UC247 is located is still being conducted and is of the highest priority.

Additional information

Although The White Empress is not affiliated with any groups, it has been noted that she seems to have surrounded herself with some people with abnormal abilities (and maybe objects) to achieve its goals. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the peoples who were seen with The White Empress.

In summation, POI-UC247 has never stopped undermining the plans of various organizations considered untouchable and powerful, this has allowed her to acquire a certain reputation and fairly high notoriety allowing her to surround herself with the various groups or GoI she helps. However, she does not seem to have any difficulty in getting rid of groups that can disappoint or betray it, she usually destroys them in return. Her main objective is still poorly understood.

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