When September Ends
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A man was looking over a plan. Base 46 would be a project of proportions that had last been attempted in 2012. Ruining a neighborhood so thoroughly that no one wanted to life there anymore was never the problem, especially if the town that would soon be an Insurgency base was rural. The trick was not to simply ruin a place, but to do it in a way that would not encourage a major crackdown from officials, paranormal or otherwise. "Oberweshopendorf" would soon be wiped of the map of Saxony.
The first step was complete. Several Chaos Insurgency agents had moved into the town by taking up residence in several abandoned buildings. Things had went well. Most of the town thought their new Neighbors had bought their homes, not simply moved in. The agents now outnumbered the real residents. They had also placed some "graffiti" around town that would soon activate and keep things civil during the coming carnage. It would be a waste of human life, but the things that would go into the earth would actually help in the study of ghosts as someone high up had suddenly developed an interest in the subject. This was the man's actual job.
The man looked over the machines that were digging a large hole outside of town. If you do not want people to believe what was actually happening, make it spectacular and do it silently. The town thought one of their new friends had sponsored a new community-house. The official papers were filed for a church. The last night of September had see the Foundation poured. 345 residents would go to bed tonight and not wake up again. The assassin division would soon start to do its job. Some members of the division had a taste for human flesh, some were regular murderers that had learned to blend in, some where something entirely different.
This town would get a ghost problem from October 1th onward until phase 3 was completed and every single resident put into specifically consecrated soil. Even the digging machines were somewhat holy, while they build the future residents of the community. The graffiti would keep the community down for a while, but a new graveyard including the "community house" would be the actual supernatural stopper on the resulting ghost problem. The Insurgency had placed runes throughout the city in the past days to prevent the ghosts from immediately forming a ghost tornado that would than terrorize the countryside. This was done mostly by mind-wiping the ghosts of the moments of there demise. No living desire for vengeance, no vengeful spirits. If the holy ground did not delete the ghosts last hours and 21 seconds as planned, the church would not even be finished before the Foundation would crack down on the ghost storm that would roam the country side from then on.
The man rolled up his construction plans. It was dark already. He was invited to dinner with the Hoppensteds. They wanted to make a good impression on him as the husband had a small electric business that hoped to get the contract concerning the wiring of the new community house. On the way there the man made a call to the accounting department that had been forging death certificates for months now. The town had lost its last resident two days ago, they just were not informed of that yet. The Hoppensteds will have perished 3 weeks ago in a car crash. Forging business papers of large companies was a pain for the paper wizards, but luckily most members of the community were retired or employed in some local business.
Base 46 would be abandoned after the church would be build, in a few days, using preformed parts. Than the paper wizards would clean up the Base construction story. There are some Insurgents that read about a place they move into and some might be uncomfortable with the idea that they move into a house with furniture of a nice old lady that died in the chair currently in their new living room. The official story would be that the town was given up for coal mining and the Insurgency saved it from destruction after finding a high ghost concentration in the area.
The man knocked on the door of the house he had chosen to life in for the next few weeks until the end of phase three. He would now have dinner with the lovely couple that would soon be nothing more than study objects. As the door was opened the man stepped inside the house with a smile on his face. The expansion was going nicely and being nice was a nice way of expending. Three hours until October and the other dinner.

The gun to his forehead froze the man's smile in place. In the split of a second the nice construction engineer turned back into Agent Wimmer. His head needed to be out of the line of fire first. Agent Wimmer let himself fall backwards. Now attack. The foot of agent Wimmer connected with the chin of the electrician, who had now also changed his stand. Agent Wimmer went into a handstand, before coming back to his feet. He did not leave Mr. Hoppensted the same courtesy. He was currently doing a backwards roll into a low firing position. Agent Wimmer closed the distance in a short sprint. If a gun is at play, stay close. Sadly the "nice construction engineer" was not packing quite as hard. The 25 cm spear like blade shot out from Wimmer's sleeve. Human agents don't go into the field unarmed. Blade against gun the two man tumbled to the ground.
"Your friend was a bit to much, but you actually are better." Mr. Hoppensted grunted. Agent Wimmer placed the reference regarding "a friend". Someone had not kept their mouth shut. "Whether you die three days ago in a car, today or tomorrow is irrelevant. I will just take you down now." Agent Wimmer felt the shift run through his body. His fingernails grew into sharp metal spikes and his neck doubled in length. "Shit, since when does the Foundation use monsters?" Two shots fired and metal claws on the neck of his pray later Agent Wimmer's brain made the connection. He thinks I am with the Foundation? He knows about the Foundation? He knows their modus operandi?
Agent Wimmer dropped the man into a puddle of his own blood. He started to feel the two shot wounds as his mind reawakened and suppressed his blood frenzy. He had not even noticed the wounds until now. It took him a lot of restrain not to eat the man on the ground, rip him into tinier and tinier pieces until… Agent Wimmer snapped back into focus.
"I am working with 2014b Revision 2" Agent Wimmers now sharp voice escaped his now sharp metal teeth, with only some effort. Speaking was for disguises, not for ripping, but he had to follow protocol. If he did not follow protocol… He vividly remembered how it felt to have his teeth and fingernails removed.
Mr. Hoppensted almost unconscious answered, "Protocol Discrepancy."
Agent Wimmer was not about to let this slide. "Request Fallback Protocol. Request Protocol 2000."
Mr. Hoppensted dragged himself up on a raincoat hanging from the wall. "Protocol Confirmed, Requesting 2012i"
Agent Wimmer knew that he had some explaining to do, but the code was old, perhaps compromised. "At the gates of winter"
Mr. Hoppensted looked still a bit worse for were, but was now standing again "…spring knocks with…"
"… two stacks of dynamite." This was bad. Agent Wimmer had reverted to his human form. "So, you are Insurgency. We were under the impression that Oberweshopendorf was civilian." Mr. Hoppensted's mouth opened and closed. Then words came out. "We wiped that place out last year. I am part of the last temporary staff before the final staff was scheduled to move into Base 46." "Your protocol is outdated. What year do you think it is?" Cold sweet had started to form on Mr. Hoppensted head. Agent Wimmer could smell the delicious fear, but he needed to be an insurgent now and a ripper latter. This was bad. "2012. It is September 30th 2012". Very bad. "It is 2014, you said something about a 'friend', presumably from the Foundation?" "Yeah, his phone was to good so I…" Not good. Agent Wimmer drew his own phone and dialed the paper wizards "The Foundation is onto us. There are time-shifted Insurgents here. I need a headcount and a new check on the villagers. We almost took out our own people."
The voice on the other end of the line sounded distant. "SCP-22305-B-524, how have you discovered your containment?" The voice sounded empty, as if not entirely there. Agent Wimmer crushed his phone. "This is a Foundation trap. They already undermined our communications and in 3 hours we will start the clean out." "I was not with the clean out team when we build base 46, but it was finalized on October 1th. The runes worked. We did not even need to build a stopper." Agent Wimmer's mind tried to place the new information, but was redirected. Agent Wimmer took out a small metal cylinder from his pocket and went outside. "No need for more of us to be fooled. Your guys understand these?" Mr. Hoppensted nicked. "I go and get my 'rising star' as well." Mr. Hoppensted went inside and came back out with his wife. Both held similar cylinders. "Let's light them up." Three hands quenched around the cylinders, breaking the two containers inside, than the three insurgents threw their cylinders into the sky.

The night was dark for just a few moments more, before the light pierced the night and remained in the air. In case communication during a large scale operation was compromised every insurgent would know what to do. Identify yourself as Insurgency and throw your "rising stars" and prepare for combat. The Foundation had made a mistake to try to take so many Insurgents at once. Apparently Base 46 was fully stocked, ready, and for tonight, full of monsters.

Report about the events of September 30th of 2021

Foundation Researcher [REDACTED] had missed a check-in at 20:30 while within SCP-22305-A. At 20:33 a search party is dispatched. Three hours before the "Bloodbath Event" at midnight that has reliably restarted the circle of SCP-22305 each year since 2012, SCP-22305-B-524 called the Research Facility 3 (Insurgency Bureaucratic Front) claiming to have found Foundation influence. Researcher [REDACTED] asked the entity how the Foundation presence had been discovered, breaking regulations. At 21:05 several lights went up above SCP-22305-A. All 845 instances of SCP-22305-B revealed themselves as Insurgents and attacked the on-site Foundation staff. At this point the classification of SCP-22305 was changed from "Safe" to "Keter". Containment plan two (2) is triggered and a strike force begins a "Bloodbath Event 2.0" to reset the anomaly. As all instances of SCP-22305-B were thoroughly categorized and studied, counteracting their ability was within the scope of the containment plan. Several buildings of SCP-22305-A were damaged in the attempted containment. This unfortunately included damages to SCP-22305-C (Insurgency anti vengeance measures "Runes") instances. With the SCP-22305-C instances damaged, nothing kept the SCP-22305-B instances from instantly reappearing with fully intact memory. As SCP-22305-B instances became aware of their nature, they started to damage SCP-22305-C instances themselves. SCP-22305-A was finally consumed by SCP-22305-D, the theoretical entity reported in the Insurgency documents regarding "Base 46"s (aka SCP-22305-A's) construction. Since the resulting "Vengeful Ghost Tornado" was not composed out of angry civilians, but out of highly trained Agents, Base Staff and several monsters, SCP-22305-D was 4000% more effective/destructive than the SCP-22305-D that was supposed to be prevented by SCP-22305-C. The storm was not aimless, but instead very focused on eliminating all Foundation presence in the area. The event reached a 100% fatality rate of Foundation on-site personnel by 01:00 October 1th. Later searches revealed that their bodies were buried in the foundation of the "Church" (SCP-22305-E), preventing their resurrection. No "ghosts" of Foundation personnel were recovered. At 03:00 a letter was delivered to Site 17. The content of the letter was a text claiming that the Insurgency thanks the Foundation for freeing assets thought to be lost and massively expanding the current military force of the Insurgency. The letter was signed with the drawing of a cylinder hat embroidered with the number 6. It is expected that SCP-22305-D has rejoined the Insurgency. Whether SCP-22305-D still contains the individual SCP-22305-B instances is currently unknown.

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