Transduction Annelids
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Item: Transduction Annelids
Type: Viral Infection
Living: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards Personnel of significance with extensive knowledge regarding Insurgency structure or information may become infected. Said personnel are advised not to come within direct contact of infected persons.
Required Wear/Weaponry Operatives manually directing infected subjects are advised to communicate with said subjects through radio transmission.
Location: <CLASSIFIED>
Reported Anomaly: Conscious Transducer

Time-lapse video of eosinophils and Item larva over the course of 80 min.


Item in non-testing environments is restricted to being used as a persuasion supplement on non-cooperative subjects who possess knowledge and/or authority over substances of interest that may not be obtained through traditional means of intel acquisition protocol. Item may be placed within selected hosts by means of injection, digestion, and physical contact by Item and those under its influence.

Prior to the permanent establishment of subjects selected for study and/or quarantine, all subjects exposed to possible instances of Item, organic or not, which have been deemed dangerous and/or counterproductive are to be immediately terminated and incinerated. Any persons coming within contact with possible instances of Item and/or begin exhibiting signs of Item influence are to immediately be withdrawn from the area, be isolated from their team, and be subjected to medical examination using only remote means to identify whether infection has occurred and appropriate procedures preformed based on the conclusion of the present administration.

Direct contact between infected subjects, as well as indirect actions that may violate the secrecy of the specified operations carried out by subjects under Item influence, is strictly prohibited and is to be stopped by all means necessary. Absolutely no tests on Item and those under its influence are to be conducted without express permission and approval from at least two members of Alpha Administration.


Item is the result of a mutatious form of the protozoa1 species <CLASSIFIED>, on which multiple experiments were carried out to change the genetic constitution of said species by a secret military complex designated as Chernobyl-█, established in Northern Russia by the GRU-P for the acquisition of intel and assets deemed essential during the Cold War.

During the process of infection, active immature forms of Item penetrate the host's blood-brain barrier, often entering through the host's ocular region, piercing the vitreous body of the host's eye. Once Item has successfully acquired access to the host's brain, the infected subject(s) begin to lose conscious control over their actions and emotions, often leading subjects to be easily persuaded into conducting various actions which infected persons are often incapable of explaining once the subject has been manumitted from Item influence. Provided that the worms remain within contact of the subject's body for no less than 16 hours, the average time of which active specimens have matured, the worms will begin to develop sentience, allowing them to actively direct its host's body and actions.

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