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As per the 1993 Cernunnos Accords, personnel with BETA clearance or lower are not permitted access to this file. Unauthorized access is punishable by detainment and death if deemed necessary.

Note that this file is incomplete, and may contain inaccurate information as research into the subject of this document is ongoing.

Item Designation: Tógálaí
Size: 2.5m in height
Type: Quasi-Humanoid
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards: Physical aggression, alteration of immediate surroundings through anomalous means
Required Wear/Weaponry: Small arms, tactical vests and equipment if deemed necessary by supervisor
Location: Research Facility-22

Usage Protocols

Personnel are to express caution when nearby or within Tógálaí's containment cell. They are to remain aware of their true surroundings at all times, as the specimen is capable of altering objects around it.

Item does not require sustenance of any kind.

Item is pending approval for usage in Insurgency tactical operations. Transportation of Tógálaí is expected to prove difficult due to the item's aggression.


Tógálaí is the designation for an anomalous quasi-humanoid projected to be approximately 2.6 million years in age. It appears desiccated in form, and has no internal organs save for several pieces of metal within its ribcage, but (presumably through extremely painful effort due to its facial contortions) has forced its physical form to stay intact. Small pieces of its body can be seen levitating around Tógálaí in orbit, and the item will frequently reach forward and swallow them.

The specimen is capable of controlling its physical movements, but only through hard concentration. Tógálaí lacks legs, but possesses two arms located in human positions, with a third connecting from the base of its spine and terminating at the wrist near the subject's neck.

Initially, during movement, Tógálaí will be forced to crawl along on its hands. However, after a brief stage of total physical reformation, it will eventually begin levitating, and displays incredible speed while in this state.

Tógálaí displays an attraction to minerals, specifically iron. Specimen is capable of modifying iron to a previously unmatched extent. The item becomes compliant when introduced to iron in its resting state, and will spend large amounts of time crafting various objects, some of which the item pushes into its body through a hole in the side of its chest.

On one occasion, while in its docile state, Tógálaí began to speak in Gaelic. An interview was immediately conducted and quickly translated into English.

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