Tiny Wings
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Item: #: 8299
Size: 78 cm in height, 12 kilograms in weight
Type: Infant Hybrid
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards None
Required Wear/Weaponry Observe proper conduct with that when faced with infants. Do not bring dangerous objects to Item's enclosure.
Location: Classified
Reported Anomaly: Human infant born with an eagle's head

We currently cannot utilize the infant. It might serve us as an Anomalous Military Operator if it matures, and as such, it must be primed for training at this age, with standard AMO training to begin when the subject is physiologically and psychologically thirteen years of age. However, this is under the assumption that the Item is sapient and can understand human concepts. If not, the Pseudo-Animal Training Offices will take over its case.

At such a time that the Item is eligible for AMO status, it is to be considered a Reserve Asset to be used only during the Event Sequence outlined by the documents given to the Insurgency by GOI-█, the H██████ I███████, wherein the subject will be removed of its safety protocols, relieved of its duty and custody from the Insurgency, and transferred to H██████ I███████ control following the termination of Dr. ████████ and the progression of the Event Sequence to a Regional Outbreak. All training regimens and contingency plans for the Item should guarantee the above conditions and prepare the Item against threats. See Compartments Aleph-B to -D, "Outline of Scenarios and Strategies for Item 8299 Training".


For the infant's safety and development, a specialized nursery and development regimen has been implemented. The Item's previous containment cell was converted into a suitable environment for the subject. The nursery has been furnished with the following:

  • One large-sized bassinet with clean flannel blanket
  • Soft rug secured to the floor
  • One small table and two chairs for caregivers
  • One music player and an assortment of CDs with lullabies
  • Standard air conditioner and heater
  • Various toys and artistic materials

The Item's enclosure consists of a 4 m x 4 m x 4m Primary Containment Unit that composes the nursery which houses the infant and its caregivers and a 2 m x 2 m security perimeter. The entrance to the enclosure is secured by two sets of blast-resistant doors. Four armed security personnel must be present in the Item's containment enclosure at all times. All personnel entering the nursery must be screened and removed of any weapons, firearms and dangerous objects. Personnel assigned to the Item are to be interviewed by the current ESCOMM administration head and have three Alpha commendations from the Board of Item Security.

Following the ███████ Catastrophe, the following security measures have been added:

  • The adjacent containment unit has been converted into an Observation Room with a direct line to ESCOMM.
  • The reinforcing of the nursery's structure to withstand heavy fire and damage.
  • A 4 m x 4 m Outer Security Perimeter surrounding the primary containment unit.
  • A 1 km kill perimeter surrounding the facility guarded by armed drones, static defenses and on-site personnel.

Item is a humanoid that has the physical appearance of an eaglet head1 on the body of an otherwise healthy human male infant. The infant appears to be six months old, although it has remained in its current state for a year now. Subject vocalizes in the normal human voice spectrum and interacts and behaves similarly to its regular human age group. Attempts to harm the infant are met by any damage inflicted by the attacker negated. The infant is resistant to minor injuries, but is visibly hurt when attacked.

As dictated by Special Compartment 8299-A9-C4 to 8299-A10-A9: "Documents Outlining the Living Conditions and Security Measures for Item-8299" and "Ramifications on Item-8299 Security and Storage Following Stoffel Catastrophe", the Chaos Insurgency is under ███ ██ ████████2 responsibility to guarantee the infant's maturity until the item is biologically twenty-one years of age. The Special Orders3 dictate that the survival of the entity until such age is imperative to the neutralization of [CORRUPT]. This objective was further justified by the information gathered from the Stoffel Catastrophe.

Two caregivers are assigned to watch over the infant with twelve-hour rotations. These caregivers must be selected and screened as physically and psychologically healthy and must have a suited aptitude for handling infants. These caregivers will see to it that the child's daily needs; diet, interaction, entertainment, etc., are met.

The facility Item-#8299 is being held in was previously Special Humanoid Training Facility 'Eocce Four', a clandestine facility not available on standard-access Insurgency terminals. During the capture and subsequent relocation of the infant to the facility following the Stoffel Catastrophe, it was vacated of its former subjects and converted into a special-suited Armed Site. The Site and a 2 km surrounding vicinity is under special observation by QUAESITOR. Any unauthorized entities entering the 2 km zone constitutes a Sigma-Xi-Nu Breach and will trigger the mobilization of two Armed Heavy Response teams to the area.

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