The Pacifier
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Item: "The Pacifier"
Size: 1.74 m in height, 59.3 kg in weight
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Usage Precautions: Under no circumstances are Insurgency personnel to physically harm item without orders
Handling Precautions: N/A
Location: Facility Argary-K1


As of the current iteration of document, item is approved for usage in Sigma-class reconnaissance operations. Units must stand over thirty-five (35) meters from item before enabling its anomalous properties. Standard-issue shock collars with remote controls will be supplied to enable said properties.


Contain item in a default humanoid cell with regular surveillance. Cell must be isolated from its compound by over thirty-five (35) meters. Items requires no sustenance or rest. Should item be activated and personnel are affected, recovery teams must wait for item to become inactive before retrieving the affected (refer to Appendix A for more information).

Item is one bipedal life form, concealed by a crude mascot costume stylized as a brown-furred monster. Other features includes black eyes, small purple horns and a cotton reptilian tongue extending from a mouth with sharp plastic teeth. Extensive online searches have found no matches to item’s appearance. Appearance beneath the costume is unknown; no zipper or buttons are visible, and attempts to cut the fabric only activates item’s properties. All internal scans of subject fail, either simply producing no imagery or with the equipment malfunctioning.

Any projectiles that penetrate item’s costume will be absorbed. Nothing has been observed inside these wounds apart from thick cotton. Any view inside is also obscured by droplets of sugar-free maple syrup that will bleed from the wounds, the exact amount and duration of which depending on puncture size.

When activated, item will briefly show emotional distress and will not acknowledge other persons. Then, for a period of between forty (40) to sixty (60) seconds, it will generate a field of a previously-unobserved wave pattern. Field range is consistently thirty-four (34) meters in circumference and fourteen (14) meters in height, and in the shape of a perfect half-sphere; the wave has yet to be impeded by any means, but does not continue beneath whatever surface item is standing on. This area of effect is dubbed the sleep zone.

Any and all humans who make direct contact with the sleep zone instantaneously enter REM sleep. No exceptions to this effect have been observed as of this iteration of the document. Affected subjects will remain unconscious for between four (4) to six (6) hours and cannot be awakened by any method, including lethal harm. During activation, all surveillance equipment within the sleep zone will malfunction and feeds will deteriorate to static until out of range or item goes inactive.

Item supposedly has no recollection of its active states. When inactive, it is docile and cooperative with Insurgency personnel, but easily distracted. It will fixate on anything or anyone it finds interesting for up to several hours, but will cease when commanded. Item cannot speak or produce any form of noise, but possesses a basic understanding of written Spanish.

Appendix A

Item was discovered by Insurgency agents during an HVI retrieval in Mexico City, Mexico. Mission led into an abandoned warehouse, where item was spotted sitting in a corner, making direct eye contact with the agents. As all witnesses had to be terminated for this operation, the agent who found it opened fire under the assumption it was a costumed civilian and activated its properties. Agents outside the sleep zone reported the anomaly, and a recovery team was deployed. Item was contained after going inactive and without further incident.

Appendix B

Excerpts of note from interviews with item, conducted by Dr. Kaller.

Dr. Kaller: Can you tell us your name, if you have one?

Item: Not that I know. Can you give me one?

Dr. Kaller: I’m sure somebody will. Now, what happened to you, before we found you?

Item: Dark. So dark. Tied to bed. Always put to sleep. Things in arms with juice. Always hurt. Stomach ached. Limbs would numb. Vision fuzzy and itches I couldn’t scratch. The masked people didn’t care. They kept me tied up.

Dr. Kaller: I don’t believe either team reported any other masked individuals at the scene. Who are these people?

Item: I don’t know. I always thought they made me. Sometimes they spoke, but I couldn’t talk to them.

Dr. Kaller: Right, because you can’t vocalize. What kind of masks did they wear?

Item: Gas masks.

Dr. Kaller: So, did they bring you to the warehouse? Were you abducted?

Item: My first memory is in that warehouse. Woke up in dark room. Dark and small and hot. Sometimes voices outside. Their voices. They wondered what to do with me. Called me defective. Then they opened a door I never knew was there. Dragged me out and put me on the bed.

Dr. Kaller: Do you have any idea how long you were in their captivity?

Item: There was a clock on a desk. Watched it goes from 1 to 12.

Dr. Kaller: Exactly how many times?

Item: I kept count! Eighty-seven.

Dr. Kaller: I see. That might be helpful. So, what happened to these masked people?

Item: They left about twenty 1-12s ago. Didn’t say why. Guess because defective. They took everything. I was alone. Didn’t know what was out there. Stayed in the warehouse. All I knew. Too loud outside.

Dr. Kaller: Did you see any other people like you in there? Or anybody at all besides your captors?

Item: No, just me and their masks. Sometimes other voices from outside. Like screaming.

Dr. Kaller: When did you become aware of your abilities? You appear to have found out before our agents found you.

Item: Why did they shoot me?

Dr. Kaller: Please answer the question.

Item: Oh ok. I always knew. I just knew. Even if I can’t remember when it happens. What does it mean?

Dr. Kaller: It could mean a lot of things. Would this prior knowledge also include your language?

Item: Yes.

Dr. Kaller: Okay, we’re gonna have to pause this here for now.

Item: So you will come back?

Dr. Kaller: Yes.

Item: Ok! Will be waiting. I enjoy questions.

No further leads have been made into the identities of the masked individuals. We thought they might belong to a known group of interest, but their appearances and activities don’t really resemble any. The item's properties and their equipment have us suspecting they've made more anomalies, but nothing similar has been reported in that area, at least not yet.

— Dr. Kaller.

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