The Longest Road
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Max eased on the break. He looked both ways before turning the wheel left, and continuing to drive. He heard a loud, banshee-like scream from the back of his car. Max sighed, and said, "Joseph, quiet down, I'm trying to drive!"

The screaming ceased, while Max continued driving. He was driving to his job on a long, open road. Near Joseph's school, there were men in black military garbs. They yelled for him to stop his car. He rolled down his window, and a man with a strange looking lowercase B on his uniform came up to him, and asked him, "State your name and business."

"I'm Matthew Salf, and I'm taking my kid to his school, and I'm going to work. Now, would you mind explaining what's going on here?"

The man wrote down Max's name, and he answered, "Classified information, sir."

Max noticed a barrier in the road. "Why in hell is there a barrier?!"

The man sighed. "Again, classified."

The man got something on his radio, and he told Max, "You should get off the road."

Max told him, "I will not get off the road, until you tell me what the hell is happening!"

The man stepped off the road and said, "I will repeat once more, you should get off the road." The man motioned for his men to get off the road. Some men moved the barrier.

Max was about to repeat his previous statement, until he noticed two headlights. As he examined the lights, he noticed two men inside the car, but neither had their hands on the wheel. In fact, one man was sleeping, the other seemed to be talking. Max hit the gas, turning to the left. The truck then swerved to the left, hitting Max head on. Joseph swore he heard a laugh from the truck. The car flipped over, and Joseph braced for impact. Then everything went black.

Report of Incident-56-17
Written by Beta Officer Dalgo
During a shipment of supplies to Overwatch Cental Base: Five, a civilian and his child attempted to drive through the restricted area. (The officer in charge of keeping civilians out of the restricted area has been reprimanded.)
The civilian was killed by Satire Truck, while the child survived, but was unconscious upon discovery.
It has been questioned if the child should be terminated, or raised with the Insurgency's goals to ensure loyalty, as the child is at a impressionable age.

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