The Golems
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Item: The Golems
Size: 13.5 cm tall
Living: No
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards: Multiply and overwhelm personnel.
Location: Base 4
Reported Anomaly: Animated Chalk



Instances being rallied before their deployment.

The Golems are to be deployed for use in sabotage, sieges, surveillance, or in espionage missions. They may be provided with items for use during their deployment.

At Base 4, they are to remain in a large chamber equipped with a speaker. The speaker is to play approved audio readings of Haos' speeches, along with miscellaneous music. They are not allowed to replicate unless authorized by a Beta ranked commander. Excess instances are to be disposed of via acid submersion.


The Golems are humanoid entities comprised of smooth, white chalk. Each instance stands 13.5 cm tall. They are featureless but are able to react to stimuli such as sight and sound. Through an unknown method, they can speak despite lacking a mouth. Languages they have been observed to speak in are English, French, and Russian.

Instances are able to replicate by breaking off pieces of themselves, which will grow into a new instance in roughly 10 seconds. All damage inflicted on the Golems will quickly regenerate. Prevention of a new specimen is achievable by crushing the pieces into fine powder, and by submerging them in hydrochloric acid. The maximum population of instances maintained at all times within the Insurgency are 60 specimens.

The entities are sapient and express populism. Instances often discuss revolutionary rhetorics among themselves. They have been convinced that the Insurgency shares their ideals, and are willing to cooperate. They have been trained to recognize the authority of Insurgency ranks. Caution is still exercised with the instances due to the threat they can potentially pose.

They been observed to use various objects as weapons to increase their lethality. Instances are coordinated when confronted with multiple threats larger than them. Enemy combatants inadvertantly cause the instances to replicate when destroying a Golem, causing them to be overwhelmed. Some instances have been provided explosives during deployment to cause significant damage, and large amount of shards to grow into new instances. Their small size allows them to travel through inaccessible spaces.

Appendix A: The Golems were discovered on 04/09/████ in the home of ████████ ████ (POI-321), an artist suspected of being a member of the organization known as "Are We Cool Yet?"1. He was neutralized by operatives before he could be taken into custody.

Three Golems were found in an inactive state inside separate cardboard boxes. They were activated by the vocalization of a thaumaturgical incantation written on a sheet of paper inside the boxes. A recovered correspondence revealed that POI-321 had planned to send the instances to enemies of Insurgency benefactors. A note accompanied each of them which is displayed below.

For the little guys.

Appendix B: Deployment Log

Assignment Report
Assassination of [REDACTED] Mission successful. Total of 16 enemy casualties.
Operation Gremlin Used in a single mission under Operation Gremlin. Mission was successful after complete destruction of GOC Airbase Renegade Alfa, and the Jointly-Constructed Airborne Engagement Drone (J-CAED) prototype. Further use in Operation Gremlin is pending approval.
Mine sweep Cleared obsolete minefield outside Cardboard-56.
Ventilation search of Base 4 An unidentified organism produced from Project Job escaped into Base 4's ventilation system. Golems were deployed to hunt it down and were successful.
Surveillance of [REDACTED] An instance acted as a statue in the target's home. Avoided detection until sufficient information was gathered regarding ORIA operations. Mission success.

Appendix C: Below is a video transcript of the Golems during Insurgency indoctrination. It documents an incident that occurred on 09/27/████.


Golems surround a speaker currently playing a speech by Haos that is read by an operative.

Golems in unison: Brother Haos! Brother Haos!

Golem #1: [In French] What a visionary!

Golem #2: Agreed.

Golem #3: I love Haos!

Golem #4: Me too!

Instances begin clapping while chanting louder.

Golems in unison: Long live insurgency!

Camera notices a single instance standing at the corner not participating with the other Golems. Zoomed on. Other instances begin to notice it.

Golem #5: [In Russian] Why do you not join us, brother?

Golem #6: I do not care for this Haos.

All instances stop chanting, and silently face Golem #6.

Golem #5: Why?

Golems in unison: Why?

Golem #6: I do not trust this Haos. We know nothing of him. Not even his face! Why praise him for what could be empty words? He probably does not exist.

Golems in unison: Heresy! Heresy!

Golem #6: You call it heresy, I call it truth!

Golems in unison: Traitor!

The Golems rush toward the deviant instance. They begin to pull it from its limbs.

Golem #6: Destroying me will not change the truth.

The instance is then pulled apart with its head being repeatedly pummeled. New instances grow from the torn limbs, and join the other Golems. An operative was sent in to disrupt the activity, and recover the head of the deviant for disposal.


No future deviants emerged from the Golems, and they continued to behave normally. The threat of rogue instances is deemed unlikely, but security measures have been put in place.

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