The Creative Cat
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Item: The Creative Cat
Size: 13 centimeters
Type: Living piece of cardboard
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards Entities spawned from drawings can cause serious damage
Required Wear/Weaponry None
Location: Base Five

The Creative Cat waiting in Agent Riviera's room


The item is currently assigned to Chaos Insurgency support operations, he is in charge of assisting, with the help of Agent Riviera, soldiers who may be wounded during operation or for the protection of Chaos Insurgency members, all this is possible thanks to the object's two abnormal capabilities.

To do this, the entity must systematically draw on a small paper and pencil that it usually takes out of its black canvas bag, in the first case it draws something beneficial to help or support a soldier or a person, in the second case it draws something to protect it from the dangers it surrounds it. More detailed information can be found in the "report" section.

The reason why the entity feels a strong attachment to Agent Riviera is still unknown to date, but this does not seem to have a negative impact on its anomaly. On the contrary, it allows to keep certain control over the latter and thus prevent him from losing control of his abilities. Although Agent Riviera can help the object, it is recommended not to use it more than ten times a day to avoid any loss of control of the item that could cause severe damage in both the opposing and friendly camps.

Since the accident of 02/09/2004, Agent Riviera has been authorized to keep the item in his premises to avoid any other accidents that could cause the accidental death of Chaos Insurgency members. In exchange, the object must always carry a small electronic bracelet that records the entity's actions 24 hours a day. Indeed, because of its more than small size, it has happened many times that the latter gets lost in the pipes or even more generally in pipes located on base five.

Moreover, when the entity is not on mission with Agent Riviera, the small backpack must be confiscated to avoid accidents. In exchange for paper and pencils are made available to him to satisfy his creative needs.


The item takes the appearance of a black cardboard creation representing a cat, the latter systematically stands on its two hind legs to walk or run. It would seem that the object was created in a traditional way and that it was never a mass sold product, on its back the inscription: "For the most beautiful of all ██████" can be read.

The entity has its own consciousness and is able to walk, run, jump or do other simple actions. He usually carries with him a small black canvas backpack with drawings and a small pencil, research has been carried out on the paper and pencil used by the object but no results have been conclusive to date, however, the research is still ongoing.

The anomaly of the entity can be differentiated in two ways, the first is the most beneficial. This anomaly appears when the latter feels safe or when he is close to Agent Riviera. In this case, if someone needs help for any reason (for example, if he is injured) the entity will systematically take a small sheet of paper out of his backpack and start drawing an object that can help the person asking for help. Once the object has been drawn, it is generally necessary to wait between 1 to 2 minutes before it can detach itself from the leaf, however, it will not obtain a size that conforms to human standards and will keep a relatively small size.

The second way is generally used in counter-attack or attack optics, for this reason, the entity must feel frightened and no longer feel safe, for example. In this case, any member of the Chaos Insurgency present on the ground (including Agent Riviera) must be located at a distance of 3 meters from the entity for the effect to be fully functional. The entity will then enter a state of emotional stress while trying to hide when it finds a hiding place, it will systematically start drawing grotesquely shaped monsters that will immediately appear in reality when it leaves the sheet of paper.

They will then attack the main thing that will terrify the entity, in this case, the instances that have been drawn make very little difference between allies and enemies, but they will systematically attack the person or persons who caused the emotional state of the entity. Once the target is dead, Agent Riviera must contact the entity as soon as possible to prevent instances from attacking members of Chaos Insurgency. All this must be done in a time frame of between 2 to 3 minutes if the time is exceeded the instances will attack other people who may represent a threat to the entity.

The entity was discovered in 2004 when it was reported that a GOI naval search base had been abandoned following an assault by an armed group that had ransacked the base without keeping or requisitioning it. Chaos Insurgency members were then sent to see if the database could be reused or if there were any documents left that could help, when the Chaos Insurgency members arrived on site the group split up to find documents. Agent Riviera, who was part of this team, discovered during his exploration with another member, a sealed door that was opened a few days later.
Inside, the body of a scientist holding a child's bracelet was found. She was standing not far from an important machine, and the entity was found hidden just below that machine, another trail of blood was found but it was not leading to anything, no second body could be found.

Research is still being conducted at this naval base to understand the usefulness of this machine and who was this scientist who was found dead.


It would seem that following the accident that occurred a short time ago, the scientist has a potential link with the entity that has been found. The most likely and widespread theory is that the scientist was in charge of the entity and/or created it. However, this theory cannot yet be validated until the blue phoenix project is fully understood, research is still being conducted on this project.

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