The Brawler
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Item: The Brawler
Size: 1.2 m tall, 2.4 m in length
Type: Animal
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Required Wear/Weaponry: High-caliber weapons, tranquilizer guns, and flash bang grenades.
Location: Base Three


The Brawler is to remain inside a reinforced cage within a 5 meter deep pit lined with concrete. Sigma designated personnel are to feed the specimen 40 kg of raw meat per day.

The Brawler is to be utilized for gladiatorial combat with group of interest Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. The organization runs an underground fighting ring, and the Brawler is to be bet on if there is a high possibility of it winning. If possible, rigged matches are to be negotiated with MC&D to benefit the Insurgency.


The Brawler is a 1.2 m tall, unidentified quadruped. Body measures at a length of 2.4 m. Its skin is colored a dark shade of blue, and has reptilian features. The eyes are a lighter shade of blue. It has sharp teeth resembling a shark (Selachi) along with a tomium tongue. It has noticeably long claws on its forelimbs, measuring around 10 cm in length.

The item is highly aggressive and agile. It is able to run at estimated speeds of 70 km/h. It has an estimated bite force of 3,000 psi.

It was unable to be trained by specialists to serve the Insurgency in field operations, and it was deemed too risky. There were concerns of possible casualties occurring among operatives, and it escaping from the Insurgency's control. Instead, the specimen is used as a fighter for the underground fighting ring owned by Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.1

The Brawler is effective in combat and shows rapid regenerative capabilities. The risk of losing the item is therefore unlikely during the matches.

The specimen was acquired from within the wilderness of Nigeria after several sightings. As of yet, no other organisms resembling the Brawler have been discovered. Exact origin is unknown.

Appendix A: The following is a list of matches the Brawler has participated in.

  • "The Brawler vs. Arachne"
  • "The Brawler vs. The Red Demon"
  • "The Brawler vs. The Grinner" (Match was a tie)
  • "The Brawler vs. Gregori the Giant"
  • "The Brawler vs. The Hopper vs. Road Runner"
  • "The Brawler vs. Crab of Unusual Size"
  • "The Brawler vs. Frankenstein's Monster"

Appendix B: On 04/21/██, the Brawler howled within its cage as it laid on the floor. It was observed to then birth three spherical eggs with a diameter of 30 cm. Eggs are transparent, revealing the fetus within. They are suspended in a blue fluid with what is believed to be a placenta. It was noticed over the course of the specimen's custody that its abdomen grew slightly more bloated.

Efforts to take the eggs have been unsuccessful due to heightened aggressiveness. Further actions are pending

Appendix C: Note from Dr. Samantha Hader

So now we know why The Brawler fights so hard. This birth presents an opportunity to have a more in-depth study on the reproduction stages of whatever species the Brawler is. We suspected it to be asexual due to its lack of visible genitalia.

The offspring of the Brawler could serve as another chance for field training. Perhaps we could get lucky with them when their young instead of being adults. Of course, we need to find a way to separate the Brawler from its spawn and keep it that way with little issue. I learned for certain that a mother's wrath is fierce. There's always putting it down, however it's still a good fighter for the ring. A profitable one, too. It would be such a waste.

If things work out with the young, we may potentially have a legion of tamed monsters. The usefulness of such an asset would be tremendous. We'll need an isolated facility to conduct the training, and we will see if we can train the beasts to serve the Insurgency.

Furthermore, additional specimens means more freedom with physiological research. I am interested in seeing how they tick. Maybe we can gain something more like gene splicing. Who knows. It is necessary for the Brawler to surrender its eggs for our benefit.

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