The Blood Rain Virus
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Item: S-01-Viral - Nicknamed "The Blood Rain Virus"
Type: Virus
Living: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards: Becoming infected wirh the item during or after its deployment.
Required Wear/Weaponry: Hazmat suits are to be worn when handling. Flamethrowers are to be present.
Location: [CLASSIFIED]
Reported Anomaly: Engineered Sarkic Virus


The five vials of S-01-Viral are to be kept frozen at around -10 Celsius. Use of one instance of S-01-Viral is to be approved by Alpha Command, and all handling of the vials are to be done while wearing a hazmat suit. The vial is to then be warmed until the contents are in a liquid state. Next, it is to be transported to the intended target within a padded metal suitcase. Accompanying the transport is to be Special Ops Sigma-12.

Administration of S-01-Viral may be done via syringe to a random test subject who is to be set loose, or by a dart gun to administer from a distance. Once someone is infected, personnel are to retreat and confirm with HQ. All forces of the Insurgency are to be informed of the area of infection and avoid it.

In the event of being infected or encountering someone who is, the individual is to be neutralized and their corpse incinerated.


S-01-Viral is a lethal bio-engineered virus that is contagious. It was created by modifying an instance of the Ebola virus (Zaire ebolavirus) with Sarkic incantations under Project Job (See Appendix). Only five vials exist of the virus within blood serums. The virus is kept frozen to render it within an inactive state to lower the risk of an accidental outbreak.

Infection begins by injecting the virus into a subject. Oral administration is another method. Transmission of the virus to others can occur through bodily fluids, and close physical contact.

The immediate early symptoms of S-01-Viral are as follows:

  • Sweating
  • Headaches
  • Abdominal pain
  • Increase in body temperature
  • Swollen lymph nodes

After around 20 minutes of initial exposure, the body of the subject begins to produce a high amount of blood. The infected person would begin to projectile vomit out the excess blood. Subjects have been observed to vomit long distances such as 2 m.

As the vomiting progresses, the subject will seek aid, causing unintentional spread of the virus. Then, after around 10 minutes, the limbs of the subject will begin to stiffen as blood would also begin to come out of the anus, eyes, and pores. The final stage of the virus is the subject becoming completely immobile, and their flesh begins to expand to embed into the ground. The head of the subject will be pointed upwards to continuously release blood into the air regularly.

Due to the final stage, Sigma class personnel present during initial testing have colloquially nicknamed S-01-Viral as "The Blood Rain Virus", which other ranks began to call it.

Appendix A: The creation of S-01-Viral was possible through the recovery of a book by a suspected practitioner of Sarkicism1 designated POI-1172. An operation was launched to capture the individual, which was performed by Commander Zane Abara with Transhuman Task Force Zeta-02 ("Malakim") and Item Retrieval Team Beta-05.

TTF Zeta-02 were chosen due to their mechanical augmentations granting them slight immunity from having their flesh manipulated by the target. IRT Beta-05 served as reinforcement and wielded long-range incendiary weapons to attack POI-117.

POI-117 was located within an abandoned building in Yemen. Below is a transcript of communication between TTF Zeta-02 with Commander Abara.

The item retrieved was a heavily burnt book that only had five surviving pages detailing Sarkic incantations, stories, and diagrams. It is believed to be a bible of sorts for the Sarkic faith. This has been classified as Document S-Aleph, along all other copies.

As a result of the recovered pages, Project Job was started to produce assets based on the texts. S-01-Viral was the first bio-weapon to be produced under the project. Other related creations are:

  • S-02-Viral "Growth Mutagen"
  • S-03-Viral "Regeneration Serum"

See their respective files for in-depth details regarding their effects.

Appendix B: 15 test subjects were used for the creation of the S-01-Viral. Below are some of tests performed during early development.

Test Subject #: 1

Observation Notes: Injected with S-01-Viral prototype 1. Subject felt fine for five hours before vomiting and having diarrhea.

Non-lethal. Multiple injections over a course of a week caused death via cardiac arrest.

Test Subject #: 3

Observation Notes: Subject continuously sweated but was not of significant disturbance. Lymph nodes were swollen. In two days, the subject was completely fine. Prototype is not lethal.

Test Subject #: 7

Observation Notes: Subject cried continuously but not due to virus. Increase in aggression of the subject occurred as they demanded to see their family. Subject then began to sweat profusely and gag. Coughing fits occurred which resulted in the release of a small amount of blood.

The subject continuously banged the door of the testing chamber for ten hours. Wrists were broken and hands were bleeding. They showed no reaction to the damage. Subject then expired and cause of death was exhaustion.

Test Subject #: 8

Observation Notes: Subject displayed symptoms such as sweating, swollen lymph nodes, restlessness, reportedly experienced headaches, and vomiting blood. They expired within two days of initial exposure. Despite being deceased, their body still produced blood for three days in small quantities from all orifices.

Appendix C: On ██/██/████, a breach occurred where all copies of Document S-Aleph, along with the original pages from initial recovery, disappeared from the Insurgency. A note was left by a known individual within the Serpent's Hand identified only as "L.S.", who has been responsible for other acts of sabotage. Below is the recovered note.

To the Mad Men,

You play with forces you do not understand on a regular basis but you are playing with the dark arts of an ancient horror. In your pursuit of powerful weapons, you eventually will encounter one that will destroy not just your enemies but yourselves along with every one of your allies.

You spawn nothing but cruelty to unleash upon the world. You are all Mad Men craving destruction, and we of the Serpent's Hand will stop you.

- L.S.

Due to the missing data, reproduction of the S-01-Viral and the other assets are now difficult to perform. Project Job has been put on hold until further notice.

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