The Audio Logs of Dr. Jack Mason
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The following transcripts are taken from the audio diary of Dr. Jack Mason before his disappearance. The logs were archived in case of possible hints to his whereabouts. Due to his access to classified knowledge, any information on his current whereabouts, dead or alive, should be reported to personnel with Beta or Alpha clearance as soon as possible.

Date: 9/16/200█
Log title: New job!

*clears throat* Uh, so… Hello, me from the future! God, I sound so fuckin' awkward right now. I was told that starting a diary is good for the mind. Ya know? But now that I'm here, it just feels… uncomfortable.

I don't know. It's probably just another thing I'm not used to doing. But it does feel weird sitting alone talking to the walls.

I guess I should probably mention my job. I was able to finally quit working with all the skips and now I'm in the big leagues. Seriously though, how long was I working with fucking talking burgers? Here they say I'd at least get to work on something cool. Hell, I even had to fake my own death to get here. So no going back.

They're giving me a few days to get settled before they assign me something. I just hope I'm still able to use my IKEA membership despite being, well, dead. 'Cause my room right now is looking pretty sparse.

I guess I should wrap this up for today. I might do this again, I might not. I probably won't but who knows.

Date: 9/23/200█
Log title: First Skip

Huh, I guess I'm actually doing this again. I got my first assignment so that's good! Apparently they're called Items here, not SCPs. Heh, some guys got real pissy when I asked about which SCP I was assigned to. Luckily they were fairly understanding about my situation and told me where to go.

The lady I'm working with is pretty nice, she apparently can talk to her stuffed animals. Not really the most practical of abilities, but it could be a decent way to place a bug. Just sneak a teddy bear in a vent, then have her ask it what it saw. Then again I could also see if there is more to this that can be used than just that.

God, I haven't felt my brain this active in a long time. I have two fuckin' PhDs and they stuck me in as a lab assistant. A fucking lab assistant!

Ah, but I'm getting worked up again. Let's see, anything else worth mentioning?

Oh! I was able to find a pawn shop nearby. Spruced up my quarters a bit. Got this sweet record player made to look like a car radio. Might try and base the rest of the room around that. Well, it's either that or give it an eclectic feel.

Anyways, it's getting late. I should probably head to bed.

Date: 10/2/200█
Log title: Nice dudes and dudettes

The people working here have been so nice to me since I got here. I mean, technically this is a terrorist organization. And a decent chunk of people working here are pretty screwed up in the head. But a psychopath that throws you a birthday party is OK in my book.

Kinda reminds me of the orphanage. Just one big family despite the stigma. Then again I might have just been put in a really nice orphanage.

They also told me about the base Halloween party later this month. They said there's also a costume contest involved so my brain is working on ideas. I'm thinking of either doing something overly witty or overly creepy. But nothing's set in stone yet.

Date: 10/15/200█
Log title: In memory

So… The lady who I was working with died.

Apparently there was a fucking raid from SEPIA where she got caught in the crossfire. I remember talking to her the day before. She spent the larger part of her life in a mental facility. She guessed her parents didn't like that she talked to stuffed animals. She even told me they tried to perform an exorcism on her.

She was thirty when we found her. Most of her life was wasted in hospital rooms. I'm just glad she was able to experience some things with the CI. I brought her a few CDs one day since she said she was bored. She seemed to like Donnie Darko and Zathura a whole lot.

I feel like I should be saying more about her, given that she's not going to be remembered in any way other than paperwork and statistics. But I can't think of anything else about her. Most of her life was squandered. (brief silence) Oh god I'm tearing up. She just wanted to live.

Date: 10/26/200█
Log title: Frank underway

I decided on a Donnie Darko costume for the party in honor of Amber. I got the mask down, but I'm struggling with the faux fur. That said, I'm glad I still remember sewing from home economics.

Date: 11/1/200█
Log title: Hungover

I have no memory of last night, and apparently the chick from security I woke up next to didn't either. My guess is that someone spiked the punch since I can't hold my liquor. Shit, and I'm pretty sure my hangover confirms it. I hope things aren't awkward after-

Fuck, I need an Aspirin.

Date: 11/4/200█
Log title: Potato mines

Got a new item today, Potato mines. Potatoes that explode. Only problem is that we don't know what the trigger is. That's where I come in.

Oh yeah, I asked around and it turns out I lost the costume contest. I thought I was pretty good but some guy had a badass Xenomorph costume. Also, I talked with the lady I slept with. Turns out she was just as embarrassed as I was, so we made one of those "let us never speak of this again" pacts. Funny how this kinda stuff works out.

Date: 7/11/201█
Log title: I remember this

Damn, I totally forgot that I did this. I was digging through some, uh, well it was more like cleaning but I guess that's not important. Well, I was cleaning up my room for the move and I found my old diary. I've been listening to my recordings and I thought I filled this up more. Honestly, I was doing these for a quarter of a year and I only made 6 or 7 logs.

I forgot about most of the stuff on them too. Like the potato mines. Oh, those were a disaster. Storing them was a pain onto itself, with them growing through the walls and all that jazz. I also won the costume contest the next year too. And the year after that, and after that. Turns out I'm one of the two people here who owns a sewing machine.

Uh, let's see… I'm not sure if there is anything really interesting that's happened between now and then. What am I talking about? Plenty has happened between now and then! Hell, I'm packing to move to a different base right now. I guess all the stuff in between blurs together after a while.

Anyway, I should probably get back to packing. Those vinyl aren't gonna pack themselves!

Date: 7/14/201█
Log title: Finally unpacked!

Well, it took two days but I finally unpacked everything. My new quarters are slightly bigger than they were at Base Nine. I might be able to squeeze a personal computer among the chaos.

Heh, chaos.

Welp, I start work tomorrow so I should probably get some rest.

Date: 7/15/201█
Log title: Fancy new item!

So.. I got to meet my new item today. It's, well, we think it's a mask that makes you popular. We think. I mean, there could be something else at play that we don't know about. I guess that's what I'm here for.

On another note, the people here are a bit colder than the other place I was at. Don't get me wrong, they're still fairly nice. It's just that there's a kinda, oh, what's the word, chill? No, it's more of a… Base-wide introversion, if that makes sense.

Like earlier today, I was going to the cafeteria for some lunch. Then out of nowhere, this dame starts to turn a corner, sees me, then pretends like they were going straight. And then when I got there I tried to make small talk with one of the guards. So I ask him how his day has been going and he looked me deadpan in the eye, said yes, realized that I didn't ask a yes or no question, and hurried off.

I don't know, maybe I just need to think it over in the morning.

Date: 7/18/201█
Log title: Human testing

So… I did all the preliminary tests and got [the Item] confirmed for human testing. It doesn´t seem to give off radiation or anything bad. It just seems to be a normal mask if not worn.

I don´t know, I feel like I should be more excited about getting the paperwork for human testing done, but I just feel drained. It might be that this place is just getting to me. I asked around and apparently this Base just has a quieter atmosphere than the other one I was at. I guess it's just natural that a different place would carry a different mood with it. But now I feel a bit lonely without someone to talk to.

Eh, I'll probably just try and get some games to stave off the boredom. I have been meaning to play Bioshock for a while. Might give that a try.

Date: 7/23/201█
Log title: My name is Inigo Montoya

Guess who just got back from the infirmary. This guy!

Who would have thought that the subjects that we were using might not have liked testing. I remember seeing [one subject] put on the mask and thinking woah, what a fucking badass. I mean, I don't even know anything about him other that he was a prisoner of war. And the mask made him seem like someone from those against-all-odds stories.

In fact, I thought he was so badass, that I should go in and shake his hand. However, he ended up using me entering as a chance to escape. Luckily, he had taken the mask off (I still have no clue as to why he would) and I came to my senses.

Except now that meant I was now the only thing between him and the open door. So he just came at me, clawing and scratching. It happened so fast it was mostly a burr after that. Next thing I know I'm in the infirmary with a nasty cut on my cheek and scratches all over my arms. But now every time I look in the mirror, I just see Inigo Montoya since the cut's in the exact same place.

You know what, I'm gonna treat myself. I'm gonna go get some Jell-O, that always helps improve my mood.

Date: 7/25/201█
Log title: Test dummy

So ever since the fiasco last week we've decided to use only trusted personnel as subjects. I personally volunteered since I'm the head researcher for this thing. Now I just gotta hope I don´t explode after a few weeks.

I mean, I feel fine. Now I'm praying that I stay that way.

Date: 7/31/201█
Log title: Amazing mask

This mask is amazing!

Today I was actually able to walk up to the cell director, ask for his gun, and walk right out! There's no limit on this thing!

And I feel great too. I don't even think it's the Item, I just feel better. I mean, I feel badass. It could be the scar, it could be the fact people are finally warming up to me, hell, it could even be the mask.

You know what, I'm gonna request to wear it in public for the next test. See if I can pick up some vinyl while I'm out. I probably won't even need to pay with that thing.

Date: 8/12/201█
Log title: Beautiful Mask

The more I look at it, the more beautiful it becomes. The swirling golds, the vibrant red, the creamy base. Wonderful, isn't it? I almost want to take it for myself.

Of course, I can't tell anyone that. Oh no no, they'd lock me away for sure. But when you spend years in this line of work you learn to hide your true intentions pretty well. I mean, I'm the one who spends the most time with it. I'm the one who knows it best. I should be the one to get it!

They'll just let it wear away on field missions. It's a delicate thing, like a small bird. It needs a gentle hand like my own. I've seen how those brutes handle field missions. They'd break its bones without even realizing it.

At 11:34, Dr. Mason played the following log on the Base public intercom. During this time he wore both ████████ █████ and ██████████████, causing nobody to question the meaning or context of the message. Afterward, he left with both Items and seemingly disappeared. A box with Dr. Mason's audio logs were left next to the intercom.

Date: 8/19/201█
Log title: Bye-bye

It's been fun working alongside you all. But I'm afraid I have to take my leave now. Don't get me wrong, you all have been lovely. I just feel the need for a change of pace. Away from this facade.

Now now, don't worry. I left all my notes right where they are, should they ever be needed again. But I don't want to spoil the moment by saying too much, so I'll let the Von Trapp family say the rest for me.

(The rest of the audio log is a recording of "So Long, Farewell," from The Sound of Music. It is presumed that Dr. Mason left the facility during this time.)

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