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Several glass containers lined the walls of Section 3 in the Base known as Bathtube-05. Each was supposed to contain an anomalous liquid, but non of them currently did. This did not mean however that they were empty. Most were filled with colored water, some had chalk water in them, some looked vaguely rotten and biological. Walking this hall one could see the dust some of this containers had accumulated. This was impossible, as staff was ordered to clean Section 3 periodically. Lying on the floor were several empty containers, some of them revealed the LEDs that were stuck under them, to emit color and light into the water to make it look anomalous. Several empty slots on the shelf revealed were these empty containers had once resided. Beneath them one could see not the pipes to transport liquid to testing rooms, but ones out of ordinary plastic, made to conceal the electric wiring necessary to keep up the illusion of the anomalous. Now it was all shut off.

The only light still in Section 3 was the light from the office of Dr. Berrian Werum. The one that was still here, trying to figure out what went wrong here, because something big had gone wrong here. This is the story he told us when we found him.

Dr. Berrian Werum was originally send to Section 3 to retrieve some anomalous liquid. Members of his Section 2 needed said liquid for one of the more volatile experiments, but Section 3 denied to send them the requested anomaly. Disgruntled, the head researcher of Section 2 send Dr. Werum to fetch it. He was not usually the one to walk through a building filled with pipes to carry something in a container through the halls, he just happened to be the closest on to the door.

The first obstacle Dr. Berrian Werum had encountered on what he had dubbed "a fetch-quest waste-of-his-valuable-time" was the apparent non-existence of Section 3. Section 1, Section 2, Section 3 and Section 4 had rotating shifts, breaks and obligations so they usually did not meet. After scouring several maps of Bathtube-05 Berrian had the distinct feeling that something was severely wrong in the complex. Section 3 was only referenced on documents which failed to provide any direction to it. Frustrated Dr. Werum went to Section 4 only to find it boarded off.

Someone had taken the time to build brick walls into all door frames leading to Section 4. At this point Berrian was frustrated enough to leave the building to look for a window through which he would try to gain entry to Section 4. He believed that this was all part of a security measure someone had put in place and not told anyone, not even the site director about. The Director gave him green light and even offered to give him an armed security team to find out why 2 Sections of his Base were missing, but still provided reports and got paid.

Berrian entered the facility by breaking a window on the ground floor, only to find that the room had been emptied out and boarded up. Reporting back to the director a team of workers was dispatched to reopen Section 4. They found that all rooms which had a window to the outside had been boarded up. The inside of the rooms of Section 4 were hollowed out, with no furnishings, anomalies or documents remaining in Section 4. The only written records were escape route plans which were bolted to the walls and were corrected over and over with red marker, seemingly to reflect the ongoing sealing of the facility. Among these bolted on plans was one regarding a fire exit over Section 3.

Section 3 was re-discovered. Whom ever had sealed Section 4 had done a better job in hiding Section 3. Doors had been completely removed before the resulting holes were filled in with concrete and paved over with what ever covered the still visible wall, be it paint or tiles. In one particular case they had even installed a new lamp, to complete the hallways lamp pattern, to hide that there was ever a door there.

Section 3 was expected to be in a similar state as Section 4, stripped of its assets and valuable anomalies, but it was in a different state. A state that the not even the site director could explain. Everything looked as if someone had recently worked there. This included the presence of several anomalies, setup tests and documents.

Dr. Werum oversaw the recovery. He thought he had saved several lost anomalies and went to retreat the anomalous liquid that had started his search, but the vial labelled to congaing it held not an anomaly, but water, mixed with food-dye. This called the authenticity of all recovered anomalies into question. All tested negative. They had found what they thought of as Section 3, but it was nothing more than a well stocked backdrop.

Somewhere along the way the director decided to track down the origins of the documents coming out of Section 3 and Section 4. The only common denominator for them was the "Internal Mailing System", which included physical and digital copies. The office of the one responsible for that service had been boarded up in a similar manner to Section 4. No one knew who currently delivered the post around the Base. The director decided that something anomalous was going on and shut the whole Base down until further notice, leaving only Dr. Berrian Werum to wander the halls of the Base, searching for answers, alone.

This was the last time Bathtube-05 was mentioned in Insurgency documentation, back in 2014. All involved personnel seemingly disappeared off the records following there alleged reassignment. There is a 26 months gap in the records, but when the Base was opened up again they found Dr. Werum still wandering the halls, claiming that he had been alone in the facility for only a few days.

We found no evidence that Dr. Werum was lying, manipulated or under the control of a mind-affecting agent. The Department for Internal Affairs agrees with the previous site directors assessment that some anomaly has befallen Bathtub-05. As the building currently does not contain anomalies our advice therefore is to leave the building behind as an "Active" facility and instead classify it as an anomaly. Dr. Werum's role in the anomaly is as of yet undetermined. He might be part of the anomaly by now or disappear after reassignment, like the assets and other members of Bathtube-05. Recovery of the lost assets should at present be our main concern. Dr. Werum is to be assigned the task of site director for the time being. He is not to be informed of the reclassification of Bathtub-05 and his authority should be limited to Bathtub-05.

The Insurgency has not authorized a restocking of the facility or has assigned new personnel, but all 4 sections are currently sending reports in the kind described by Dr. Werum as the ones to have come from the sealed of sections. It is clear that one person alone could not produces the seen quantities of documents. Strangely the documents claim to be written by the staff that went missing after there reassignments, including the previous site director. Why these reports only started to appear after the Base was reclassified as "abandoned" in official documentation is as of now unknown.

In one of the documents from the Base it was noted that Dr. Berrian Werum had died in an accident in 2014. His current medical screenings, done after his discovery in Bathtub-05, at first seemed to dispute this claim, but said documentation regarding Dr. Werum seems to disappear once it is requested for further study.

The Department for Internal Affairs will continue to monitor these developments.

Bathtub-05 is considered fully operational and is to be listed as such in the official records. Its status has been changed back to "Active, All items accounted for; request for additional personnel pending"

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