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Listed below is a catalog of Insurgency terminology and words that have popped up from time to time on the wiki. The definitions of the following words are generally accepted, but may not necessarily represent the opinion of all site members. As this list is not yet complete, please feel free to add terms to this list for the benefit of the wiki.


Addendum: Not to be confused with appendix, an addendum is a correction to prior information in a work which acts as an update of information.

Alpha: See Personnel Designations

Amnestic: A drug to suppress or erase memories, either selectively or entirely.

Anomaly: Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected; an unexpected, unusual, or strange condition, situation, or quality.


Beta: See Personnel Designations


Canon: A list of works by one or more authors portraying a general law, rule or principle.

Chaos Insurgency, The: The Chaos Insurgency is a splinter group of the SCP-Foundation, created by a rogue cell that went A.W.O.L. with several highly useful SCPs in 1924. Since then, the Chaos Insurgency has become a major player on the world stage, obtaining objects and organisms with anomalous properties that may be used to their advantage.

Closed Room Anomaly: An item which is notably more efficient when selected subjects/targets are located within a closed environment, i.e. interview, interrogation, and torture rooms, etc., usually with the primary purpose of extorting something from the subject through its usage.

Cognitohazard: An influence that is directly dangerous to cognition by disrupting or degrading mental processes.

Containment: Methods of suppressing or mitigating the effects of an anomaly without permanently neutralizing it.


Declassification: The determination that, in the interests of security, classified information no longer requires any degree of protection against unauthorized disclosure, coupled with removal or cancellation of the classification designation.

Delta: See Personnel Designations

Designation: The rankings of personnel that determine the amount/form of information and data each person is allowed access to. Also see Personnel Designations.


Echelon: A subdivision of a headquarters, i.e., Northern Sector, Base Four. Separate level of command.

Ectoentropic: Literally meaning "outside entropy". An ectoentropic anomaly is violating the laws of thermodynamics and mass/energy conversion, being able to produce something from nothing.

Enigmatology: The study of self-keeping secrets.


Foundation, The: An enigmatic and powerful private entity backed by most of the world's governments to contain anomalous items and preserve normalcy. The original members of the Chaos Insurgency defected from the Foundation in a worldwide power struggle lasting for four months, known as the Splinter Incident of 1924. Also see Groups of Interest.


Gamma: See Personnel Designations

Group of Interest: An organization that is of special concern.


IAO: Item Acquisition Ops. A specialist task force for tracking and retrieving new anomalies for the Insurgency.

Information Hazard: A piece of information which is harmful to know about or to disseminate.

Item: An anomaly or set or related anomalies that are actively being exploited by the Chaos Insurgency for their effects and properties.


Levitation: The process of staying suspended in place without of physical support. Differs from floating or hovering since neither buoyancy nor active propulsion are used to counter the pull of gravity.


Meme: A discrete piece of information, usually verbal or visual, that can be understood and disseminated by a sapient being.

Mnestic: A nootropic drug that enhances memory recollection. Might be used to remember events that a subject repressed or is blocked from accessing due to brain damage or outside influence.

M.O.R.T.: Mobile Operational Response Team. Elite specilist forces that can be rapidly deployed in reaction to incidents to wherever their skillset is required.


Psychotronics: The science of altering the human body in the context of psychic or psionic phenomena like extra-sensory perception, telepathy and telekinesis.


Retrocausality: Time-inverse causation, changing the past to make an effect take place before its cause.


Sigma: See Personnel Designations


Taychpsychotic: A drug that affects human time perception and reaction speed, resulting in either a perceived increase in passage of time or a decrease thereof.

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