Divisions and Teams
ci_logo Subgroups within the organization.


Name of Division Description Status
Item Acquisition Ops The IAO is the Chaos Insurgency's main item retrieval task force in charge of discovering, reporting and recovering anomalous items. Divided into several teams, with some other ASSAULT forces overlapping to provide additional firepower. Active Branch
Item Deployment Ops The Deployment Ops specialize in escorting, deploying and protecting items during their deployment or activation. Mostly used for the Mass-Destruction and Widespread-Effect items. Active Branch
Item Recovery Ops Task forces that are sent to recover stolen or escaped items are considered IRO-level. Active Branch
Anti Personnel Ops The main group charged with dealing with Groups of Interest and defense of important CI bases. Active Branch
The Falchion An internal affairs branch tasked with the location and incorporation of pockets of the Old Chaos Insurgency around the globe. decommissioned after the unification of the Chaos Insurgency


Name of Team Specialization Status
Internal Operations Team-09 An investigation/strike team formed from the remnants of the Falchion that specializes in discovering and neutralizing the Insurgency's defectors. Disbanded following unification
Multi-Purpose Strike Team-46 Operates in eastern Russia, and northeastern China, sometimes employed by MC&D for item recovery missions. Active - currently in operation
Heavy Strike Team Foxtrot-64 Dr. Kenneth Hockenberry's personal strike team. Operates in the Midwestern and Northeastern United States, and Europe. Active - no current operation
Publicity Team '0-Zafkil' Previously an item assessment team, 0-Zafkil operates in the Middle East as a deployment team assigned to create public disorder using mind-affecting items. They are in possession of five CI-controlled radio towers. Active - no current operation
Specialized Operation Team 'OPPUS' The only team in the Chaos Insurgency trained for zero gravity missions. This team is called upon to investigate and deal with issues that arise off planet. Acting under the command of ALPHA Stargazer, the members of this team are the only non-ALPHA level personnel that are allowed access to the SOL-VAC orbiter. Active, no current operation
ShADES Task Force E4 Specializes in insertions and black-ops; deployable worldwide Active
Recon Ops Team 087- Jaeger Actual Operations team 087-jaeger-actual is a stealth guerilla squad located mainly in the Russian/polar regions. Specializing in reconnaissance and long-range warfare. Jaeger-actual has exclusive access to Items Terror Bites and Harper. Members drafted are to have qualifications of no less than 4 years in military service, and 2 years in Insurgency operations under any other strike force team. Members are given modified M4A1s fit for Arctic combat. Recovering from the Wellington incident, awaiting new members.
Naval Strike Team-16 Operates in the Western Atlantic Sea to respond to and engage any marine or aquatic anomalies reported. Stationed in Naval Facility-██. Active, no current operation
Mil-Dev Team: 'Overlord' Operates worldwide, trains soldiers of Chaos Insurgency proxy countries for recruitment as Sigma operators. Also traffics weapons to CI proxy countries. Active, deployed in Syria.
Specialized Operation Team 'Haliak-13' Operating in the northwestern United States, this unit actively specializes in the acquisition and transfer of botanical anomalies to Insurgency possession as well as initial observation and documentation of such anomalies prior to transfer/deployment. When necessary, this unit may be contacted to act as a strike team in heavily forested environments. Active - currently in operation.

Deceased Teams

Name of Team Cause of Death
Acquisition Ops Team 95 'Sandbox' Cervical fracture to all members, numerous incisions on neck appear to have been performed after death, appears to have been killed by ███████ ███
Multi-Purpose Strike Team 12 'Titanic II' Cervical fracture to all members, numerous incisions on neck appear to have been performed after death, appears to have been killed by ███████ ███
Heavy Strike Team 13 'Lottery' Cervical fracture to all members, no incisions, appears to have been killed by ███████ ███
Multi-Purpose Strike Team 'Light Brigade' Killed by activation of the 'omega' nuclear self destruct sequence at Site 29 while on operation to infiltrate the Foundation network at said site, Mission Status: Successful Failed, Foundation Cyber division isolated and destroyed the worm on ██/██/20██
Rapid Response Assistance Team Skibi-8 Ambushed and killed by a rogue Chaos Insurgency warlord sympathetic to the Islamic Guard.

Forward Operating Group(s)

Call-sign Nickname Description
FOG EMPRESS Lonely Babes Empress' are the most elite of all CI troupes they are neigh immortal and never leave the Delta commands side. they do exactly as the members of Delta command says to the T. They have been enhanced to withstand ten times the force of a semi truck. They can survive after losing 30% of their brain. A Empress can survive on ten percent (10%) of their blood. They can run at over twenty miles per hour (20Mph), can lift over two tons, and can heal at █ times the rate of a normal human. There is only one allowed to exist at any given time due to the extreme cost of creation.
FOG Kings The Elites these are the people that protect all high ranking staff. They are rarely modified due to the mental strain caused. All FOG Kings are selected for high skill and a stable mental capacity.
FOG Rooks 1 The damned suits these are highly modified soldiers that emanate a smoke to give them a edge in combat combined with their incredible speed and strength. They have five times the standard human stamina, three times the strength, and are twice as fast.
FOG Rooks 7 Castle Boys These are soldiers that primarily defend CI FOBs highly versed in defensive combat.
FOG Rooks 18 Castle Squires These are soldiers that protect the main Bases.
FOG Rooks ██ Castle Knights these soldiers are highly classified and protect the CI HQ and rarely ever leave the CI HQ.
FOG Emperor 9 The Shadow Boys These are CI spec op soldiers highly versed in stealth. these are the troupes sent in to retrieve anomalous artifact from highly defended locations or to kill high value targets.
FOG Bishops The Drivers these are CI that are trained in the use of vehicles. their number dictates what vehicles they are trained for.
FOG Darker The Desert Dwellers these are CI that are trained for containment situations involving extended time in desert regions. the are currently based out of Arizona in the United States.
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