Teal Is My Favorite Color
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Two helicopters of the Global Occult Coalition soared above Siberian land during a cold, cloudy morning. Spotlights on the helicopters scanned the battle that was taking place beneath them. A GOC strike team was actively engaging against Insurgency operatives confined within a four-story building. The helicopters quickly dropped additional strike team members, and ammunition crates before retreating to a safe distance to circle the area.

The insurgents were fighting with all their might to keep the power-armour men away from entering the building. Outside were tattered tents, burning vehicles, crumbled barricades and walls. It was littered with small blast craters, and the corpses of low-ranking soldiers that had no chance against the GOC. The armour of the enemy made them difficult to kill, and they had better weapons, some esoteric. In addition, the strike team had the element of surprise when the fight started.

Insurgents opened fired from the windows of the building. They all barked orders at one another as the situation escalated.

"Guard left flank!"

"Watch them choppers!"

"More ammo!"

It was mayhem.

A strike team member wielding an AA-12 combat shotgun rose out from behind cover and aimed at the second-story windows. An insurgent observed the incoming attack.

"Take cover!" The insurgent yelled to his comrades as he ducked away from the windows. The others did the same as the GOC operative fired the shotgun. They waited for the operative to run out of ammunition so they may enact a counterattack.

Another insurgent then entered the floor upon exiting a nearby stairwell. He had just returned from the armoury. In his arms, he had what resembled an RPG-7 rocket launcher, but if one stood near it they would sometimes hear it groan or gurgle.

The weapon was ready for use, so the insurgent approached the window. The GOC operative firing the automatic shotgun was spotted behind cover with another member of his team down the sights of the weapon. With a smile, the insurgent pulled the trigger, causing the rocket launcher to release a loud screech as the rocket fired out the window.

The two strike team members suddenly found themselves tossed up into the air by a large explosion. Both of their ears rang as they landed hard onto the ground. One of the operatives felt an intense wave of pain for his left leg was unnaturally bent, and a rib was broken. The other went unconscious from hitting his head on a rock, which would have killed him if it weren't for his helmet. Unfortunately, things soon became worse for the two. The explosion released drops of a green-coloured substance everywhere like rain, plenty landing on the two injured soldiers. The drops quickly melted into their armour all the way down to their skin. Meanwhile, a cloud of poisonous gas began to form from the source of the blast.

The insurgent that had fired the weapon proceeded to take the item back to the armoury. It had no further use at that moment since it needed a lot of time to regrow its rocket.

The insurgents were severely lacking in anomalous items for them to use, especially in combat. The GOC really caught them at a bad time.

The items they did have were a gun clip able to hold more rounds than what its perceived size would allow. Another was a recent shipment of pills that removed the pain, along with a regenerative sandwich. Overall, they needed firepower instead of support assets. Luckily the armoury was stocked with plenty of mundane munitions to last for a while.

Among the insurgents was a young man huddled behind a turned-over desk near the window on the fourth floor. He silently reloaded a shotgun, trying not to shake too much as he picked up shotgun slugs beside him. Then suddenly, a fellow insurgent a couple of feet away from him was shot in the head. His body quickly dropped to the floor with a loud thud. The young man was startled, but he resumed reloading as others went to drag the body away.

A soldier nearby was operating a radio. He loudly requested assistance over the sound of gunfire, and explosions.

"Requesting immediate assistance! A GOC strike team has us pinned down!" The soldier yelled. Meanwhile, the commanding officer of the base emerged from the stairs. The commander's uniform was covered in debris, and he carried a machine gun that was out of ammo. He went to speak with the radio operator.

The young insurgent could barely hear what they were talking about. An explosion occurred outside from a thrown grenade. He then proceeded to fire his weapon. He was able to see the strike team move across a nearby treeline and the remains of a brick wall. With no hesitation, he opened fire.

His confidence was slowly dropping. He was beginning to doubt he and his comrades could survive the ordeal. The GOC soldiers approached closer and closer to the building, and they were surrounded. It was a matter of time before they breached into the building. If they were lucky, some of them may be taken as prisoners under the GOC.

As the young insurgent fired away, he noticed beyond the tree line a GOC operative walking toward the building. Little did he know, he was looking at the commander of the strike team. They carried a large weapon with a lengthy wide barrel. A light then started to form inside the barrel that grew in size. Blue electrical bolts flickered inches out of the muzzle. The weapon was just powering up to release a devastating beam at the insurgents.

The weapon made a light rumbling sound as it fired. The beam struck the right corner of the fourth floor. It sliced through the wall toward the ceiling like a hot knife through butter. It partially collapsed the roof around that corner. The young man then jumped away from the falling pieces of the roof further into the building. Others did the same as they moved toward cover. Unfortunately, two operatives were caught under. One was dead from being hit by the beam at the right side of their face before being crushed by falling rubble. The other had only their legs pinned to the floor by a large piece of the roof. The agent yelled for assistance in getting the piece off his legs.

It was certain to the CI operative that their deaths were imminent. A few shots and the building would come right down. If they had time, they would need to retreat into the basement. The insurgent silently hoped for a miracle against the enemy for he didn't wish to perish, not yet at least. He wanted to see the world the Insurgency planned; a world he could be proud of and know that it came to be. Fortunately, Haos answered his prayer.

The GOC helicopters flew in circles around the area. The weather suddenly started to change. It was getting slightly colder, and ice was forming on the helicopters. An immensely strong gust of wind then struck the two vehicles downward. The pilots lost control and crashed into the surrounding Siberian forest.

Meanwhile, something fast was approaching four members of the strike team. It leapt through the forest on all fours and delivered quick slashes while they had their backs turned. Its claws penetrated their armour, slicing the soldiers into pieces. A strike team member witnessed the scene and aimed at the direction of the slaughter to shoot at whatever was responsible.

In a blink, their face was sliced opened as they fired blankly into the forest. Their helmet flew off in pieces, landing a few feet away in the snow.

The commander of the strike team, codenamed "The Bull", saw the notifications for the sudden deaths of his subordinates. It was displayed at the corner of his helmet's visor.

The Bull turned toward the direction where his men were slain. A few members of his team did the same while the rest maintained the assault on the building.

In the distance, the commander saw the culprit slowly emerge from behind a tree. It was a werewolf with long, thick claws. The creature snarled and showed off its teeth. It did not shiver from the cold.

It was an odd sight to the GOC operatives. Werewolves were an extinct species their organization had wiped out years ago. To them, it was possible that it wasn't a werewolf since it looked slightly different from what they had seen or heard about them.

Regardless, the commander and his fellow soldiers aimed. The large gun began to power up as it did before, and the beast quickly moved toward the Bull. It narrowly avoided bullets that approached its initial spot, and soon it was a couple of steps away from the GOC commander. His gun was about to fire, so the beast grabbed the barrel of the gun and redirected its aim. The powerful beam shot out into the surrounding forest, hitting a few trees that proceeded to fall loudly. The trees were slowly starting to burn.

The wolf gripped the gun with both arms to yank away from the grasp of the Bull. As it did, a member of the strike team fired at the back of the monster with a machine gun. It only made the creature angry, and it responded by throwing the large gun of the Bull at the strike team operative. The heavy weapon pinned the soldier against a tree. The weight and impact crushed his chest. The tree loudly creaked as its branches rustled.

The Bull quickly drew out a rapid-firing pistol and shot at the face of the creature when it turned to face him. It responded by grabbing both of his arms, and proceeding to tear them off violently. The GOC commander was in shock as he just stood there with the beast standing in front of him.

The creature stared into the Bull's eyes that hid behind the visor. It still held within its hands the commander's arms, leaking blood onto the ground. Other members of the strike team fired at the creature's chest to save their commander. It was futile for it was not affected.

Next, the creature opened its mouth and stepped closer to the commander. It tilted its head to the side and brought down a massive bite to the Bull's head. He did not have the chance to scream as the helmet was crushed with his head in it. It popped like a watermelon, and the beast tore off the head from the neck, leaving a bit of the spinal column that was partially pulled out.

The ground was soaked in blood. The strike team could do nothing but look on in horror at the grizzly scene. They quickly refocused their efforts in slaying the monster as it ran toward one of them to beat them to death with the arms of their dead commander.

At one of the crashed helicopters, a pilot crawled out of the wreck. His copilot was impaled by a tree branch on the way down to the ground.

Bits of the helicopter were scattered about. The pilot could hear the gunshots in the distance. He got up and scanned his surroundings. He felt to see if he still had his pistol with him, which he still did.

He then spotted a strike team operative that was aboard the helicopter. Their body laid face-first into the snow, motionless. The armour looked intact and the operative was probably still alive. If they were absolutely dead, the pilot planned to take the suit for himself.

The pilot walked his way to the strike team operative. He had a sudden headache but it did not stop him. The pilot stood over the field operative. He kneeled to gently shake them before turning them over. It was difficult for the power armour made them heavy.

The pilot continued to shake his body before removing the helmet. He saw the operative was a woman with a large scar across her face. He could not tell if she was dead but before he could check for a pulse, he heard the fluttering of wings behind him.

Whatever it was, it landed behind him with a loud thud. He was in its shadow, and he turned to see what it was.

What the pilot saw was otherworldly. It was some sort of insectoid creature with a lengthy body. It wore what he presumed to be body armour that was appropriate for the segmented structure of its body. It stood tall and had multiple spindly legs and arms. The head was obscured by an oval-shaped helmet. Its wings were wide and similar to that of a dragonfly.

The pilot was speechless and before he could react, the thing stabbed him with a long blade. It was hot, burning the flesh around it. The pilot screamed in agony as it was pushed deeper toward his heart.

The alien creature used its other arms to partially lift up its helmet. A long, ovipositor-like organ emerged from underneath. It came closer to the pilot's head, intending to stab into his head and suck out his brain. The pilot's mind was slowly fading into darkness so he did not react to his coming fate. He could still see with blurry vision that the organ was coming. He was too tired to fight and slowly closed his eyes.

The strike team operative the pilot tried to wake up slowly opened her eyes to witness the gruesome scene. She remained calm and tried to slowly reach for the pistol holstered to the pilot who was being propped up by the arms of the creature. She managed to get the gun and aim it. Unfortunately, she was too slow. Her head exploded into pieces. Her skull and brain matter scattered ahead. The insectoid had drew a faster hand for its weapon, which looked like a cylindrical and highly advanced pistol.

After sucking out the pilot's brain, the creature withdrew its blade and tossed the body aside. It enjoyed its quick snack. Next, it raised one of its hands which had a wrist device attached. It pressed a button that activated its suit's cloaking system. It made its way toward the next crash site.

Soon it was all over. The strike team was left in pieces. The wolf beast walked toward the front of the building with the head of a GOC soldier before dropping it to the ground. It released a howl in the air.

Out from the forest, a small Insurgency foot battalion emerged. Accompanying them was the Ward of Zephyr dressed in a thick coat. The operatives inside the building stepped out, relieved that reinforcements came through.

The Ward approached The Wulver. It just looked at the young man, mouth covered in blood.

"You really went all out this time." Commented the Ward.

"Hardly." Replied the beast. The Ward turned to look at a few mangled bodies of the strike team.

"Sure…" The Ward said skeptically.

The battalion walked past the two entities and secured the area. The insurgents within the building exited from the structure, among them being the commander.

A sudden flash of light occurred nearby. Someone with the Staff of Hermes had arrived at the scene. They came to teleport the anomalous items at the facility away to a more secure location.

A few feet away from the Ward and Wulver, the insectoid deactivated its cloaking system, revealing itself. It proceeded to speak to the two special operatives through a translator within its helmet that sounded like text-to-speech software.

"Looks like the fun is over." Said the alien lifeform.

"This strike team didn't even have a mech with them. I doubt you would enjoy dealing with only power armour again. By the way, did you took care of the crash sites?" Responded the Ward to the alien.

"I take what I can get. To answer your question, yes, I wiped out the survivors. If you were so good with the wind, I wouldn't have to, Weather Boy."

The Ward frowned for he didn't like the name Weather Boy. It was an annoying, childish insult.

"No need to be rude, my celestial friend." The Wulver commented.

"Sure, bipedal canine lifeform."

The young insurgent from earlier looked on at the entities. He was seeing members of the Teal Division for the first time, which was fascinating. He thought about going over and thanking them. He wasn't sure if he should though. Before he could muster the courage, his commander approached the Teal operatives.

The insurgent commander stepped over bodies and shrapnel on the way, and he was noticed by the Ward.

"Hey, you're in charge around here?" The Ward asked.

"Yes. Is everything under control? I am concerned more strike teams will arrive." Replied the commander.

"Don't worry, sir. I have a bit of a storm forming to the west, and south. We have a bit of time. Enough to at least move everything you guys have here." Explained the Ward.

"Thanks for the information."

"No problem, sir."

The wielder of the Staff of Hermes quickly finished transporting everything out of the building and called upon the soldiers to gather in lines. It was time for all the operatives to leave.

The operatives were taken in three large groups. Meanwhile, the alien planted a tiny device on the building. The Teal operatives were the last to leave. As soon as they were gone, the device went off, destroying the building and parts of the surrounding area in an ionized blast.

It was just another day for special operatives of the Teal Division. Their aid truly makes one learn to appreciate the colour teal more than they should.

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