Tag Guide

The Tag Guide is periodically updated to include new tags and changes to the definition of existing tags. If you have a proposal for a tag in mind, check the Discussion Thread.

Tag Description
acoustic Transferred with waves through a medium like air.
admin Meta: If you are an admin of this site and want to do things having to do with administration, use this tag.
aleph-11-tango Series: Cooperation describing an internal split of the Insurgency.
alive Able to act or replicate on its own.
animal A creature resembling or being linked to a known species of the biological kingdom of Animalia.
animate It moves not by nature, but deliberate manipulation towards auto-motion.
antimemetic Keeps ideas from multiplying onto other persons.
archived Meta: This is a piece of the past. Some newer version might already be available.
artifact Object as testimony to events or people in the past, imbued with meaning.
artificial-intelligence Created to be able to reason, learn and remember.
audio Meta: Someone made the effort to attach an audio file here.
author Meta: This denotes an author site. It is like a self-portrait mixed with a hub.
autonomous Able to act without outside intervention and act against forces like gravity acting upon it.
avian Something resembling a bird.
biohazard It will change your biology in some way. Most likely not in a good way.
biological We can study it using biology.
botanical Is either one of these green things called "plant", or relates to them.
broken-god GoI: Grand machine, with required assembly. Some people think it is divine.
cadaver The remains of something once alive.
chat Meta: This tag relates to official methods of communication.
collaboration Meta: There were at least two people that wrote this piece.
contest Meta: This is the hub page of a present of past contest.
corrosive Able to damage material using chemical reaction.
daemonic Otherworldly with a similarity to malevolent beings from folklore.
disruptor Highly distracting.
edible Intended for oral consumption.
empathic Able to understand emotion.
entity A being sufficiently separated from its surroundings as a self-contained phenomena.
equipment Able to be used on a reliable bases to accomplish or ease a task.
explosive Something rapidly expands, reasonably fast.
extradimensional You could look all over the universe and would not find where this came from.
extraterrestrial You can find it in this universe if you look hard enough, but you normally wont find it on earth.
french-translation Meta: Articles translated from our french sister site.
frequency Reoccurring somewhat predictably.
generator It produces something. Sometimes from seemingly nothing.
guide Meta: It tells you how to do "thing".
haos-project2014 Event: Contest about the leader of the Insurgency. (Still open)
hell-o-when21 Event: The 2021 spooky-season-themed contest. (Closed)
herman-fuller GoI: Travelling people that are all too familiar with the anomalous.
hub Meta: One page linking to many pages.
humanoid It looks like a human if viewed from far enough away.
inactive What ever it once did, it is not doing it anymore. That does not mean it cant start back up again.
insect Resembling or being a member of the biological Class Insecta.
interactive Meta: You can participate, here, now, on this page. The author has given you permission to add your own parts here.
interview Type: There was a conversation going on. This is what remains from that.
item Type: Is it in the arsenal? Than it is an Item.
kill-grade-ii Legacy: Deadly 2
kill-grade-iii Legacy: Deadly 3
kill-grade-v Legacy: Deadly 5
location You can go there and it will most likely still be there.
log Type: Containing the recording of a conversation or highly structured sequence of events.
marshall-carter-and-dark GoI: Thieves so cunning, their victims believe to have made a great deal.
mechanism Constructed with multiple moving parts of mostly inorganic nature.
medical Able to use be used to improve the health of something alive and doing so far better than its normal life circumstances usually allow.
meteorological It affects or is affected by the weather.
military Used in an organized effort to engage in combat.
mind-affecting If it messes with the mind this tag applies.
moving-shadows Series: ~
occult The domination and study of the anomalous via non-scientific means.
omtd2019 Event: Spooktober 2019 Contest (Ended)
person-of-interest Type: This person is in the unfortunate position to have our interest, while not being part of our organization.
project-haos Event: Ongoing challenge to write a Haos speech. (Still open)
rac GoI: Pertaining to the elusive, now defunct organization R.A.C.
radiation Usually reveres to product of radioactive decay, but in our business it might be something else.
random2014 Event: Contest in which random words were used to generate items. (Ended)
reanimation Something dead is not dead anymore.
required Meta: You should have read all of these ad least once. May only be given out by staff.
rewrite Meta: This existed in some form before.
robotic Electronics and hydraulics manipulating metal parts.
sapient Able to act based on experience and understanding.
sarkic GoI: Religious organization that might bite, might also make your flesh strange.
satellite It orbits something, usually earth.
scp-foundation GoI: You know these guys. Where you see them, tag them.
sectors-and-steel Series: Series within a void where you can "meet" things.
sentient Able to feel and perceive.
sepia GoI: They want to break our stuff by turning it normal.
serpent's-hand GoI: Anomalies collecting anomalies to "do right".
shades GoI: ~
statue Created to be a representation of something.
stone When faced with it you might call it a rock.
supplement Type: More information on an existing item.
supplier Gives us useful stuff, we can apply without worry of it running out.
tale Type: If it tells a story in some way and is not an item, it might as well be a tale.
teal-division Special people and their special division.
terror-weapon They know we have it and that scares them.
transcript Type: Events unfolded, and someone was there to document it.
transfigurative Can alter its own structure.
transmutation Can alter its other structure.
un-goc GoI: They think of themselves as the big boys, always meddling in someone else's affairs.
valentine22 Event: Part of the 2022 Saint Valentine's Day Contest. (Ended)
vehicle Meant to offer someone a ride.
white-empress PoI: A woman frequently being at right place at the right time.
wip Legacy: Something old, that was meant to grow but never matured.
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