Tag Guide

Discussion Thread.

This is a List of all current tags.

You may vote on the state of the tag, whether you are staff or not, especially with "Keep as is".

That will give us a list of tags that can be worked into a guide already, while we figure the other tags out. Should someone disagree with an already judged tags designation, they may add there own evaluation next to the original one. Do not replace other peoples opinions, just add to them.

This is the roughest of rough cuts. It is just so that we can have a list that are definitely "Keep as is" and build from there.


  • Keep As Is: The tag will be kept. (K)
  • Needs discussion: The Tag is not clearly defined. We should talk about it. (D)
  • Absorb: This tags domain should be handled by another tag. (A)
  • Legacy: This tag remains as is, but in the tag-guide its use will be discouraged/prohibited. (L)
  • Remove: There will be no substitute for this tag. If that tag re-emerges in the future it might be re-added at such a time. (R)

Tags that are "keep as is" can get a description added to them. This is the description as it will appearer in the final tag guide. Everyone may write a description. Only if two members disagree with the description, may it be changed. If a tags description needs to be changed, it automatically loses its K and becomes a D.

This is a first come first serve. So if you have a great description, don't sit on it.

Staff will coordinate the effort and will have the final say over the project.
Tags may be discussed in discussion" under this page.

New tags may be added during the process, if called for during the discussions.

Once the description are filled and there is nothing more to discuss the evaluation section will be removed, leaving the finished tag guide.

I am open for changes in the procedure, but why wait when we can start now?

~ Meta Wonderrat

Tag Evaluation Description
acoustic K
admin K Are you an admin of this site and want to do things having to do with administration, use this tag.
aleph-11-tango K
alive D
animal D
animate D
antimemetic D
archived K This is a piece of the past. Some newer version might already be available.
artifact D
artificial-intelligence D
audio K Meta: Someone made the effort to attach an audio file here.
author K Meta: This denotes an author site. It is like a self-portrait mixed with a hub.
autonomous D
avian A
biohazard K It will change your biology in some way. Most likely not in a good way.
biological K We can study it using biology.
botanical K Is either one of these green things called "plant", or relates to them.
broken-god K Grand machine, with required assembly. Some people think it is divine.
cadaver D
cataclysmic N Weapons used for there high damage output.
chat K Meta: This tag relates to official methods of communication.
collaboration K There were at least two people that wrote this piece.
contest K Meta: This article was or still is part of a contest.
corrosive D
daemonic D
disruptor A
edible K Intended for oral consumption.
emphathic D
energy D
entity D
equipment D
explosive K Something rapidly expands, reasonably fast.
extradimensional K You could look all over the universe and would not find where this came from.
extraterrestrial K You can find it in this universe if you look hard enough, but you normally wont find it on earth.
fini D
food A
french-translation N Articles translated from our french sister site
frequency D
generator D
guide K It tells you how to do "thing".
haos-project2014 K Contest about the leader of the Insurgency. (Still open)
hub K One page linking to many pages.
humanoid K It looks like a human if viewed from far enough away.
inactive K What ever it once did, it is not doing it anymore. That does not mean it cant start back up again.
incident D
insect D
interview K There was a conversation going on. This is what remains from that.
item K Is it in the arsenal? Than it is an item.
kill-grade-ii L
kill-grade-iii L
kill-grade-v L
location K You can go there and it will most likely still be there.
log D
mechanism D
mechanical N Powered by the laws of springs, gears and cogs.
medical D
metamorphic D
meteorological D
military A
mind-affecting K If it messes with the mind this tag applies.
occult D
omtd2019 K
parahealth D
pathogen D
person-of-interest K This person is in the unfortunate position to have our interest, while not being part of our organisation.
physics D
plant A
project-haos K
radiation A
random2014 K
reanimation A
required K Meta: You should have read all of these ad least once. May only be given out by staff.
rewrite K
robotic D
sapient D
sarkic D
satellite D
scp-foundation K You know these guys. Where you see them, tag them.
sectors-and-steel K
sentient K
sepia K
serpent's-hand K
statue D
stone A
supplement K
supply A
support A
tale K If it tells a story in some way and is not an item, it might as well be a tale.
teal-division K Special people and their special division.
terror-weapon R
transcript K Events unfolded, and someone was there to document it.
transfigurative D
transmutation D
un-goc D They think of themselves as the big boys, always meddling in someone else's affairs.
vehicle D
wip L Something old, that was meant to grow but never matured.
wmd R
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