Maritime Regional Director Steffie Kojcewska

Name: Steffanie Kojcewska

Designation: Alpha* (Provisional Senior Administration and Command)

Department: Marine Research and Biology (MaRB)

Stationed in: Naval Research Area-At09.1 (usually found on a 'where-needed' basis)

Physical Evaluation: 1.77 m, 56 kg

Ethnicity: Polish

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Purple

Atlantic Regional Directors Command

Region(s) in Command: Maritime Regions-At09, -At14 and -At15

  • Atlantic Region 09: (Central Command) Naval Research Area-At09.1, Communications Facility-At09, Sub-marine Containment Area-At09, Rig Outposts-At09.1 to .4
  • Atlantic Region 14: (Central Command) Naval Armed Research Area-At14.1, Expeditionary Outpost-At14.0 (see page for details), Submarine Pen-At14
  • Atlantic Region 15: (Central Command) Naval Containment Area-At15.1, Naval Containment Facilities-At15.1 - .2

Items Authorized and Reviewed:

Involved Records:

Description: Originated from Region 11 member organization Trident Institute of Marine Biology and incorporated into official employment as a Marine Research specialist. Steffanie Kojcewska has conducted research on Items in Region At11 and aided in recovery and initial containment for objects as a field specialist.
Dr. Steffie during the recovery of AtMP-178

Career Service Vitae:

  • Region At11 marine research field specialist (20██-2013)
  • Region At11 marine recovery team member (20██-2013; concurrent with above)
  • Regions At09, At14 and At15 Field Operations Director (2014-)


  • Promotion of Region At11 into Tier 3
  • Promotion as Field Expert of Echinite Anomalies
  • Representative of Region At09 during Atlantic Anomalies Conference, 2014
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