Maritime Regional Director Steffie Kojcewska

Steffanie Kojcewska

Alpha* (Provisional Senior Administration and Command)

Marine Research and Biology (MaRB)

Naval Research Area-At09.1 (usually found on a 'where-needed' basis)

Physical Evaluation: 1.77 m, 60 kg

Ethnicity: Polish

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Purple

Atlantic Regional Directors Command

Regions in Command: Maritime Regions-At09 (co-director), -At14 (assistant director) and -At15

  • Atlantic Region 09: Naval Research Area-At09.1(Central Command), Communications Facility-At09, Sub-marine Containment Area-At09, Rig Outposts-At09.1 to .4
  • Atlantic Region 14: Naval Armed Research Area-At14.1(Central Command), Expeditionary Outpost-At14.0 (see page for details), Submarine Pen-At14
  • Atlantic Region 15: Naval Containment Area-At15.1(Central Command), Naval Containment Facilities-At15.1 - .2

Items Authorized and Reviewed:

Involved Records:

Description: Originated from Region 11 member organization Trident Institute of Marine Biology and incorporated into official employment as a Marine Research specialist. Steffanie Kojcewska has conducted research on Items in Region At11 and aided in recovery and initial containment for objects as a field specialist.

Tragic circumstances resulting in the loss of Atlantic regional leaders and officers have led to researchers and personnel in other administrative posts being tasked with the additional assignment of command. The Director-Alpha of the region has placed Dr. Kojcewska into command authority until further events warrant her consolidation or replacement.


Dr. Steffie during the recovery of AtMP-178

Career Service Vitae:

  • Region At09 marine research field specialist (20██-2013)
  • Region At09 marine recovery team member (20██-2013; concurrent with above)
  • Regions At09, At14 and At15 Provisional Field Operations Director (2014-)


  • Promotion of Region At09 into Tier 3
  • Promotion as Field Expert of Echinite Anomalies
  • Region At09 delegate, 2014 "Anomalous Atlantic" Conference

"Look me in the eyes right through these protective goggles, and tell me that I won't let this whole area go underwater."

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