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There are 65 Items in the current database.

Bygone Jocundity (rating: 5, author: ZescZesc)
Abderra'ad (rating: 9, author: ZescZesc)
Glittering Gold (rating: 3, author: BaronjoeBaronjoe)
The Golems (rating: 6, author: BaronjoeBaronjoe)
Rave in Peace (rating: 6, author: ZescZesc)
Jack of All Trades (rating: 2, author: Agent SallowAgent Sallow)
David Wight (rating: 2, author: ScaledDaturaScaledDatura)
Human Serum (rating: 4, author: Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat)
The Brawler (rating: 7, author: BaronjoeBaronjoe)
Assemble Yourself (rating: 7, author: BaronjoeBaronjoe)
Antonio's Cigars (rating: 11, author: BaronjoeBaronjoe)
Shifting Armoury (rating: 13, author: ZescZesc)
Tógálaí (rating: 6, author: (user deleted))
Witching Well (rating: 6, author: Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat)
Qual (rating: 3, author: BaronjoeBaronjoe)
Identity Receptacle (rating: 3, author: ZescZesc)
Fractal Music Box (rating: 6, author: Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat)
Sekhmet (rating: 11, author: DrCaduceusDrCaduceus)
Shapeless Knave (rating: 12, author: ScaledDaturaScaledDatura)
Astollia (rating: 10, author: HexickHexick)

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