Spaghetti-wire Fridge
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Photo presumably taken during object acquisition

Item: Spaghetti-wire Fridge
Type: Appliance
Anomaly: Matter conversion
Homeostasis: 0 Inanimate
Awareness: 0-4 Some sort of Algorithm is implied
Hazards: N/A
Required Gear: N/A
Size: 0.63 metres in with, 1.72 m in height, 0.8 metres in depth
Location: Base-6


The Object is primarily used to supply Base Six with various high-tech parts.

The utilization of the Object requires the cooperation between the canteen and the technical wing of Base Six. The technical wing collects requests from workers and storage commissioners and sends them to the canteen. The canteen must then complete the request, albeit with a low completion priority. Requests are based on a menu to guarantee a desired product. Insurgents seeking to use the Object might reference the menu for all standard conversions.

The Object is currently located in the tertiary server room in the eighth sublevel of Base Six, in order to utilize the Object's endothermic properties for cooling purposes.

Earlier usage instructions saw the Object being used for the creation of less complex parts and wealth generation, but this was superseded by the discovery and utilization of the Devouring Stones in 2016.

The Object has been cleared for personal use by all Base Six personnel, on the condition that they provide the required material and report all discoveries to the Object's assigned chronicler. Any created item must be used/consumed in the span of one day. If this is not possible, it must be surrendered to the Insurgency.

The freezer compartment is free to use for maintenance personnel assigned to sublevel eight.


The Spaghetti-wire Fridge appears to be a standard domestic refrigerator of unknown manufacturer and design, divided into a chiller and freezer compartment. Closer Inspection reveals the inside of the chilling section to be lined with miniature carvings of various occult seals1 connected via a circuit like network. Furthermore, the anomaly possesses two separate refrigeration mechanisms. Researchers have found various devices, such as a Music box and Geiger counters, embedded throughout the Object. The functionality of most remains unknown. The cooling system of the chilling section seems to be reversed, realising heat in and around the chilling section while cooling the back of the appliance. The Freezer compartment seems to be unmodified and functions as expected.

The Object must not be plugged in to show its anomalous capabilities while the Freezer and indoor lights lose their functionality.

The Objects anomalous effects trigger once suitable material is placed within the object's chiller compartment. The door will then become unopenable for a short while. During which, the inserted matter is transmuted via a theorised alchemical reaction. The Amount of inserted matter is directly proportional to the amount of time the reaction requires. This reaction is somewhat endothermic with environmental heat seeming to catalyse the process. The Object announces the end of the conversion via a short jingle. After which the door can be opened again. All material must be removed from the chiller before the Object activates again.

An Item group A will always be converted into an Item from group B and vice versa. Group A consists of food items such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, prepared meat2, etc. Group B is comprised of various mechanical and electrical parts including wires, LEDs, microprocessors and more. A test log has been attached below to demonstrate the Object's capabilities. Containers like cups, bowls and chassis can be affected as well but do not trigger the Object on their own. Water builds a similar exception.

Deposited item Withdrawn item
One egg sunny side up on a plate One computer cooling fan
One light bulb One yellow pear
One bag of commercially available peanuts One bag of resistors with varying strength
One stuffed chicken One electric motor
One electric motor 8 kg of an unidentified casserole-like dish primarily made up from vegetables. The dish was contained in a ceramic bowl reminiscent of the motors original shape
Mekhanite Cyborg, remaining pieces of the brain had to be removed One hollowed out pumpkin containing warm pumpkin cream soup, one stuffed turkey, one plum pudding, two extra thick garlic breads, six baguettes with various toppings, one large mixed salad and 29 Fruits

How exactly the Spaghetti-wire Fridge came into Insurgency possession is unknown as most of its original documentation has been lost during incident B6-030814A-E. Interviews with several insurgents have revealed that the Object was acquired from an unnamed forgery enterprise in late 2012 operating out of Manila, Republic of the Philippines. What exactly lead the Insurgency to the Object is unknown. Responsible IA members resulted to violent means and raided the enterprises base of operations. Several persons mentioned that at least one casualty3 was sustained. After which it was supposedly moved from one provisional facility to the next until eventually landing at Base-6 without further incident. Records at Base-6 state that the Object arrived on the 12th of April 2013.

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