Person of Interest SC474 Dossier


"Sky Nomad"

Personal Description

Real Name: Unknown
Codename: Sky Nomad
Affiliations: Unaffiliated
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Enlisted Soldier of the Sixteen Winds Confederation

Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Indeterminate
Height: ~1.55 m
Weight: ~40 kg
Age: Biological age assumed to be 11 to 13 years.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Brown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Civil Status: Single


Sky Nomad is juvenile aviator and presumed time-traveler active in the entirety of the global air space. He is in possession of advanced aerospace technology, especially in the form of the aircraft Cloud Catcher Ⅰ.

He is, according to his own purported info, a serving member of the army of the Sixteen Winds Confederation, a future supranational union. He claims that he was displaced back in time into the year 2012 under unknown circumstances and has lost contact to the rest of his squadron, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

The PoI lacks affiliation with any group or organization, but is sometimes working for the Insurgency and Groups of Interest in exchange for supplies and maintenance services of his aircraft. Sky Nomad's talkativeness and contact too many different regions and groups makes him an useful source of intelligence.


PoI-SC474 originates from a member state of the Sixteen Winds Confederation (SWC), a mighty alliance from a future timeline in which most of the human population has left the ground for indefinite reasons. The SWC apparently was involved in a long-lasting power struggle over dominance of cislunar space with other factions. Part of the SWC's army was an elite squadron using experimental and anomalous technology, of which Sky Nomad used to be part of.

During an event about which PoI-SC474 either doesn't know anything, or does not want to divulge any information about, he was transported into the year 2012 of baseline earth. Spending his first few days there severely confused and disoriented, he was detected by multiple civilian sources and reported as UFO, which prompted GOC investigation. Being intercepted by a flight of GOC Skylarks, first contact was established and Sky Nomad informed about his temporal whereabouts.

Sky Nomad is following the goal of traveling back to the time where he originally came from. For this purpose, he is willing to work with organisations that can provide the necessary paratechnology to accomplish this goal and spends the majority of his spare time "cruising" in his personal aircraft and exploring the world.


PoI-SC474 possesses impressive piloting skills and extensive aviation knowledge across the fields of aerospace engineering, air combat and navigation. He also seems to be resistant to much higher g-forces than baseline humans, but this might be a property of his personal aircraft instead.

His most important trait is the access to the Cloud Catcher Ⅰ, which can exclusively be operated by him. The Cloud Catcher Ⅰ is a highly advanced stealth MRCA strike fighter. Its fusion power source and advanced life support system allow for uninterrupted operation only limited by the pilot's needs for food and water.

Utilizing hybrid turbofan/scramjet engines, the aircraft is capable of reaching hypersonic speed and is also equipped with a boost drawing on rocket fuel which allows for limited suborbital flight.

Although the original active weapon systems of the Cloud Catcher Ⅰ have run out ammo, it retains its active and passive countermeasures, electronic warfare components, a cloaking device and a targeting AI. The cloaking device accompanies the passive radar stealth skin and is capable of hiding the aircraft from most means of detection, including visible.

(For further information on the specs of the Cloud Catcher Ⅰ see the respective file.)

Psychological Profile

Sky Nomad adapted to his new situation surprisingly well, continuing to fly for the joy of it. Although aiming to return to his respective time, he has a patient and relaxed attitude and is generally upbeat and optimistic. He is very communicative and sociable, often striking up casual conversation with other pilots, both on the ground and in flight.

He is very patriotic of the SWC and strongly identifies with ideologies of freedom and justice. He does not seem to have moral qualms cooperating with the Insurgency, but refuses to by hired for direct attacks by any group. He is respecting the GOC's work and authority, although their efforts to arrest him and confiscate aircraft.

Sky Nomad is very sensitive about his appearance and becomes immediately defensive and uncooperative once attention is drawn to the fact that he is biologically juvenile and does not age.

Past Encounters

Not all encounters with PoI-SC474 will be listed here due to brevity and the fact that most are insubstantial, only involving quick opportunistic chats with Insurgency personnel. Therefore, the following is a non-comprehensive list of notable encounters.
Operation Role Additional Notes
X-Ray-Rose N/A PoI called the pilot of the gunship for small talk. During the conversation, he asked whether the Insurgency "knows anything about that stuff happening over the Andes right now". This information drew the Insurgency's attention to █████​██████​████████​███████​███████​█████ which lead to the discovery of ██████​████████████.
Charlie-Husk Scout Taking place during the 25th of December, the PoI opened a radio channel to sing Christmas carols with other Insurgency pilots.
Uniform-Tear Transport Currently highest observed speed of the Cloud Catcher Ⅰ. The antidote arrived to late nonetheless, resulting in failure of the operation.




Multiple discrepancies regarding PoI-SC474 "Sky Nomad" have been noted. The most important ones are as follows:
  • The PoI was forced to land and then subsequently arrested during his initial encounter with the GOC. He was never released by the GOC and is unlikely to have evaded arrest on his own.
  • During Operation Tango-Grass, the Cloud Catcher Ⅰ was hit by a redirected Procella-Devescium surface-to-air missile and shot down. Fragmenting of the aircraft and failed ejection of the pilot are documented by the anti-air frigate that fired the missile. The wreckage could never been recovered from the Atlantic ocean floor.
  • 6 more incidents in which the PoI was either killed and/or his aircraft destroyed.
  • In 2019, he was granted access to the Damascene Chronophagus in exchange for his participation on Project Hysminai. He was entirely devoured by the entity and should have returned to his native timeline.

Yet, PoI-SC474 continues to be sighted and take on missions by the Insurgency. When questioned about these incidents, he denies having any memories of them and doubts the truthfulness of such reports.

Being aware of these discrepancies, his aircraft was outfitted with a covert tracking device in May 2021. Although the signal is suffering from interference by the cloaking device, it has been detected by Insurgency surveillance until the 4th of August 2021, when the Cloud Catcher Ⅰ crashed over the north pole.

The next confirmed sighting of PoI-SC474 was 9 days later. His aircraft lacked the tracking device. Investigation is ongoing.


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