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You are required to know these rules and guidelines as a member of the Chaos Insurgency Wiki. The violation of any of these rules is grounds for disciplinary action. Ignorance of these rules is not a valid excuse.

Everyone here is expected to act reasonably. Every rule on this page is an extension of one key principle, so please remember Rule Zero. If you abide by this rule, you are likely to be fine.

Rule Zero

What the Staff says, goes

The secret to not getting in trouble is simple: the staff members are here to help the site and its community. The less you anger, annoy, and antagonize the staff members, the less chances you get of being in trouble. Scroll down to see what is frowned upon here and other info you should be aware of.

On Authority
Staff members make sure that the site continues functioning properly and the community is able to work and interact in a healthy online environment. Please reach out to us if you find an issue with the site or a particular user.

For information on our Staff Members, please refer to the list at the bottom of the page.

Don't Be A Dick
This covers insulting people, reputation bombing, harassment, verbal assault, etc. We are not asking you to be overly formal and act all saintly, or being too Holier-Than-Thou for your own good; you can be blunt and harsh but do not direct it at a person and his/her abilities. Think about this before you post about an article or on a thread.

Hi! I'm DrCaduceus and I used to be a Wikidot Community Spam Removal team member. I'm no longer actively serving in such capacity but I've been permitted to use the Spam Kill Console to instantly block and ban a spamming account and place their IP's into Wikidot's blacklist. Wikidot used to get plenty of bots spamming all sorts of malware and download links. Please do your part to keep the Chaos Insurgency spam-free.

A more mundane, but still annoying, kind of spam is when someone frequently updates on the forum, but as long as the posts are useful and meaningfully contribute to a discussion, they will not be punished. We would like to hear what everyone has to say about our Item Arsenal or other articles, but know when it's time to stop.

Vandalism/Editing without Permission
All users are allowed to edit articles and tales but only for grammatical corrections and punctuation. Any major changes to certain words, phrases or the appending of said article and tale without permission from the original creator of the page will be considered Unauthorized Editing or, in serious cases, vandalism. Therefore, before editing someone else's content, be it on an article, tale or collaborative, please ask permission from the original author or an staff member should the original creator be on extended hiatus.

Explicit Content
Being the Chaos Insurgency wiki, there will be some content which are, in some occasions, unsettling. We try to keep a loose rein for our writers here to explore. But overtly gory and pornographic content is strictly forbidden on this site. If you are unsure what you are about to post falls under the categories of excessive gore, flame-war fuel and pornography, ask before posting.

Demanding Special Treatment
Be mature individuals, and accept critique with grace. Please do understand that no one here is obligated to like anything you write. We will acknowledge that other people who checked your work liked it, but we will stand firmly by our own standards and opinions.

The definition of plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

Plagiarism is a serious offense and is something frowned upon in any environment, be it school, work etc. DO NOT, under any circumstances plagiarize. If you have permission from the original author to use their material be sure to provide evidence. Also credit people where credit is due, since it is a respectable thing to do. If you are found plagiarizing, serious consequences will result.

Racist Content
No, straight out no. We do not need your views on racial superiority here. Neither do we need your views on different ethnicity. Take that elsewhere. Besides, what the hell is it doing here on a collaborative writing, sci-fi/horror/mystery site?

This is not the place to troll people which is annoying and a low form of humor. You may not get the attention you wanted here.


Example: "But I didn't know there were rules here!"

Sorry, but that is not a valid excuse to make. Again, you are required to know the rules.

Cross-posting Articles
Only translations of articles published in Chaos Insurgency international sites may be cross-posted to this wiki. The only official international sites as of now are the Chinese, French and Spanish translation branches. Please observe proper attribution to the original creator and translator in the page's discussion.

Chat Issues
The Chat Guide is the main page for chat-related issues.



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