Shapeless Knave
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Item: Shapeless Knave
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards Compliant but often curious and immature, floating objects
Required Wear/Weaponry A standard operation flashlight should be kept on hand by personnel working with the item
Location: Base Eight
Reported Anomaly: Sentient shadow, shadow/object manipulation
Current Duties: Teal Operative █ (Special Assets)

Picture of item taken during Operation Conquistador


To arm Shapeless Knave, personnel should cast a shadow of the object the Item requires using a standard operation flashlight. It is important to keep the entirety of the object in the light for the item to be armed. When armed, it is important to stay aware of floating objects. In battle, Shapeless Knave works best when armed with tactical knives and various bladed weapons. Firearms are not recommended when arming Shapeless Knave due to a low shot accuracy rate.

Shapeless Knave has proven efficient in stealth operations and as a scout in standoffs. In operations, personnel working with the item should memorize the shadow identification chart shown in appendix A. This is necessary due to Shapeless Knave's lack of vocal speech and to reduce noise in stealth missions.


Shapeless Knave is the codename for a sentient shadow known as Erembour. The Item is able to manipulate its shape as a shadow, and the definite size it can reach is still to be determined. Its personal preference is to appear as the shadow of a man wearing a hat. The eyes and a mouth are generally still showing, despite it not being possible on a normal shadow. The item is also able to shrink its size beyond the scope of the human eye, as well as merge with touching shadows. This has proven to be useful on reconnaissance missions, of which, the item has carried out seven.

Shapeless Knave is also able to manipulate objects by interacting with their shadows. This is done by using the shadow of the object as the object would normally be interacted with. That said, the whole of the object needs to be seen as a clear shadow. For example, half a knife's shadow is unable to be interacted with, where the full shadow is. The weight and force required to move an object does not play a role in the manipulation of objects.

The Item is, for the most part, unaffected by the brightness of a light. The exception being total darkness. When in total darkness, the Item takes on a corporeal form similar to a teenager. When in this form, the Item is invisible to the naked eye. However, the Item is able to interact normally with objects in this form, and it is theorized that the item is able to be harmed and killed when in this state.

The item originally came to the Insurgency on 7/11/20██ seeking asylum. Evidence from operatives within the GOC has shown that there were once other entities like the Item. However, all other instances have been successfully terminated by the Coalition. Since arrival, the item has shown devout loyalty to the CI and has proven versatile in both stand-offs and stealth-ops.

The item's personality is similar to that of a young male. It is fond of pulling pranks, the majority of which are harmless. However, disciplinary measures should be enacted if Item is caught. Shapeless Knave tends to prefer to be called the name Erembour but is compliant with its codename. To date, the item has made 8 requests, 5 of which have been granted1.

Appendix A:

Shadow sign Sign meaning
Curved arrow pointing left Flank left
Curved arrow pointing right Flank right
Femur bones Hostiles up ahead2
Skull Target up ahead
Crosshairs Snipers
Salamander Reinforcements needed
Butcher's knife Requesting military knife
Machete Requesting multiple military knives
Gasmask Trap ahead
Hanged man Item will take care of hostiles

Appendix B:
To date, Shapeless knave has requested the following

  • That a bright light made to cast shadows to be added to the center of its living quarters. (Approved)
  • A CD boombox and several CDs hung to cast shadows on the surrounding walls (Approved)
  • Two Maine coon kittens for companionship (Denied)
  • Free roam of Base Eight (Approved, with restrictions set on access to other items)
  • A trip to Maine, for nostalgic purposes (Denied)
  • One Maine coon kitten for companionship (Denied)
  • Access to a friend (Approved)
  • Access to a friend with anomalous abilities (Approved, Item given access to other items in Teal Division)
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