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Item: The Mask of the Forgotten Guardian
Size: Adapts to the proportion of the human face that wears it
Type: Mask
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards Brain death
Required Wear/Weaponry Harness of occult nature for transport.
Location: Classified

Photo of the mask that took possession of a Sigma class member.


The object (or Shanalick) is assigned in large-scale military operations or in operations to protect important Chaos Insurgency personnel, however, it has been strongly recommended to use the object only in very specific cases and with caution. Indeed, when Shanalick uses her anomalous abilities, the corpse she uses as a host tends to disintegrate to the point of making her unable to use her abnormal abilities again.

The object is contained in a confidential base, in an underground section specially designed for it. The underground area leading to the humanoid cell consists of four steel airlocks, as well as two surveillance cameras. Each airlock entrance is monitored by two security personnel recording and monitoring all entries and exits into the cell. The cell itself is furnished for one person, the door and walls are lined with talismans made by Dr. Hank and Dr. Richemond. Their first goal is to prevent Shanalick from leaving at will but also to protect her if a potential assault by a group is launched on the base. Talismans must be changed every three months under Dr. Hank's direction.
Visits are accepted but are all recorded using a camera in the cell.

It is noted that Shanalick has issued several requests to travel to the former 028 base which has been converted into a memorial for the victims of the "Red Sea" accident, however, the presence of the SCP Foundation on the island makes this impossible and its request is therefore refused. If, however, she wishes to transmit an object1 or anything else for the memorial, the latter has full right to do so, the object will be transmitted to Dr. hank who will hand it over during his many visits to the memorial.

If members of Chaos insurgency (in general) are affected by Shanalick's hallucinations, it is strongly recommended not to approach the victim who may enter a state of deep paranoia if they are not trained to endure the pain and hallucinations caused by Shanalick. In this case, Dr. Maestro Hank and his assistant must take care of the victim to treat him using occult means, if the hallucinations are not dangerous or powerful the victim will get away with slight amnesia and a severe headache.

But if the hallucinations are far too powerful, the victim may have severe sequelae that make him or her unfit for duty, in this case, serious psychological follow-up must be done and occult care must be provided as a matter of urgency. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that Shanalick staff attend several occult internships and seminars led by Dr. Maestro Hank. Members who have not completed these internships, but who are still assigned to Shanalick, cannot join the field or observation team.


The Mask of the Forgotten Guardian is a mask that appears to have been handcrafted, Although the main material appears to be iron due to its similarity to iron, it seems that the material is unknown. A long snake pattern seems to have been engraved on the mask, this pattern snakes a large left part of the mask. The creation of the object has not yet been dated to date, despite chemical analyses; moreover, it seems insensitive to any form of degradation, without exception. Unlike some masks, which usually have a ribbon or tie around the skull, The Mask of the Guardian Forgotten has eight ties distributed around the mask that look like the hooks of a snake that sinks into the flesh of itself when the mask is placed on a face.

When a person (usually a woman) is between 1 and 1.5 meters from the object, she will start hearing a young woman's voice in her head urging her to wear the mask. When the latter is placed on the face of any individual, a consciousness present in the mask will overlap with that of the host, causing brain death. The subject then claims to be the consciousness contained in the iron mask and will systematically present himself under the first name of "Shanalick", it has been noticed that Shanalick is in the ability to strongly slow down the decomposition of the corpse thus allowing him to keep the same body for a long time.2
No effect is seen when the mask is placed on the face of an animal or an inert object.

Shanalick is able, in a way that is still unknown, to generate illusions and hallucinations of extreme complexity that have never before been observed. The range of action of hallucinations/illusions varies according to Shanalick and the threat faced, as does their lethality.

The levels of hallucinations and illusions have therefore been classified into three levels :

Victims of Shanalick's various Illusions (or Hallucinations) usually (and quite quickly) present personality disorders, paranoia or other mental problems that can go to extremes that will kill them. It was also noted that some victims seem to converse with the different hallucinations/illusions, the content of the conversations is very risky because expressed in a language unknown to this day.

The object was discovered by the SCP Foundation during an archaeological excavation in Siberia in 1912, the archaeological excavation took place in an extremely remote area of this country. An earthquake of magnitude 7.5 created various more or less deep crevasses that revealed a massive skeleton similar to a snake of a size equal to 7558 km, the SCP Foundation had to hide this discovery at best and use a considerable number of CLASS - C amnesia. Archaeological research carried out by the Foundation has made it possible to discover the existence of the mask, which until then had been stuck in the jawbone of the skeleton. The Foundation conducted numerous tests on the mask and discovered its anomalous effects in 1915 and decided to classify it as Safe.

During the initial split between Chaos Insurgency and the SCP Foundation, the mask of the forgotten guardian was one of several SCP objects that were stolen from the Foundation. The occult specialist Dr. Evan Richemond, who was one of the object's supervisors, was part of the first group to join the Chaos Insurgency with Dr. Maestro Hank. He helped the insurgency to develop its occult knowledge and issued a strong link with the object, however, he died in 1970 following a raid by the SCP Foundation on base 028. This led to the accident of the "Red Sea" which became famous in the abnormal world as one of the most deadly accidents in history with 2430 deaths on the side of the SCP Foundation and 1203 deaths who were members of Chaos Insurgency.

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