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TICK: 8888-8888-8881 (CYGNUS Minor Organization Sub-Project Head Terminal (MOSPH) )

Next THURSDAY AUC. Jan. 01, 2015. see you there!

.> Make sure At Least 13,000zł is with you.
.> "Tons of new sales", Duncan said… let's hope he's right by Jan.
.> Voodoo, magic… necromancing. Can't give up yet!

DINNER @ SOTHERDAM RESIDENCE 8:30. YOU HAVEN't eATEN in __two weeks. Dress in best clothes; borrow from Cass, he has lots.

[image me and grandad]]


ahh, good ol' days.

Where's my room? I haven't had one in days. Fish for breakfast, caught from the seas, then cooked, eaten, presumably with relish from its original diners, and found in current state by the leftovers' bin.

Cygnus INSURGENCY LEAD PROJECT comprehensive, specific-terminal

11:40 PM: Subject 51's systems will fail after the eighth injection. Siphon all leftover Chemcial-8AC77 from his bloodstream (blood, bodily fluid residue traces accepted).

-- SUBJECT 52 --

12:30 PM: Subject 52 will have to retake the Infirmary Exam; it must be diversified further.

13:00 PM: Prayer Group Zadik will commence Kaliphat Event. Additional population of Thauns' Den, Melbourne extractable.

13:05 PM: Kaliphat Event will be underway. Pray whilst documenting. To any god.

14:00 PM:



Incident: Suicide (Non-anomalous)

Time: 11/16/14, 6:08 AM

Summary: CYGNUS False Flag (Classified to subject-in-question) Leader-Administrator 888-1 has self-terminated. Psychological strain, stress, disappointment from false promise 18 determined as cause. Took one (1) instance of Substance 516-AkOmega (procurement unknown; will replace instance soon). Investigative agent tulip (lorrie helensbee) reported after 48 hours inactivity. tulip has been relieved of duties for time pending.

Priority Given: INVALID Sigma user; priority 0

~~ administrator edison, site E ~~

Screenshot from User's terminal - Last before incident

Call granddad 8:pm

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