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The unauthorized viewing of this report will be met with a prolonged termination sequence. If this file was accidentally retrieved, close this terminal immediately and surrender to your detention.

Item: Sekhmet
Physical Measurements: 1.78 m, 88.2 kg (heart size: 10 x 7.0 x 5.0 cm)
Type: Inhabited construct - cybernetic humanoid - daemonic being
Potential/Current Hazards: Fragile physical structure. Produces extremely lethal substances. Capable of wiping out organic matter from large areas.
Required Wear/Weaponry: Mark-VIII Antipathogenic Robe and Ghost Gas Mask
Location: Temple Twelve
Primary Anomaly: Pathogen generation, depopulation
Kill Grade: V
Attack Usage Priority: Fini


Item has been assigned as a special research and development adjunct under the Biology Department in Temple Twelve. It is authorized to conduct limited experiments under the oversight of the Item Research, Usage and Storage lead supervisor.


Sample of Sekhmet cardiac tissue colonized by Bacillus tseterlegesens responsible for Mongolian Myeloencephalitic Hunger.


Sekhmet ichor was used in the termination of a rogue biomechanical entity. Note part of the entity's ribcage decomposing on the ground.

Biological agents are to be derived from its uniquely decomposed cardiac organ. Genetic engineering has already produced a variety of debilitating substances and organisms using material derived from the entity's constantly festering components. Current research is focused on analyzing the decayed organic matter, cultivating pathogenic microbes, and finding further uses of Specimen-specific cardiac ichor.

Medical personnel are to collect cardiac tissue, ichor, and pathogens every week. The team conducting the surgery should be accompanied by a senior medical officer who will be responsible for the proper extraction and storage of ichor, as well as coordinating with the Cybernetics team in handling the Item's artificial body during the operation.

The Item has assisted in numerous tests, including the following:

  • Test-0023: Retrovirus mean lethal dose efficiency on multiple test subjects.
  • Tests-0109-0438: Ichor-based weaponry applications (anti-personnel, anti-fortification, anti-tank, area denial, infantry support, etc.)
  • Test-0873: Resistance of unidentified pathogens to several anomalous pharmaceuticals.
  • Test-0919: Multiple infections: virological effects and evolution in human hosts.
  • Test-1002: Mutative deformations in Tardigrade physiology: the Gargantus phenotype.
  • Test-1034: Further alterations to the Gargantus for combat application.
  • Test-1208: In vivo induction of highly sensitive tissue for maximized pain response.
  • Test-1506: Forced Nile virus infection: psychological responses from several subjects.
  • Test-1507: Forced termination via slow-release pathogenic cocktail: psychological responses and gathered intelligence from a high-level [REDACTED] rival agent.
  • Test-1812: Improving taste biochemistry of raw and cooked Sporal Contagion fruiting bodies.
  • Test-2000: Reducing toxicity and harmful side-effects in Blood Berry-based beverages.

Item can request up to six (6) test subjects on account of her cooperation and contributions to the department's research. Personal test subjects are to be stored in a sublevel connected to the Biology Department's live testing facility. Required protective equipment for clean-up, Extraction, and Corpse Removal crews is provided at the DeCon station. Should a test organism or its remains prove difficult to remove, the use of a Life Eater-infected individual is proven effective at consuming the dead and oftentimes toxic tissue. Maximum sanitation procedures are to be observed by staff at all times.

In lieu of personal resting facilities, the Subject retires in a specially-constructed sarcophagus. The enclosure is to be structurally reinforced and inspected weekly for signs of age or degradation.

Item has been provided a walking cane to improve mobility. Due to damage incurred during Incident-Adama-800, the Item is no longer permitted to leave Temple Twelve.


"Sekhmet" is a cybernetic construct built by the Insurgency to host an ancient entity of daemonic nature. The artificial vessel has the appearance of an adult human female chosen by the Item itself, and is currently composed of chromium alloys and reinforced with industrial-grade ceramic, as well as several unknown materials.

The construct contains the entity's shrunken human heart. Pathogenic organisms live and breed in the cardiac tissue as distinct colonies; for instance, the virus for yellow fever was observed to reproduce on the posterior papillary muscle of the right ventricle, whereas the anterior papillary muscle contains several varieties of the common cold and spores belonging to a virulent species of fungi.

The left atrium produces a fetid, black, and highly corrosive ichor with the consistency of diesel. The substance is produced at a rate of 1.67 ml/hr. Its impure form has been observed to rapidly eat away at reinforced plating and enemy esoteric armor. Furthermore, this form quickly becomes gaseous upon exposure to air; when inhaled, a cubic picometer of ichor in the air is able to induce systemic hemorrhaging in seconds.

A pure form of the ichor exists, and is classified as an Ananke-class anathemic substance, capable of depopulating any land it touches by causing all organisms to putrefy in an area proportionate to the amount that comes into contact with the ground. This form is no longer produced.

The hermetically-sealed chamber containing the Item's heart is located inside the chest cavity and constructed from a rhenium-tritonium alloy. Excess ichor is collected by a miniature Schwarzschild reactor installed within the chest cavity. This reactor is deactivated during surgery. The chamber was specifically designed to prevent substance leakage and protect the organ and the reactor from damage.


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