Seismic Rodents
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Item: "Seismic Rodents"
Size: Average instance is 8.7 cm length from nose to tail, 17 g weight
Usage Precautions: Usage must be guided by specially trained teams to prevent difficulty in coordination of specimens.
Handling Precautions: Instances of the mice are usually docile, however, testing of 30 instances reveal that 60% has rabies.
Location: <CLASSIFIED>, Brazil


Items are to be lead to point of activation by specialized teams equipped with low-frequency-emitting speakers following the protocols given. It must be monitored at all times. After usage, the item must be returned to its enclosure for recovery and checking, the item must not be used for 2 weeks after each operation to stimulate recovery and replacements for lost rodents.

All locations where operations are performed must be recorded to avoid disasters, lost personnel and/or rodents.


Item is kept in standard enclosure areas (called 'pits'), power provided, monitoring and recovery of individuals. These pits are supplied with a humidifier, ventilation, automated food dispensers and one Sentry Drone for security purposes. All entries to the 'pits' ​​are monitored by agents.

The pits are built to withstand earthquakes and seismic disturbances of Grade IX Mercalli, due to disasters in previous constructions (see Incident 162/122).

The item is a group of rodent species, Lemus amurensis, which are born with blindness, and have an unknown organ in the front of the skull. Insurgency scientists theorize that this organ emits low-frequency sound, which the rodents use for echolocation and to communicate with each other.

The group has a hierarchical organization divided by the different frequencies emitted by individuals. They follow the 'king' which has more bass sound frequencies. Found in the front of the group are the 'soldiers', which emit a sharper rate than the 'king'. They have more resistance to break through under the earth, so are the strongest of the group, and are followed by 'pawns' which possess more acute frequencies. The pawns aid the soldiers in breaking down the earth and any obstacles, crossing their frequencies to amplify their ability.

The group of rodents have the ability to alter the vibrations of the particles in a radius of 30 meters, a process hitherto unknown , causing earthquakes from Grade I to Grade XI in Mercalli scale. Insurgency scientists have succeeded in stimulating the capacity of underground rodents using low frequency speakers to control the direction of the group.

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