Sectors and Steel
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LoI #: █████████

Known Names: Site-101-Alpha (Foundation designation circa. 1885), Steel-Lined Dimension (colloquial UIU codename, circa. 1921)

Circumstances of Discovery: Discovered and contained by the Foundation on July 15, 1883. The Location of Interest is a non-descript large facility located in extra-dimensional space. Items of anomalous properties have not been encountered nor detected. Shortly after initial capture, contact with the observation post built inside the object was lost. Contact re-established on July 20, 1883: Foundation team Alpha Aleph 1 sent to examine location.

Upon arrival, team discovered large Broken God cultist concentration where the observation post was initially located in. Subjects were reportedly

Cad. Pls. Wat r u doin? This is the Sectors and Steel canon, based around a sizable Chaos Insurgency force located in LoI Blackbox (let's just call it Site-101-Alpha from now on). LoI Blackbox is a very large facility located in some other universe, and I'm understating things here.

Site-101-Alpha, a.k.a, Steel-Lined Dimension, a.k.a., LoI Blackbox: When I said that LoI Blackbox is a very large facility, I meant very large. No one has ever navigated or explored every part of the Facility. New sectors would appear from dead ends, stairwells and elevators may replace what was once an empty chamber, the skylight may just be another storey one day. And that's not the least of problems.

Now, the cliche would go that such an extra-dimensional space like Site-101-Alpha would be full of anomalous objects and creatures. There may be vicious death traps and strange machines waiting for the brave personnel working there. Such is the way we were lead to believe. In actuality, the facility is completely clean - devoid of any preternatural Items and hidden dangers. Sure, you can bring some with you going there, but that's about it. All of the machines are also mundane - you can find an Apple II in working condition, large LED TVs that seem too advanced for current technology, beakers, workstations. All perfectly safe and normal.

So, if the Chaos Insurgency had access to such a large facility with no dangers and free stuff everywhere, why would this be considered an interesting canon?

Well, when I said that Site-101-Alpha was completely devoid of anomalies, I was hiding one part of the story.

The dimension Site-101-Alpha is located in is alternate to the space and time the subject was in before entering the facility. See, entrance to the Site is a strange ordeal. Now, unlike the Ways of the Wanderer's Library, one cannot simply enter the Site through some elaborate ritual, or through just stumbling into it. No, the truth is much stranger. And that's where the fun begins.

See, till this day, the Chaos Insurgency isn't the only group who had managed to enter the facility. Agents of the SCP Foundation, the Unusual Incidents Unit, SEPIA and even the Broken Church have all been encountered by the Insurgency. Of course, I can say that entrance to the facility is no easy or cheap task: only a handful of researchers and operatives could be sent through.

But… what are they doing here?

No idea. The only thing we're sure about is that they're as much at their wits end as the CI agents are. So far, only a few skirmishes have happened, since everyone has decided not to bother everyone else - Site-101-Alpha is a large place with many ways to avoid each other… but really, how far will it go until one organization wants Site-101-Alpha for itself?

So, what are the general themes to this canon? Will I have to write with some sort of thought in my mind?

Some things you should know about the facility. First off, it is incredibly prone to changing its layout and structure. Let's say you're in a room. This room is connected to another room by a small corridor. Nice and dandy. Then one day, you realize that the corridor has become a three-storey stairwell connecting to a large auditorium that leads to a long corridor with small testing rooms lining the sides… full of UIU researchers or Foundation Keters.

So that is one central theme: the site is unpredictable. Never mind finding a three-pronged dinosaur or the personification of disease indigenous to the facility… sure, they'll kill you. But they don't exist. The only threat to you are the other organizations and their objects.

Another one is the paranoia and the problems one would face with the facility. You see, one thing about the facility is that it is very quiet. And desolate; don't forget that. Now, how would it feel working in a small auditorium or mess hall with several other people, with nothing to do but either keep watch over your measly territories and Items, or sit around and do some computer paperwork thingies? Bad, I would say. Of course, the occasional unexplainable roar or assault by a GOI may happen, and that would be unnerving.

Remember, there is no going out. There is no outside. Key themes I would like to point out are: being on the defensive, holding out, don't lose it, and try not to die.

So be on your guard.

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