Recovered Communique on the Scarab Incident, Version-LB5
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An Address to the People of Osiria and Egypt, under the Oppressive Regime of their Government, from the Insurgency:

* * * * * * *

Look at the land beneath your feet! The same land spoken of by Joseph in Biblical accounts - the very same ground that the Pharoahs and people of old have lived their entire mortal lives on. It is a land rich in history, in a people's sacrifice and legacy, for only through hardship can a great nation be birthed. And there are few trials as grueling and difficult as your people have faced.

You live your days in subsistence of what the barren earth has offered you. The sands of the great Desert creep into this land, turning the pastures into wastes. The grain is not harvested. It is ground into dust by the millers of Time and Death. The demon of starvation enters your home every night, and takes the young in their sleep and the old in their waking.

The Gods of old have left your people in agony over the worry for each passing day. In the heat of the Sun at his apex, your ablest are sent in all directions to locate even a single oasis of sustenance. Your stomach yearns for fruit. Your tongue yearns for water. Your eyes yearn for the sight of cool green - the colors of Eden - to make forget the memories of suffering that you have learned to associate with golden sand and blue skies.

And lately, it seems that not even the people of this holy land, tempered and resilient as they are, can unite under the common cause for the good and righteous. The people who call themselves your brothers and sisters have taken up arms in support of the diabolical foreign government who support the Devilry that is their caste system, and who support the institution of the incarnation of the Usurper Nauar as your constitutional leader. Like the diseased heads of a great hydra, the faithful who remain must sever their ties to these sick and ill souls, and burn the remains of their false system so that none may grow back in its place.

What tragedy to destroy thine family, Osiria! What intolerable demise to witness, you brave peoples of Egypt! But now that the United Nations has emerged from behind its bedazzling white veil to tempt the descendants of Horus with the promise of peace and prosperity, every body that is broken shall be a soul freed from demonic control.

You see the forces rallying under the blue star gather at your footstep like hounds, seeking to eradicate you in the name of their ungodly masters. Under the Usurper, they have received armaments. Weapons of vast power and number, given to kill Man. Yet we shall overcome, as we have by killing the Old Gods. If the Osirians and Egyptians can kill the traitor deities in service of the True and Supreme God and his chosen, what threat does the United Nations pose?

They serve the rich and wealthy, not the righteous of God. It is their deceit and trickery that brings them dishonor.

Will the people of Osiria and Egypt tolerate the presence of such dishonorable beings in the homeland of their God? No, they will not. The Enemy has taken our homes, our fields, our children and loved ones, and bade them to kneel in front of their gods.

In Seter, they have penetrated the city walls in the dead of night and felled the Temple of Viz without conscience. A thousand years of legacy, lost to dust! See them trample the remains of our poor and honorable Viziers, who must weep in the Underworld after witnessing such madness! To allow such a fate to happen to our ancestors is to spit on our people's history!

In Beshnenur, the Enemy has cast a spell over the townspeople, turning them into slaves for their own amusement. They have set up gambling dens, temples of false worship, brothels in the myriads, letting their daughters' flesh contaminate our own, and even letting our own children learn their despicable profession. See Egyptian blood spilt as a soldier of the Enemy!

In Meneses, look at the Sun Temple collapsed into the Earth.

In Telum, weep as they poison our wells.

In Cairo, see as they hang our brothers and sisters' souls from a noose, one at a time.

They blaspheme the human form for profit and prostitute the ideal of human free will as its most attractive whore.

Friends and colleagues, join the Insurgency of Peace and Eternal Righteousness to fight the imperial moral occupation of our beloved land, and discover the Ultimate Solution against the Foreign Devil, and the Grand Plan to reclaim our nation as the greatest empire of this world!

The Insurgency shall become the sword of truth and justice. We shall be the scimitar that brings the fire of God down onto the forest of lies. Give yourselves to our cause, and we shall give you a family of honorable souls to help you achieve our goal of a united and prosperous Egypt and Osiria. Help us perform the miracles that we can only achieve with the firm beliefs of over a million souls in solidarity.

Help us change the destiny of your people forever, as champions of what is good and moral. For we truly believe that the belief of this people is strong enough, to change the reality of this world.

- Atum

This document was taken from the remains of an unidentified body recovered in the Saharan Desert. Its content is preserved in its original form. The copy you are viewing is the approved translation.

The background and all relevant information pertaining to this document is classified Beta-V general clearance. No sovereign entity known by the name 'Osiria' has existed in any historical record. Further research has been suspended.

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