Safety Doggo
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Item: Safety Doggo
Size: 63.5 centimeters
Type: Belgian Malinois
Living: Yes
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards: Although it has shown loyalty towards the insurgency, subject is capable of biting and/or scratching personnel if provoked or mistaken.
Required Wear/Weaponry: If deployed, personnel are to wear standard field combat uniforms appropriate to the situation. In order to avoid confusion of target before anomaly is deployed, insurgency uniforms should be distinctly different to those worn by opposing forces, as such deployment on plain-clothed or undercover operations is strictly forbidden.
Location: Currently housed in Base Six for preparation of a possible Foundation raid on the area.
Reported Anomaly: Ability to predict actions that the entity deems hostile towards itself or its chosen companion.

Entity patrolling Base Six accompanied by Captain █████


Subject is to interact with an assigned MP (military personnel) for at least 15 minutes prior to deployment. The subject must be shown affection by the MP in order to insure that the subject will obey and protect the MP. During deployment, the subject has the capabilities of a regular Canine combatant or attack dog and will charge towards any individual that it deems capable of harming the MP, themselves or their associates. During deployment, subject is not to be left alone by the MP for more than 30 minutes as doing so will cause the subject to lose it's connection with the MP thus increasing the likelihood of "friendly fire" attacks. The subject in these cases is to be tranquilized by a Bravo-Class Tranquilizer bullet fired from a long range deployment device.

If anomaly is to be deployed alone, assigned Subject Handler Dr. Heredy is to be present during deployment and extraction as he holds a non-breaking connection with the entity. The reasons behind this are as-of-yet unknown and research is ongoing. When deployed alone, the item will begin attacking all living humans within it's immediate vicinity and as such, deployment under these circumstances is recommended only as a last resort.


The subject (affectionately referred to by handlers as "Safety Doggo") is a Belgian Malinois of the Canis lupus familiarize species and as such, it’s appearance resembles that of an average, middle-aged Malinois canine. When not on deployment, the subject displays no anomalous characteristics with the exception that while able to take damage at a normal rate, naturally the item does not appear to demonstrate any outward signs of aging. This is believed to be a side-effect from exposure to SCP-███ sustained during operation █████████████. Whether or not these effects are permanent is still under investigation.

The general anomalous properties of the subject begin to manifest when it has bonded to a human handler. This generally occurs after any human on/over the age of twenty years presents the item with affection for more than fifteen (15) continuous minutes. Once bonded to an individual the subject will become extremely protective over it's handler and any thought or mention of harming its companion or the subject itself will be met with aggression and in most cases, an assault. The subject has an uncanny ability to sense hateful thoughts in sentient entities. It can also sense the level of danger presented by an inanimate object. This is believed to be possible through the use of a form of telekinesis. Once a threat is detected, the anomaly will react utilizing high speed attacks exceeding 10 miles per second in speed. In addition, subject displays impressive limberness and is able to dodge gunfire with a speed of 350 rounds per second whilst in motion.

The subject came to the attention of the Insurgency during early 20██ when it was discovered in the Belgian capital, Brussels. Prior to containment, the subject served with the Brussels' Police Canine Unit. During its time in the unit, the subject was reported to be one of the best dogs in the force, exhibiting an impressive level of not only loyalty, but in tactical ability; being able to disarm criminals in a fast pace while simultaneously dodging their bullets. First suspicions of possible anomalous properties arose when the subject assaulted a police officer (in reality a CI operative) who had attempted to fight a fellow police officer (the subject’s handler at the time) over what appeared to be jealousy stemming from a personal argument. The assaulted officer recovered from his injuries and was subsequently recalled and reprimanded for his behavior. Following debriefing, the operative stated how unique the animal was and following a short time more of investigating, the subject was abducted during a medical checkup and subsequently contained within Base Six.

Early on during containment, the subject was placed under the care of Veterinary Researcher: Dr. Heredy who took wholeheartedly to the entity. Also during this time, initial tests were performed to determine the tactical viability of the subject within the Insurgency. It was eventually decided that the subject would remain at Base Six and function as an assault weapon; substituting conventional attack animals during missions possessing abnormally high risk factors.

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