Personnel File: Multa Zowie

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Researcher Multa's Personnel File

Multa prior to defection

Name: ███████ █ ████
Codename: Multa Zowie
Primary Duty: Senior Field Researcher
Secondary Position(s): Archivist, Agency Historian
Specialty: Historical/Non-Sentient Anomalies
Security Clearance: Gamma
Location: ███████

Researcher Multa Zowie (commonly referred to simply as Multa) was recruited by the Insurgency on ██ ███████ 200█ after having defected from the SCP Foundation, where he served as a field Agent out of ███████. Due to his extensive background within the Foundation, as well as his credentials in researching/archiving the paranormal, Multa was Granted employment within the Chaos Insurgency shortly after his defection was discovered. Upon beginning his work within the Insurgency, Multa was appointed to the position of Field Researcher and placed in command of the research division of Rapid Containment Team Kappa-14 based out of Outpost █████ ██████.

Due to the circumstances surrounding Researcher Multa's defection, most personnel information documenting his time with the Foundation have been lost. Additionally, due to his prior employment, almost all information pertaining to his personal life before recruitment has also been lost; with the exceptions of a small amount of intelligence given to the Insurgency by Multa's recruiter and testimonials given by the Researcher during his initial interviews. Further investigation into Multa Zowie's foundation and pre-foundation carrier is ongoing.

Operational Duties:
Researcher Multa is primarily tasked with conducting field experiments on recently acquired anomalies (specifically ones that have not yet been fully contained). He is thus responsible for drafting preliminary reports on items and investigating the best methods to contain said items.

When not in the field. Researcher Multa's assistance is utilized in the studying and cataloging of items contained by the Insurgency.

Researcher Multa's personality is often interpreted as "eccentric" and his actions, seen as "childish". Some of his most unique practices include; making funny jokes at serious or otherwise inappropriate times (often drawing the ire and frustration of his peers), insisting on being able to wear a gas mask (even during instances where one is not needed), insisting on being able to wear suit jackets regardless of external conditions and, listing to 80's era pop music during field operations.

Due to this and various other reasons (including some behavioral problems) Multa Zowie receives one of the highest numbers of sanctioned (and unsanctioned) beatings of any non-Sigma personnel in the Insurgency.

Regardless, due to his vast knowledge and insight into areas of logistics, cataloging and researching for all things anomalous, as well as to the internal workings of the SCP Foundation, Researcher Multa serves an invaluable role within the Chaos Insurgency and is therefor tolerated for the most part; though it should be noted that due to his actions, Researcher Multa is ineligible to acquire a Beating License at any time or for any reason.

Items Cataloged:
House of All, Vending Machine of Doom

Miscellaneous Reports Filed:
Introduction to the FID

Major Contributions:
Safety Doggo, Department of Unusual Reich Research

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