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Item: Remedion
Size: 3 meters tall, base length and width is 1.9m; apex length and width is 0.8m
Living: Alive, technical definitions suspended
Sapience: Yes
Project Specific Passcode: Luto et latere fit angulus vitae ("The cornerstone of life is made of clay and bricks.")


Remedion is a Level-II combat/emergency medic. Its duty is to perform rapid treatment to injured personnel on the field. Owing to the 'healing beam' it discharges, incapacitated personnel may be restored to combat capacity in twenty-five minutes. It has no offensive arms and must rely on its operator group. The object's reinforced plating has been tested to withstand ninety seconds of concentrated heavy gunfire.

Secondarily, the object is a reliquary for ancient medical knowledge at Research Site IV and its adjoining main facility, Med-Research Base Rovenia Alpha. It has considerable knowledge on all forms of conventional modern medicine, and is available to assist physicians upon inquiry. It typically assists with sterilization, sedation, surgical advice and the procurement of select medicines granted the knowledge on its contents and manufacturing.


Remedion in an inert "sleeping" state

Outside of its service to the Medical Base, the entity prefers to wander around the main medical bay and examine subjects for proper treatment, to its leisure. It returns to its chambers at its own will, or when the bay is offline/unavailable.

Periodically, Object Entity Remedion will request an excursion into places of medical history, or research facilities, to gather information about topics ranging from comparisons on current and past diseases, improvements in medical technology, and treatment of female physicians. The Base Director will process any and all requests. An armed escort is to be with Remedion at all times should his request be granted - disguises depending on case. A time period of 24 hours is allotted for each request, though this may be changed at the Director's order.

Statistics from all 113 of skirmishes Remedion was involved in show a 49.73% average increase in unit survival. Ninety-eight victories, or a success rate of 86.7%, are above-average results for 'sapient-statue' category Items.


Remedion is a sapient obelisk resembling a pillar linked to a pyramid base, made out of smoothly polished white mortar bricks and marble tiles1. It does not possess any biological signatures, but close thermal examination reveals a glowing sphere of dull, red light at its base that generates heat up to 200 degrees centigrade. It is still being researched on how the entity's structure insulates the heat. The object moves through levitation with an unknown process, although it can only sustain a height maximum of 0.5 m from the ground. The object is sentient, and converses with subjects with a masculine voice from the sphere.

Remedion has several devices native to his system that help him in healing the sick. Among them is an array of lasers alternating between different unknown wavelengths and intensities coming together to form a cohesive beam of light that acts, among other things, as a form of MRI, X-ray, a precise surgical cutting beam, and a defibrillator. The object-entity also gives off a periodic pulse emanation that encourages faster cell repair, at no cost to the subject's metabolism2.

Remedion held deistic status to an unknown civilization.

Addenda (Interview)

Interview conducted by Dr. Quince Habanchi


Dr. Habanchi: My name is Dr. Habanchi, and I will be conducting an interview with you, Remedion.

Remedion: Are you a medical doctor, kalsugung Habanchi?

Dr. Habanchi: I am, as a matter of fact. I am highly well-read on general medicine, and I specialize in nephrology and neurology. You may find me in Rm. 309, West Wing, where I work.

Remedion: You must be a diligent physician. I must visit you at your office sometime.

Dr. Habanchi: In a later time, of course. However, right now I'd like to talk about your history. Is that alright with you?

Remedion: Yes.

Dr. Habanchi: In your initial report, you stated an ancient civilization from where you were originally based in. We have currently no records of societies earlier than the Indun Valley people which lived eight thousand years ago. Can you explain exactly what this civilization was?

Remedion: Inruch-Lon. I referred to the Inruchnites; they were a young sprout of your race. They nestled in the Fertile Crescent for eight centuries. I believe the conquest of northern tribes extinguished every trace of the empire … the Lonnists fell to the same fate.

Dr. Habanchi: So, what was it like?

Remedion: Inruch was an agricultural society. They ate mustard seeds, figs, wheat and fruit. The houses were one-story, carved from limestone, with a small stable beside each to store their cattle. Every noon, they go to the market to buy pottery or wage bets on fights. Then, they would go to a temple. In times of little rain, they bathed with a water nymph. For harvests, they approached an immortal farmer in the rye fields.

I was a god in their pantheon - the Chief of Medicine - and I would come to their sick.

Dr. Habanchi: You mean to say that you're a deity, Remedion?

Remedion: I doubt my actual godhood, as much as I doubt that the others were gods. I do not know where they, or I, come from. What mattered to the Inruchnites was that I could help them, and it is natural for us to think highly of altruism, isn't it? Not to mention my original appearance was similar to their ceremonial obelisks - one that was 'living' - I can be mistaken for otherworldly.

Dr. Habanchi: I understand. But why did you choose to settle as part of the Inruchnite's society? What was your original agenda?

Remedion: I was 'born' in Inruch, as far as origins are concerned. My earliest memory was of finding a young goat calf lying on a sunny field, its left hind leg torn open, and seeing the awe from a watching goatherd as I treated the child so well it ran off to its mother in just seconds and eagerly suckled for her milk.

I've had no other agenda but to heal and treat the wounded. I find myself innately attracted to disease and its death, but I am not an extremist. I believed the eradication of disease will come, but until then, my calling is to serve. The deification I received was an eventual result of servitude.

Perhaps this time, when I serve your people as I have served Inruch, you will not belittle yourselves and call me your god as well.

Dr. Habanchi: Duly noted. One more question: in present times, have you encountered any individuals or artefacts that are related to Inruch?

Remedion: Kalsugung Habanchi, what strange objects you have recovered along with me are all that is left of Inruch. They are the only keepsakes I have of friends, subjects, and great men. The blood of their empire is long diluted. The scrolls are sunken into the soil.

I am no god at all, but I alone carry the thought of Inruch.

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