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Item: Family "Apata"
Type: Hereditary abnormal properties
Captured currently: 12 persons
Loyal/Working for the organization: 8 persons
Potential/Current Hazards: Thaumaturgical threat. High probability of escape
Required Wear/Weaponry: Personnel, who work with family, must wear a portable voice-coder and mask
Location: The location should be swapped every 22 days
Reported Anomaly: Mirroring reality


Trained legatees can be sendet to IRUC department for the experiments. WARNING: Agent's death is unacceptable in the process of research . Task forces can be reinforced by members of family. Usage priorities: Abnormal objects far away from civilians that are a threat to CBRN and combat recon. Also CQBs (Close quarters battles) and execution of diversionary maneuvers. A request to deploy illusionists can be submitted by any of task force commander. Deployment orders can only be issued by the Special Response Command of Region "Northwest". Without reference to reinforced task force agents must get a standart equipment of TTF-6 "Phantom legion"1. When objects attempting to perform an unauthorized action, open fire to kill. All new objects must be delivered under supervision of Teal Division Regular Research Team 21


Family "Apata" is a definition of rare sub-type of thaumatologist. It is a hereditary ability, which is passed on from generation to generation with 100% probability, if one of the parents had "legacy of Apata". Possesing subjects are able to copy theirself or another EVE (Elan-Vital Energy) generating subject. These copies or illusions are phantoms of reality. They aren't real, but can influence on real world. All illusions are commanded by illusionist, who summoned them. They have their own EVE field, which is connected to EVE field of illusionist. If this connection is broken, by example because of long distance, illusion disappear. Normal distance of connection is 24-110 meters

Illusions copy all parts of copied object: Weapon, Equipment, Appearance, Voice and another attributes of field. It can get damage and damage itself. If enough damage is accumulated, the illusion disappears with a dim flash. Illusion influence on world is 10-95 percent more ineffective or are imaginary, but appearance and voice are indistinguishable. Illusionist are divided on 4 category "Phantomer", "Mirager", "Mirrorer" and "Doubler". First category can create unlimited count of illusions, which are 95% imaginary. They existing not more than 12 seconds and then are consumed by reality. Mirager create a group of illusions, from 2 to 6, which are 50% imaginary. Existing, while are connected to illusionist. Mirrorer create illusions one on at time. They are 35% imaginary and existing, while are connected to illusionist. Maximal registered count of illusions 8. Doubler is the most dangerous illusionist. He summon 1 illusion, which is 10% imaginary. The biggest problem is, that illusionist and double can create another illusions as Mirrager (only 3 illusion in the group) or Mirrorer. Advanced type is general, so illusionist and double can't create their illusions as Mirrager and Mirrorer. More over double can exist without a connection to illusionist, but in this case illusionist can not give commands to double.

First illusionist was found in 1958 years in Massachusetts. It was the owner of ████████. After 27 days of collecting information, it was concluded that we had illusionist family. When trying to capture all family members in their mansion, the group TF-12 "Howl of War"2 meeted the illusion legion of bodyguards and members family, but the worst was the meeting with illusions of theiself. According to the report, the commander neutralized all illusionists and they all was captured and brought to our base in ████████████, ████████.
In 1968 year we found one more illusionist. It was a student of Stanford University.[DATA DELETED]. Later was confirmed, that he had same ancestors with family, which was captured in 1958 year. Capturing was failed, object was killed in action. Now we know about 4 more illusionist. They aren't captured, but are under watching and must be captured or teminated upon discovery by the any of GoI.

We have 3 leading theories about illusionists' origin. The main theorie suppose, that illusionists' ancestor made the powerful ritual, that integrated constructed intelligences or demons in the pedigree. But now, not we, not ICSUT, not any one more could repeat that experiment. It also don't give any explains about different types of illusionists and how they evolved or degraded. Another theorie tell, that illusionists are defective reality benders. What is the case to degrade the reality bender in reality mirrorer, theorie doesn't answer. Another theorie is the special gene, which give these abilities. This gene could have evolved because of expanding organisations, which are connected with paranormal world as SCP Foundation and GOC. Regular research team 21 is looking for that gene.


This part is designated only for task forces. It describes most efficient methodes of neutralization, which are developed by regular research team 21 and TF-██ "Inquisitors of Entropy"3

The main task of assault team is neutralising of illusionist among illusions. Task force must take into account the fact, that illusions are sending information to illusionist and will copy the members of task force. Acceptable operation time is 10 seconds, after the illusions begin to behave too naturally and risk of friendly fire is too high. The teams is encouraged to develop code phrases to recognize each other. List of highly specialized methodes, designated for immediately liquidation:

Explosives. Explosives are the most reliable method to eliminate or neutralize an illusionist. It is allowed to use flash-bang and fragmentation grenades, C4 charges and guided air missiles.
Thaumaturgical influence. With Law of Contagion thaumatologist can destroy illusionist through an illusion. This methode is used for types "doubler" .
Psionic influence. Experiments have proven that psionic influence can dispel illusions, that makes the illusionist an easy prey

In the attached document, you can view a list of illusionists who were eliminated or who were almost

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