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Item: "The Pacifier"
Size: 1.74 m in height, 59.3 kg in weight
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Usage Precautions: Under no circumstances are Insurgency personnel to physically harm item without orders
Handling Precautions: N/A
Location: Facility Argary-K1


Item is currently cleared for usage in Sigma-class reconnaissance operations. Units are to relocate and retain a distance of no less than thirty-five (35) meters before enabling its properties via stimulation from one (1) standard-issue shock collar that will be supplied prior to operations.


Item is to be held in a standard human cell, with regular surveillance and isolated from its compound by no less than thirty-five (35) meters. Item requires no form of sustenance. Should its anomalous effects activate, the assigned re-containment team are to assess the welfare of affected personnel after item's effects have subsided. Properties are activated via physical harm (refer to Appendix A).

Subject is a bipedal life form, concealed by a costume stylized as a brown-furred creature with small horns and a reptilian tongue. Appearance beneath the costume is unknown; all attempts to remove it have activated its anomalous properties.

When its properties are activated, item will display visible distress and refuse conversation with human subjects. Over the course of roughly forty-seven (47) seconds, it will create a circular field of unidentified wave patterns thirty-four (34) meters in circumference, dubbed the Sleep Zone. Humans caught in the Sleep Zone will enter REM sleep, but cannot be awoken by non-anomalous means; effects last between four (4) to six (6) hours. Surveillance feeds within the Sleep Zone will deteriorate to static, resuming functionality within the same window of time.

Item allegedly becomes amnesiac while emitting Sleep Zones. When not provoked, it is docile and cooperative, tending to fixate on objects and its surroundings for up to several hours. It will attempt to interact with human subjects, even when extensively ignored.

Projectiles that penetrate item's costume will be absorbed. Wounds will bleed sugar free maple syrup before healing in a matter of seconds. While unable to vocalize, item understands written Spanish (see Appendix B).

Appendix A
Item was recovered in an abandoned warehouse during an HVI retrieval in Mexico City, Mexico. One agent forced item from its hiding spot and activated its anomalous properties. A second team was deployed and secured item with minimal incident.

Appendix B
Transcript of interview by Dr. Kaller, translated from Spanish.

Dr. Kaller: Do you have a name?
Subject: No.
Dr. Kaller: Do you recall the events prior to your containment?
Subject: Yes. Awoke someplace dark. Laid on a bed. Tubes in my arms. Masked people all around.
Dr. Kaller: What did these masks look like?
Subject: Too dark to see.
Dr. Kaller: What did they do to you?
Subject: Poured stuff into tubes. Vision would blur or stomach would ache. Once went numb everywhere. Spent long time like this. Then they removed them and threw me into a box. Took me somewhere far away. Ditched me in warehouse. One said I was disappointing.
Dr. Kaller: Is this the same warehouse we found you in?
Subject: Yes.
Dr. Kaller: Have you always known your language? Did they teach you it?
Subject: Always known it.
Dr. Kaller: When did you become aware of your abilities?
Subject: Before you found me, thin woman found me in warehouse. Screamed and attacked me and it happened. When she woke up she cursed and ran.
Dr. Kaller: Did you ever leave the warehouse?
Subject: No. Noises outside scared me.
Dr. Kaller: Alright. That is enough for now. Thank you for cooperating.
Subject: Will you come back?
Dr. Kaller: Uh… maybe.
Subject: Please do, was fun talking.
Subjects described could be a faction we may or may not know of. I'll search GOI databases when I have the time. More interviews are to happen soon, maybe bonding with him will make him more cooperative. -Dr. Kaller.

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