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Item: Qual
Type: Spirit/Deity
Living: N/A
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards: May possess an operative if host is destroyed during combat.


Summoning Qual requires approval from Alpha ranked personnel. If authorization is granted, the following must be performed.

On the floor, one must draw a circle with seven lines inside it that point to the center. Blood or charcoal are to be used to draw it. Meanwhile, item handlers are to have a civilian test subject present. Then, when the circle is finished personnel are to chant the phrase taught by Operative Joseph Farsoun twice to summon Qual. Only authorized personnel are to know the phrase, which is provided by the current lead researcher.

Qual will then manifest and is to be informed of who the Insurgency desires to be neutralized. Qual will then possess the brought in test subject to perform the deed.

A team of heavily armed operatives are to accompany Qual, and provide support while it goes to complete its task.


Qual is an extradimensional being able to be summoned. When it manifests, it has the appearance of a floating, transparent humanoid with no features except having a red hue. According to Qual, it is apparently only a small piece of itself that it is projecting into reality, and therefore it doesn't reflect what it actually looks like. Entity has a calm and formal demeanor.

The entity is able to possess both humans and animals, though it prefers the former. Qual will completely replace the personality of the subject it takes control of, including their voice. Qual is able to speak in the host's original voice or with another one entirely for covert purposes.

The body of hosts have been observed to become more durable and agile. They become able to perform unnatural movements such as turning their heads at 380 degrees, or twist and contort limbs. Hosts are able to move faster under Qual's control. In addition, the host can sustain severe to lethal injuries that would normally hinder a subject significantly. It has been observed to still operate hosts that have lost over approximately 70% of their initial mass.

Qual ultimately abandons a host when the muscle and nervous systems along with the head is completely destroyed. What's left of the body will immediately cease movement, and collapse as Qual seeks the nearest individual to possess to complete its mission. This event is rare since Qual has successfully managed to eliminate targets without losing the host in a majority of assignments. Subjects proceed to succumb to whatever injury they received under possession once the entity leaves. Typically most proceed to expire.

Qual's most notable attribute is it being able to perform psychokinetic abilities through the host. This has allowed for the entity to perform wide-spread destruction. It had been observed to be able to easily raise objects of immense size and weight.

The entity is used generally for the termination of various anomalous individuals. Qual is supposedly able to do other things for the Insurgency but is unable to due to its circumstances (see Appendix A). Despite its willingness to assist the Insurgency, Qual does come with a price. It demands personnel to perform favors for it in exchange for its continued service. The following is a brief list summarizing what the entity has asked from the Insurgency.

  • Find any remnants of the original Children of the Scarlet King cult, and assimilate them into the Insurgency. This was successfully accomplished and was originally intended before it was requested. At the time, it was deemed that the cult possessed knowledge that may be of interest.
  • Assassination of various Horizon Initiative members that were knowledgeble about the Scarlet King.
  • Performing [DATA EXPUNGDED]
  • Preventing the SCP Foundation and Global Occult Coalition from discovering any sects or individual members associated with the Scarlet King.

Knowledge of Qual's existence first came to the Insurgency by Operative Joseph Farsoun. Farsoun was a low-ranking member of the original Children of the Scarlet King cult that came to the Insurgency in search of asylum. In exchange, he provided the instructions to summon Qual he managed to obtain, along with information on various activities the cult conducted.

Appendix A: Interview Log



DATE: ██/██/████

Note: The following transcript is the first interview conducted with the anomaly when it was first summoned by the Insurgency. Interview was performed by Dr. Enrique Cortez with Operative Joseph Farsoun and item handlers present.


Qual manifests above the summoning circle as item handlers present silently observe. Sound of wind blowing by is picked up by the microphone despite being indoors.

Qual: Who calls upon me, Qual?

Dr. Cortez: We did. We are the Insurgency.

Qual: Oh, I have heard of you. Only as whispers from lowly things that wander between worlds, but they were rather telling in my travels. This feels quite promising.

Dr. Cortez: Yes, we feel the same as well. Welcome, Qual. We like to ask you a few questions.

Qual: You're already making a good first impression, insurgent. Ask and I will answer.

Dr. Cortez: What are you capable of doing?

Qual: Many things. For instance, I can see that he (Points at Operative Farsoun) is one of the faithful of my King. Your true name is [REDACTED]. I can see the lives taken indiscriminately by everyone in this room. Your minds are an open book that invites me to find my way inside.

Dr. Cortez: Telepathic, eh? Also, you can enter people? Like, possession?

Qual: Yes. Once inside, I am in control. The mind and body is mine to twist in whatever way I please. I can interact with your world in significant ways.

Dr. Cortez: May you elaborate?

Qual: My power manifest through the body. My mind may touch your world to… a destructive degree. Isn't that what you seek, insurgent? Power to dispose of your enemies? I can provide you that and maybe more if I was here.

Dr. Cortez: Here? What do you mean by that?

Qual: While I can possess and use some of my power, I am limited by a vast distance. What you see before you is just a part of me. My true form is much more grand and far away, serving my King. My full capabilities would be much more rewarding for you.

Dr. Cortez: We'll keep that in mind.

Qual: I know you will.

Dr. Cortez: Anyway, I guess we can make do. So you are willing to assist us in our goals? We would be honored to have you among us.

Qual: Yes, I will help you though I have only one condition before we finalize this arrangement. I demand payment through the occasional fulfilment of… favors. Completion of them will extend my service. Maybe even reward you with something more.

Dr. Cortez: That sounds fair.

Qual: That's what I like to hear. Tell your superiors that I ask this simple question: Do we have a deal?

Dr. Cortez: They'll be notified of your proposition.

Qual: Good. I look forward to our mutual relationship. I can already tell it's going to be quite amusing. You Insurgents have interesting aspirations. We will accomplish great things together. Glory to the Scarlet King!


Note: Alpha Command was notified of Qual's demands, and after deliberation agreed to its terms. Qual was soon put into service.

Appendix B: Personnel associated with Qual have began to report occasional nightmares. Individuals consistently describe encounters with various entities that attempt to assault them, but they wake up after stumbling upon a large being resembling Qual.

Qual was summoned for questioning and it revealed that the Oneiroi Collective1 are targeting personnel. The entity had been successfully fending them off, and provided the names and locations of members associated with the Collective that were responsible. Teams were dispatched to neutralize them.

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