Project Hades
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Item: Project Hades
Type: Ancient Mekhanite Artifact/Machine
Potential/Current Hazards: Exposure to extreme heat.
Handling Precautions: Item is to not be activated when personnel are present in its vicinity. Personnel are to wear high temperature protective apparel.
Location: Research Base 3

A section of the item's torso.


Currently, the item is not available for use, and is still undergoing reconstruction. When Project Hades is complete, it is to be deployed in raids and for defending facilities. Personnel are to vacate the area where the item is present. The recommended safety distance is 20 meters.


The object is a 9 meter tall mechanical automaton that weighs approximately 10,000 kilograms. The item has four arms, and it is constructed from various metal alloys. When the item was discovered it was found to be damaged with multiple holes and tears. Fragments of the broken pieces were recovered along with the item, but some remain missing. The item is currently undergoing restoration efforts and classified as Project Hades.

The item is mostly covered in a shell of bronze alloy tiles, which are bound together by cables made up of a copper-like material. Beneath the bronze alloy layer is a copper alloy casing, which is visible on sections of the machine due to the damages. The casing houses the internal mechanisms of the item, which consists of clockwork made from nickel, iron, bronze, and silver. At the center is a thermal reactor suspended by three columns made of an unknown metal.

The metals utilized in the items construction have been found to have a higher than average resistance to heat. For example, the outer bronze alloy tiles are able to resist temperatures of up to 1,400 degrees Celsius.

The arms of the item are articulate, and end in large nozzles. Copper tubes connect to the nozzles from within the arm to four small cylindrical tanks in the torso surrounding the reactor. The tanks can hold up to five liters, and according to recovered scrolls were to be filled with Greek fire. Napalm has been considered as a replacement for the item to utilize.

The item was found in the Syrian desert inside the ruins of an ancient underground Mekhanite hideout.1 Multiple augmented corpses were extracted along with the item that were dressed in armor resembling Mycenaean Greek. The cause of death of the corpses were impalement by spears made of bone within their bodies. Scrolls sealed within cylindrical containers inside an iron box were also recovered.

The scrolls were written in Mekhanite script. Several of the scrolls provide details of how the item should act, and lists various verbal commands for the item. Illustrations of the item can be found depicting various designs for alternative weaponry constructed with advance unknown technology. Some of the scrolls have entries detailing the item's creation presumably by its creator, which is accessible in Appendix A.

Appendix A: The following entries lacked any dates, and the order of when each were written is not entirely known. Personnel believe that not all of the scrolls containing an entry are accounted for. Efforts are being made to recover any that may possibly be missing.

I heard troubling news of the savagery of the Grand Karcist's latest war beast. Many of my brothers were broken without mercy by it. It is what I expect of the [godless/unholy?] servant of FLESH.

I hope the latest Colossi I sent forth will surely cleanse the beast in flames. MEKHANE has blessed it as well but it was made [quickly/rushed?].

I have received a new [command/order?] for the production of a new warrior against the Sarkic horde. Despite our efforts to convert into His image, we still are part FLESH, which grows the Sarkic horde when we fall. I have such a warrior in mind.

May Mekhane guide me, Builder Adonis.

It was like as if MEKHANE came to me and guided my hands as I held the hammer. I have been forging the Heart that will move our new warriors. This will be the first of many to come.

My fellow builders currently work on the casings and clockwork I designed. Everything is well but I feel worried. I hope we are victorious in the end of this war.

All builders are commanded to [return/flee?] back home. The Sarkic dawn is said to draw closer. I will be leaving as soon as we see first light. It is unfortunate that my creation must be disassembled for the journey North. The Warriors will keep watch over it in my absence. They will move it safely across the land behind me.

I have faith in them. The FLESH must be defeated.


Fragments within the possession of the Church. Image taken by operative Matthew Moly.

Appendix B: Members of the Church of the Broken God have been found to be in possession of fragments of Project Hades. The fragments are determined to be from the casing of the left arm. Undercover operative Matthew Moly is tasked in retrieving the fragments. Details of the recovery plan are in document Step Compilation SC-██/███-██/███.

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