Prelude To Chaos
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The rain pattered lightly against the window. Looking out from the glass wall one could see the unending bustle of the city. Here there was always some politician's ass to kiss, or some deadline to meet, or some protesters to appease. The chaos of the city was never to the man's taste; but it was necessary to achieve his goals. To fulfill his plans.

The man in the suit pondered these things as he stared into the chaos of the city below. "But there is a pattern." He thought confidently, "from this chaos there is progression. A grand plan for all of us". Turning from his spot by the window, he made his way over to the computer disabling his alarm computer's alarm before the first tone had finished ringing.

Deftly he signaled his secretary on the ground floor to hold all his calls and visitors. Opening a program on his desktop he was greeted by a familiar triangular logo and a prompt. Entering his log on protocol he pressed enter. The triangular symbol rotated and shifted momentarily before the network recognized him as the council member Eris.

Eris' thoughts drifted to the Abstergo agent who had recently posed as a janitor to get access to the computer and tried to run the program on the monitor. Only after that incident did Eris finally acknowledge the value of including memetic kill codes into the program as a fail safe, the agent was dead when security found her in the morning. "clean and efficient," The willowy technician from the Insurgency explained to him as he installed the program.

Still, Eris could not shake the uneasiness of being able to kill with an image. He was of the few left in the council who had lived before the abnormal science division had been augmented by the breakaways from the Foundation and blossomed into the Insurgency, revolutionizing the way the council conducted business. His train of thought was interrupted by a chirp from the computer, an encrypted line had been established and communications with the rest of the council had been opened.

"You're late." Said a computer disguised voice matter of factly.

"So is the director," pointed out Eris, realizing how many open seats there were in the call. "Along with a third of the board. What is the meaning of this Prometheus?"

"We have grown… dissatisfied with the current leadership. The Director has grown far too… complacent and progress is far below projections." Prometheus answered solemnly.

"You cannot rush these kinds of things." Eris retorted, frustration creeping into his voice; though whether it showed through the voice scrambler was anyone's guess. "The Director has a plan that involves us not self destructing in an XK scenario that was caused by our arrogant recklessness."

After a moment of tense silence Prometheus spoke again, seemingly to the rest of the board who had remained silent throughout the heated exchange. "I knew this would happen, he's just not ambitious enough. Chained to the Director by his…" Prometheus paused for a moment spitting out the next word with disgust." 'Great Plan'. I told you we could not reason with him." This gave Eris pause, Prometheus had always been a radical but this was something beyond him. Eris could never have thought that Prometheus capable of organizing such a coup.

"Regrettable" came a new voice quietly. His voice barely more than a whisper, hints of an eastern european accent filtering through the voice scrambler. "I had hoped you would see reason Eris. A man of your wealth and influence would have been a great addition to the new insurgency."

"New insurgency?!" the man was nearly shouting by now, "the Director will never let this stand!"

"It's already done." came the mystery voice once more. Clearing his throat he spoke more authoritatively. "Repent, execute aleph 11 tango." Before Eris could respond the communication link was severed. and a series of images flashed onto the screen.

The rain drizzled steadily against the window as Eris' head rolled back. His monitor began to flash with alerts of his oversight region. Alerts of open revolts accompanied the chains of the Death Valley cell, the seven peaks of Sierra Nevada cluster, and the six stars flanking the eye of the San Francisco group.

Hours later the dozens of alerts were replaced by a single message: "The Insurgency is dead. Long live the Chaos Insurgency."

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