Poor Insurgency
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Doctor Creed was standing in a disheveled lab doing his minor duties at the ransacked site. 'The Insurgency is dead, long live the Chaos Insurgency.' he mused to himself. For some reason Creed could not begin to understand, the upstart Haos had kept him not only alive, but in the Insurgency.

Creed discarded the thought that his research was important, he was an administrator for god's sake. He convinced himself that this was that arrogant bastard rubbing it his face. Haos was going to turn the insurgency on its head, make it better than Creed ever had, and then kill him. Creed looked up from his work, 'or not,' he thought, 'like I have any idea what that screwball is thinking.'

It had been a week since Haos had taken control. The winter winds still whipped viciously outside. Creed stayed indoors, and did his best to bribe others into taking most of the duties that involved him going outside. The public anouncement system crackled to life with a start. The cold, calculating voice of Haos spoke. "My friends," Haos began, his Balkan accent clear over the tinny device.

"My friends…" Creed spat, his words dripping with sarcasm and contempt. 'If given the chance', Creed thought, 'I'd strangle that fuck.' Haos continued, "exactly one week ago, the previous leader of the Insurgency stepped down. You have likely seen him cleaning your rooms." Creed stopped his measurement; his test could wait.

"However, it seems that some question my choice. There is one thing that you must understand, the previous leader, he was…" Haos seemed to be searching for a kind way of putting what he had to say. Creed was enraged beyond words.

"Weak. Too much like the damned Foundation that he was from. So, today, we are starting anew. Now, truly, we are free! I have secured many donations from around the world. Whatever you work on, whatever you do, you can do with total freedom! Today, the Insurgency is truly free to do as it will it is true and just chaos! Today, you answer to no superiors, you answer to your own mind! I am simply here to…" Haos paused to search for a phrase "handle the business."

Creed stood up. "Bullshit!" he roared at the speaker. He would be like every Insurgency leader before him, promising freedom but giving none.

Haos continued despite Creed's shouts. "Experiment as you wish, when you hold something that makes SCP-682 look like some plush toy…know that under our previous dictator that would not happen. Know that here, humanity will flourish. What did our old leader do for us? Nothing. What did you do under him? Safe, controlled tests… what a Poor Insurgency. We may as well be the Foundation if you liked the old ways! Never forget your role. Never forget our motto: Progression from chaos…"

Creed and Haos spoke at the same time. One to himself, and the other to all.

"Logic, from illogic."

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