Pincer Coffin
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Item: Pincer Coffin
Size: Height ███ centimeters; Weight ██ kilograms
Type: Wooden coffin
Living: Unknown
Sentient: Possible
Location: Base Five

Item is able to be used as temporary protection for certain subjects during emergency events. The use of Item is best avoided, and it should be only utilized as a last-resort for protecting subjects.

To use, said subjects are to be instructed to lie down in the Item and remain inside it for at least 20 minutes. New subjects should be tranquilized and evacuated from hazardous locations if possible.

Update I: A human corpse is required to be placed into the Item every five years.

The Item appears to be a plain pinewood coffin assembled together with iron door hinges and screws. Item has shown resistance to physical damage and gradual rotting. Originally recovered in a cemetery located in a rural area near ███████, England, the Item came to the Insurgency's attention after reports made by local civilians of a "dead-raising" coffin. Item was later transported to Facility ████-██ in 19██. Item is now stored in Base Five.

When a subject enters and lies down in the Item, the coffin lid will shut itself and remain irremovable for the next 15 minutes. After approximately 20 minutes after the subject's entrance into the Item, a different individual will move open the Item lid and leave the Item. All individuals that came out of the Item were supposedly deceased, and tended to be in a psychologically unstable state. When the different individuals are reinserted back into the Item the same events would occur, except that the original subject would return inside the Item. Currently it is still unclear on how is this process carried out. See Appendix C.

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