Physics Engine
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Item: "The Physics Engine"
Size: Not on record
Living: No
Sentient: No
Location: Base Four
Potential/Current Hazards: Negligible
Required Wear/Weaponry: Standard HAZMAT suit
Reported Anomaly: Creation of Energy from Matter; Reproduction of Physics Equations


Item is to be stored in a 20 meter by 20 meter fire resistant, blast resistant room underneath base four. Item is to be ‘fed’ all non anomalous waste generated by base four weekly while under supervision by at least one (1) gamma class personnel. All output is to be recorded and reported to Dr. ██████████, and used by site four personnel. All energy not used is to be stored in storage room P3.

Generated light to be fed to a solar array. Array is to be changed weekly to ensure maximum efficiency. Powder is to be stored in provided impact gel lined steel boxes unless commissioned by one (1) delta class or higher personnel. All excess electric power is to be stored in specially designated batteries. Only Sigma or Delta class personnel may enter the device. All personnel entering the containment cell are to wear hazardous material equipment.

Item may be used to terminate disruptive personnel with permission from Dr. ██████████.


The object is a large welded iron cylinder nine (9) meters in diameter and eighteen (18) meters in length. At one end there is a blast door leading to a chamber labeled “input”. Input chamber is resistant to damage, and is completely sealed when in use by an unknown mechanism. Chamber is approximately five (5) meters in width and eight (8) meters in length. On the other end there is an output panel with five (5) output types, including:

  • two (2) NEMA power plugs
  • three (3) heat vents, which have reached the maximum temperature of █████ Kelvin
  • one (1) airtight pull out drawer that fills with an unidentified powder chemically identical to Pentaerythritol tetranitrate. However, the powder has a relative effectiveness of 50.92.
  • four (4) cylinders with high powered lasers attached. They seem to “store” light. The release of light is controlled by the terminal.

Object also contains a terminal for inputting commands. The terminal consists of a screen running what appears to be a personalized Mac OS X as it originally appeared in 1999. Terminal consists of a screen with a US keyboard and track pad underneath the screen in a fashion similar to an ATM.

Terminal contains several commands on the desktop including:

  • Process: destroys all matter present in the input chamber. Can take from one (1) minute to thirteen (13) hours. Both input and output will be inaccessible or unusable until processing is complete.
  • Undo: recreates all matter within input chamber deleted by the last process. Is only doable if output is not accessed
  • View: creates a computer generated image of input chamber in real time.
  • Delete: destroys all matter and energy present within chamber without generating output.
  • Custom: allows for special tweaking of process. Command brings up View screen and allows the selection of certain portions of the total mass to process or delete.
  • Scan: scans the current item within the input chamber and saves it in a folder on the desktop.
  • Recreate: recreates an item from the folder of scanned matter if sufficient materials are in the output panel.

Appendix A

Test Log-938211
Dr. ██████████ authorizes the placement of a two (2) kiloton nuclear warhead within input chamber. Bomb detonates with the force expected. No apparent damage to item. A test with a Geiger counter shows item does not leak any nuclear byproducts. Dr. ██████████ deletes all matter within chamber. A test with a Geiger counter shows all radiation created by nuclear detonation to be gone.

Test Log-938212
Dr. ██████████ authorizes the placement of a two (2) kiloton nuclear warhead within input chamber. Bomb detonates and is processed by command of Dr. ██████████. Generated output is directly proportionate to energy expected of the nuclear warhead.

Test Log-938213
Dr. ██████████ authorizes the placement of a two (2) kiloton nuclear device within the input chamber. Dr. ██████████ then processes the device. Generated output is directly proportionate to matter present within input chamber.

"This shows it processes both matter and energy, but only ‘direct’ energy, not potential.” - Dr. ██████████

Appendix B

Test Log-1244900
Dr. ██████████ sends one (1) sigma class personnel inside chamber and processes the personnel. Once process is complete, Dr. ██████████ undid the command and had the personnel stored for psychoanalysis.

"Subject appears to be exactly the same as before, physically and mentally — no changes, nothing. A perfect copy. Requesting authorization for cloning program using physics engine”. - Dr. ██████████. Authorisation pending.

Test Log-1244919
Dr. ██████████ places one (1) watermelon within input chamber and processes object. Command is undone and watermelon is fed to sigma class personnel. Personnel expressed surprise upon being told it is a copy. Another copy is created and analysed. Copy deemed a perfect copy of the original.

"Requesting use of item for food generation.” Dr. ██████████

“Approved” Alpha “Crayfish”

Appendix C

Incident Report 1245001
Dr. Strate illegally entered Insurgency database and appointed self as Head of Research for the item. Following this, Dr. Strafe locked all research and proceeded to brew large amounts of tea using the item. After four (4) hours, Dr. Strafe was subdued and the item was reset. Despite our efforts to discourage him, Dr. Strafe has continued to enter at 5:30 every morning to brew tea.
Dr. ██████ ████████, assistant head of research, has requested the relocation of item. Authorization pending.

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