Persons Of Interest



Foes and friends alike roam alongside the Insurgency in their own quests to master the supernatural and claim dominance. These entities are worthy of our investigation and surveillance, lest they become a threat to our agenda. Each individual in this database has a unique affiliation and cause to serve - some are confined by the rules of their own Rival Groups, some operate alone or as part of a looser network, and some are traitors who deserve a long death. Whoever they are, it is necessary to know and understand the other forces that lurk in the shadows around Chaos.

Classification Guide

ALLIED Recognizes us as an associate and operates in tandem with our agenda.
MERCURIAL Prone to shifting allegiances. Their operations may either help or hinder the Insurgency.
UNALIGNED Not overtly inclined towards other causes, except perhaps their own.
HOSTILE Seeks to undo the Insurgency's progress.
OPERATIVE Sanctioned agent of a rival agency.
FOR HIRE Freelance individuals who offer their skills and services by contract.
SOLO The type that prefers acting on their own.
COLLECTIVE Used rarely to designate POI's which may be composed of separate individuals that act under a single name.
ACTIVE Currently operating and carrying out their agenda.
DORMANT No activity has been reported for some time.
NULLED Entity has been rendered unable to operate any further.
UNKNOWN No definitive status can be given to the entity's activity.


Derek Crowley

UC119 | [SEPIA] | [Hostile Operative] | [Active]

White Empress

UC247 | [Unaffiliated] | [Mercurial Solo] | [Active]

Agent Ukulele

GC241 | [SCP Foundation] | [Hostile] | [Active]

Sky Nomad

SC474 | [Unaffiliated] | [Unaligned for Hire] | [Active]

Peter Bolton

POI-851 | [Unaffiliated] | [ALLIED FOR HIRE] | [NULLED]

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