Personnel Guidebook

Know These Things First:

  1. The Chaos Insurgency isn't real.
    1. "We" are a community of people from around the world who share a common interest in the Chaos Insurgency.
    2. "The Chaos Insurgency" is a literary concept from the SCP Wiki. As their website is focused with the titular SCP Foundation, ours tackles the exploits of the Chaos Insurgency, one of their greatest enemies.
  2. The Chaos Insurgency Wiki is not officially connected with the SCP Wiki.
    1. Both Wikis are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License, which means we attribute the initial conception of the "Chaos Insurgency" from their community.
    2. In real life, there is no feud between both communities. We're all just people with an interest in the same idea: what if the world was full of very strange things?
  3. We are here to enjoy ourselves.
    1. Whether you enjoy creating content for the community, like stories, poems, illustrations, music and much more, or if you want to see what your fellow members have made and talk about them, or if you want to meet new folks, you're very welcome here.
  4. There is only one ultimate rule: have fun without hurting others.
    1. Be courteous and respectful to everyone. Don't edit anything without permission except your own work.
    2. We're not asking you to be a warm pouch of marshmallows all the time, although we do encourage warmth in this community.
    3. If you feel like somebody is bothering you, please tell a Staff member through a Private Message.
    4. Our Staff has the ability to delete a user's account and ban their IPs from Wikidot. We take harassment cases seriously, and while we earnestly want to settle conflicts in a good way, we will not suffer malice against one of our members.
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