Personnel Designations

General Overview

The Chaos Insurgency, despite its decentralized command structure, possesses a hierarchy to denote importance and the authority of its personnel. These rankings determine the amount and form of information and data each person is allowed access to.

Personnel Designations

Alpha (Senior Administration and Command)


Alpha designations are given to senior administrating officers of the Insurgency, Cell Directors, high-ranking military generals and commanders, heads of the various offices of the organization, and heads of the research divisions. This designation offers them a higher stature of authority and importance to the Chaos Insurgency. This designation gives them a clearance level that allows access to highly sensitive data needed to properly command the organization's directives in their region. Their designation, when coupled with the proper clearance, also grants them access to an extensive amount of Items in the Arsenal. They receive unrestricted access to Insurgency intelligence servers. The mark for Alpha designation is shown on the left.

Beta (Administration and Command)


Beta designations are given to senior military and research officers who have been given enough authority and trust from the Insurgency's administration. Such a level of trust correspondingly gives more responsibility and dependence on these officers, and as such, they require clearance to access sensitive data and classified, region-wide intelligence needed to forward their directives. Depending on their project, they are able to access the majority of the Item Arsenal for usage. They receive mostly unrestricted access to Insurgency intelligence servers. The mark for Beta designation is shown on the left.

Gamma (Higher Operational Designation)


Gamma designations are given to military and research officers whose responsibilities require access on sensitive data. This designation grants personnel general access and responsibilities within the Insurgency. Research staff as well as ASSAULT commanders are Gamma Personnel. Under certain circumstances they can access the same data as Beta personnel but albeit with redactions and censors in place. They receive restricted access to Insurgency intelligence servers. The mark for Gamma designation is shown on the left.

Delta (Operational Designation)


Delta Designations are given to junior researchers and standard military personnel requiring basic access for the numerous standard procedures and protocols they are expected to perform. This designation allows personnel to assist Gamma class personnel without acquiring excess information. They are prohibited from access to the Item Arsenal and other data not within their clearance level. Junior research staff and ASSAULT operators are Delta personnel. They receive highly restricted access to Insurgency intelligence servers. The mark for Delta designation is shown on the left.

Sigma (Special Designation)


Sigma designations are given to recruited and conscripted civilians, radicals,and freedom fighters that have been indoctrinated into the organization. They are trained mainly for causing terror and chaos publicly through the use of a limited number of Items in the Arsenal cleared for them by their commanding officer. Sigma-level personnel that have been considered viable enough assets can be inducted into the organization proper. They are given no access to Insurgency intelligence servers. The mark for Sigma designation is shown on the left.

As they are recruited from the more erratic of the human recruitment pool, knowledge of anomalous Items is kept to a moderate awareness.

Organization Members

High Command

Administrative Command Executive

Cell Director

Each Chaos Insurgency Cell is directed and supervised by one Cell Director that has access to cell-wide intelligence and inter-cell data to properly guide the cell's agenda while coordinating with other cells.


IRUC (Item Research, Usage and Containment) Department


The title of Researcher is given to any staff member assigned to a specific object or facility to study, document or test. Researchers are recruited from all over the world with varying fields of specialization ranging from microbiology to quantum physics to esoteric sciences. Insurgency researchers conduct tests and experiments on items in order to understand how these items function and if possible, how to best maximize the item's properties for the benefit of the Insurgency.

Containment Engineers

The title of Containment Engineer is given to personnel which specialize in engineering methods to properly contain Items and project efficient, secure storage units for the objects in the Arsenal.

Usage Specialists

The title of Usage Specialist is given to personnel proficient in developing reliable and optimized methods on using Items.

Item Handlers

A provisional title given to special personnel working with selected Items; they are allowed to enter the Item's storage unit to experiment and test its anomalous properties or otherwise gather pertinent information.

Internal Security Department

Security Officer


This is a provisional designation given to personnel before an interest's security personnel is available for duty. Any military staff member temporarily assigned to a specific facility or position with the intent to protect it.

Field Personnel

Item Acquisition Operative

Item Acquisition Operatives specialize in the tracking and seizing of potentially valuable assets to be employed in armed Insurgency operations.

Item Retrieval Operative

Not similar to the aforementioned IA Operative, the Item Retrieval operators are tasked with re-acquiring stolen items from the wild or from rival organizations.

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