Personnel File: Charlotte and Alexandra de Beissel

Names: Charlote and Alexandra de Beissel
ID №: 1914671
Security Clearance: Delta
Date of Recruitment: 15th July 1999

Responsibilities: Historical Anomalies, Archeology Departament, Historical Occult Organisations
Research Central Base: Three

Diseases (or other physical problems): Charlote and Alexandra are a pair of syamise twins of Dicephalic parapagus type. Charlote(the left head) has blue eyes, raven black hair and Alexandra( the right head) has hairs dyed platinium blonde and wears red contact lenses,(bot comfirmed to be a concious decision perforem for a distincion sake)

Operative History: Prior to their recruitment, Sisters served in departament responsible for discovering historical anomalies and studing them. They were later assinged to explore and find ,usefull to Insurgency, anomalies used by secret organisations throughout history and araund the word.

Assets Documented:

Incidents Documented:

Current Projects:

  • Creature of Lust and Gluttony - Tale/Item
  • In the name of Matiarch - Tale
  • Oswalds Belt - Item
  • Lord Blackwood and the Demons of Congo- Tale
  • His Majesty's Royal Foundation For The Study of Curiosities and Paranormal -Project is Planned
  • "obese woman-like thing" - Project is Planned
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