Personnel File: Nicholas Adams Honore

Personnel File: Nicholas Adams Honore

Identifying features: Dark brown hair, sideburns, glasses1, hazel eyes, thin physique, 1.8 meters

Security Clearance: Beta

Nicholas Adams Honore is the on site therapist currently stationed at base 8. They were recruited through the personal recommendation of alpha class supervisor Daniel Valentine in 201█. Since then they have served as an open scheduled therapist on several different bases. Before joining the insurgency they were a practicing environmental and cognitive psychologist. However in 200█ they lost their licenses and reputation in a malpractice lawsuit involving several persons resulting in several cases of PTSD and one death. They willingly agreed to join claiming "Sounds like such a dark place, I'd love to lighten it up a bit."

In terms of beliefs, they identify strongly with Freudian views on childhood, Gardeners 8 intelligence theory, and the humanistic and social-cognitive perspectives of psychology and will often reference these in talks with patients. Despite their avid interest in psychology and occasionally going to extreme measures to help patients, Honore will not prescribe any kind of medication due to their pharamacophobia. And will instead turn personnel onto different medical personnel in situations where medication in needed.

Honore's duties let them tend to both personnel and sapient items as a therapist, and will actively try to establish relationships across patients. Honore has also tried to establish base trust building activities, claiming that "people fight for what they care for, and nobody cares for strangers around here." These activities have varied from birthday parties for participating personnel to team building events at recreational centers.

Honore's personal interests revolve around themes of horror, psychology, gardening, and animal companionship explaining the latter two as being part of a naturalistic personality (according to the aforementioned 8 intelligence theory). Honore has 2 German-Sheppard Husky hybrids that travel with him from base to base named Thomson and Thompson. These are usually used as therapy dogs and in rare cases, guard dogs.

To date, Honore has worked with the following items and has been involved in the partaking or aftermath of the following events. They have also requested that their personal thoughts on the follow be put on record as well.

Items worked with

Shapeless Knave

David Wight

Events involved with

The Audio Logs of Dr. Jack Mason

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