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+ Peter Bolton

POI-851 | [Unaffiliated] | [ALLIED FOR HIRE] | [NULLED]

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[Peter Bolton]

"The Master in Anomalous Organisms."

Personal Description

Real Name: Peter Bolton

Nickname: Monstrous Doctor


  • The SCP Foundation (Formerly)
  • Chaos Insurgency (Formerly)

Place of Birth: Aberdaron, Wales

Civil Status: Citizen of Wales
Sex: Male

Height: ~1.6 m

Weight: ~74 kg

Age: 74

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: Welsh

Eyes: Green

Hair: Light grey

Brief Summary

Peter Bolton is a scientist formerly employed by the SCP Foundation. He specialized in the genetic modifications with the use of Human Serum. Recovered documents report that POI-851 was involved in creation of Foundations Ethics Committee.

Due to many conflicts occurring because of his often unethical experiments, he escaped to the side of Insurgency. He was responsible for improving a Human Serum to its modern form and creation of a healthy person 3.1 meters tall. In the year 2000 he decided to retire.

Upon his death in 2001 he was reclassified to Nulled.

History and Circumstances for Interest

POI-851 was first mentioned in Insurgency records in 1960. Records indicate the Foundation had hired POI-851 for his biological expertise. During his 13 years there he rose into a rank of Researcher with level 3 clearance. In 1970 Foundation discovered a few recipes for a strange serum (later discovered to be human serum) For the next 3 years he was working in secrecy, experimenting on rats or insects. In the year 1973 during one of raids Rebellion performed at Site he was working in, he decided to escape and join the Insurgency. His,later discovered, experiments were used as one of the reasons to to establish an Foundational Ethics Comitie.

SCR-851 was at first distrusted, as he was refusing to give any information abaut his invention, only saying that "he found it on the far east" yet as his experiments were giving satisfactional effects he was allowed to worf freely without limitations of Ethics. During his 26 years of work he was obediently working by creating new cretures and using his knowledge in biology to extend the strenght of Insurgency thus subsequently he was nominated as The Master in Anomalous Organisms.
Yet during his time in the Insurgency he also studying other things most prominently gigantism and pondered on how he could remove, it's negative parts. The breakthrough came in the 1988 when he was a part of an expedition to Wanderers library(which costed Insurgency many Items, many of some with great use to Insurgency). Where he found his answers as he read about an anatomy of real giants. There he found about various internal differences giants had over humans. Using various alchemical techniques, It took him 2 years to create a satisfactory specimen. A female which he named Patrycia was at first a normal giant and thus at the age of 3 she was as tall as human boy at 10, she was then given serum and at the age of 20 she was 3.1 meters tall.
In the year 2000 he decided to retire as he felt his failing body and mind had no more use for the Insurgency, at his last day he gave a note with geographical coordinates of location in India . He lived his last days in Drochiczyn ,a town in Poland, there he was mostly writing his diaries full of experiences. He died in his sleep in 2001 at the age of 74. The same day the earliest Instances of Human Serum were discovered.

Additional information

During the 80's and early 90's he was partially responsible for the "Animalish Friends" line for MC&D. As he was experimenting with serum, a large number of subjects were alive and healthy. Most of them were used as Sigma class personnel, yet in1979 an agent of MC&D bought 10 of the specimen for "testing if they gonna sell", 6 months later a deal was proposed. The most popular "Friends" were Snakes, Hyenas, Cats and Wolfs. The line was short lived as one of the customers were killed by his hyena boyfriend.

Additionally, in 1991 he survived and an assassination attempt. During his visit in Base 5 in order to give lecture , to young researchers, about anomalous organisms which Insurgency encoutered through its existance. During it, an explosion occurred. He survived but lower part of the right leg and two fingers had to be amputated(he was then provided with prosthesis) , pieces of the right cheek had to be sewn back on and many burns occurred on the right side. There were no other casualties, but during a clean up a note was found.

"Dear Misters ans Misses of the Chaos Insurgency, you wallow in your farcical illusion of control, you would vainly seek to chain and break the moon itself if it would allow you to cover the world in the darkness where only you can walk. The Thing that you twist mend and break in order to satisfy your sadistic needs behind a facade of helping humanity."
"Do you not see the blindness with witch you use a knife? Do you not see the scale slowly breaking? Do you not see the silent madness of a man whom wants to make a crooked reflection of live? The Archivists may see you as alchemists. But I see you as deluded men with no understanding of things that you have done, do, and will be doing. I ask you to return the book.
'Sincerely Yours, L.S"

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