Pepto Abysmal
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Item: Pepto Abysmal
Type: Statue
Size: 1.8 meters
Potential/Current Hazards Possible undisirable mutations, Overuse can lead to the loss of personel
Location: Facility: Prayer-Garden


The only use of the statue is the production of tears. Staff working with the item should always make sure the funnel is secure before removing the amulet.

The tears can produce desirable mutations. Therefore, personnel with interests that may provide positive results must be selected and approved by beta personnel. Two personnel must also do a thorough background check to confirm that there are no conflicting interests. After passing preliminary screeners, subjects are administered a 200ml dose.

In the case of unfavorable mutations, a 500ml dose is heavily recommended.

Due to the side effect of religious intolerance, all personnel in Facility: Prayer-Garden should have had at least a 30ml dose. Subjects also specialize in the deployment of disrupting opposing theological forces. This is due to the items puritan nature as well.


The item is a granite statue 1.8 meters in height. It depicts a male on a pedestal displayed as if begging for mercy. The man looks to be around 20 years of age and of the caucasian race. The man is also depicted wearing a ceremonial robe for an unknown religion and was holding a clay emblem upon discovery. If the emblem is removed, the statue will start crying.

The tears that the statue produces have similar properties to the medicine Pepto Bismol, sharing color, opacity, and consistency. However, the tears also give a robust rotting smell and have a taste similar to raw beef.

When ingested, the substance provides immediate changes to the subject's mindset. Any previous religious beliefs are shunned and replaced with a devout wanting to serve a previously unknown god.1 This god is described as the Christian God and Devil as the same person, creating and ruling over both the realms of heaven and hell. They also do not claim to have made the earth or our current universe. The devotion caused by a single 30ml dose is enough for the subject to practice severe religious intolerance, often leading to violence against any other religion.

If a dosage of more than 200ml is given within a 12 hour period, physical mutations occur. These are based on the personality of the subject and will vary from person to person. A brief list of these is documented in addendum A. Mutations start minor, though with repeated use extreme changes occur. If the subject takes more than 500ml at once, a portal will open, and the subject will enter.2

This portal is 2.5 meters tall and gives off a dense golden light. Subjects will regard both the transformation and the portal as a joyous occurrence. And to date, no one has emerged from the other side.

The statue was first discovered during a raid on a cult that sources suggested of having anonymous abilities. When the team arrived, there were no signs of any of the parishioners. Instead, insurgents found the statue on a pedestal that reads:

You are your own
No one can control that
Not even the false teachings of men

Since the raid, there has been no sign of the cult or any of its members.

*Addendum A*

The following is a brief list of the documented mutations. All of the noted agents have since left the Insurgency.

Agent Max Parvan Agent Parvan kept and cared for several insects as an entomology hobby. On field missions they preferred to use blades out of stylistic choice. Mutations started with the merging of the fingers and strengthening of the nails, leading to long mantis like scythes in place of hands. Later a thick exoskeleton grew from the scythes to the rest of the body. Finally, mandibles and maxillae grew from the jaw, and smaller keratin blades grew from the elbows.
Agent Jilian Adams The agent showed great interest in horror movies and books. When active, she worked in tracking and target assassination. No visible signs of mutation at first. However, Jilian started to mutate spontaneously and would revert back after being noticed. These would usually take the form of the facial area melting or elongation of limbs. Later use caused an extra set of joints in the arms and legs to grow. There was then a loss of pigmentation similar to vitiligo followed by a widened mouth.
Agent Kenneth Quinn Kenneth was a demolitions expert within the Insurgency. He was a fan of hunting and was also a known sadist. Mutations started with extreme muscle mass growing in the upper body. Body temperatures rose to 58* Celcius. Mutilation and elongating of the facial features and bone structure followed this. The subject was let go due to the unwieldy nature of the transformation
Reverend James Byrne A devout catholic, worked with the research division for help with certain occult items. Large wings, similar to bateleur eagles, slowly grew out of the shoulder blades. There were few other physical changes before his departure. It is unknown if these wings were capable of flight.
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