Patient Negative One
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"Carreck Owens remains unaware of his para-disease condition. He seems to be living a normal life despite the growing list of symptoms. While his normal line of employment and his social status will not guarantee prolonged contact with other human subjects, his condition remains a risk."


"He is the first known person who has shown symptoms corresponding to the theoretical pathogen XPAVL-11. Undetectable through normal laboratory conditions, resilient, and barely visible through thauma sensors. A reading tends a curve towards Flat, pale Blue."

"Forward report to the Coalition after final observation."

I love hearing the chatter of the birds at this time of the morning. A foggy, cool before-daybreak. I peek out of the half-fogged up window and see that a light drizzle is currently watering my Redwood sapling. I have a ham-and-cheese omelette, two fine-smelling cinnamon rolls, and a mild coffee. A welcome start to a Saturday. Work doesn't start for another four hours. I have enough time to myself.

Of course, I'm not staying inside forever. After I'm done with breakfast, the following things should be done: a shower, trek suiting up, a shave, and I believe, a quick workout. Once that's done, I'm taking my new X5 on a trek along the forest. Maybe jog and skip a few kilometers of green and work up a sweat. The mists of rain today would make for a cold, relaxing exercise.

I should get started on the omelette now. It's still hot, and I think the cheese has melted favorably onto the ham.

World Parahealth Organization Pamphlet to The Civilian's Prevention of Para-Disease Outbreaks

Contemporary outbreaks of today's para-diseases and their numerous, unpredictable methods of propagation and infection serve as a stark reminder of our species' vulnerability to not only of pathogens we thankfully understand, but of those we don't. Not only are para-diseases generally more dangerous, but they are more unpredictable. Some don't even have a viable source. The alarming notion is that the number and severity of these new threats have been surging in recent years, indicating the need for a new age of medicine that must also encompass the esoteric, both as a threat, and as a cure.

As with the case of most, para-diseases cannot often be easily monitored and detected by World Parahealth Organization officials. At this stage, an anomalous disease will be able to grow, spread or act freely without any human knowledge of its existence. This will often result in a Disease Outbreak, which will require sterilization and aid programs. Therefore, it is sensible that the common civilian must be trained to properly assess, respond, and report a para-disease in order to help prevent outbreaks.

Full stomach. Properly geared up. Sneaking the car out of the sidewalk and outside the city was a faster and quieter ordeal than I'd expected. The apartment is disappearing from my rear-view mirror, quickly becoming an obscure dot. A few lights are already up from the sixth floor. I've been told a very dedicated chef works there. It must be some work.

I love that morning breeze. The weather report must have said something about a hurricane or something. I can contemplate about taking the mountain road to the beach, but I should be back and ready for another architecture assignment. The beach at dawn is a well-loved sight, however. And I've seen it firsthand, with Kelly. Sweet Kelly, from Accounting a few months back. I think I should plan for another date.

It's always the morning rain that makes me think of those things. Damn it, I should go back to the main motive: to run in the rain and see the daybreak.

If I can remember, I have 30 or so minutes of this before daybreak, and then I should have a few minutes more to bask in the early sunlight. The omelette is being digested, and I think an incursion to the toilet is due after my trip.

A fine start to morning indeed. These are my type of days.

World Parahealth Organization Pamphlet to The Civilian's Prevention of Para-Disease Outbreaks

Personal Safety

Before even planning to investigate a potential infected of a para-disease, civilians must arm themselves with proper knowledge on the characteristics of a para-disease outbreak or infection. While there are many cases and types of these new diseases, it should be known that all para-diseases, at first contact, are to be regarded as dangerous, contagious and lethal. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to interact or even contact diseased individuals.

During investigation, civilians must realize the threat of para-diseases and be equipped with firearms and incendiary equipment. If there are any rumored methods of repelling or eradicating the infected, while impractical, it should be at the least acknowledged by investigators.

"Doctor, subject has mobilized."

"Keep our track on him. Who knows where the disease could spread."

"Our track is 900 meters and closing. We are ready to dispatch target at your mark."

"Give me communication with our track. Bring in his camera feed on screen three."

"Bringing in commlink, Doctor. You can talk to the guy now."

"You rang, doc? Don't worry, the subject is perfectly within my range. I can pick him off here if you want to."

"Not now, C—"


"What the fuck was that!? You're not supposed to shoot yet! Stand down, or I'm calling off the kill. Stand down."

"Oh, I didn't mean to do that. Um, sorry. I'll wait until he exits the vehicle. He seems to be going for a jog."

"Alright, we'll monitor your feed from here and give you any details we might see. Don't make physical contact, don't make eye contact. The kill must be done as swiftly, surely and remotely as you can manage."

"That's standard operating procedure, doctor. The STRIKE handbook is only the tip of the iceberg, you know."


"Shots fired.. Agent, I repeat, stand down!"

"That wasn't me, doc. I see we have a tail closing fast. Guy doesn't suspect a thing yet, but I need to shake this bug off."

World Parahealth Organization Pamphlet to The Civilian's Prevention of Para-Disease Outbreaks


Before investigating, civilians must gather preliminary information that will satisfy the following questions:

  • How can the disease be properly described?
  • What characteristics does it possess? Does it follow a certain behavior?
  • Does it pose any possible danger?
  • Can the infected victim be reasoned with? Is it possible to reduce or cure the patent's suffering or condition?

Civilian investigators should follow AMAL procedure; "As Much With As Little As". They must plan a method of efficiently and discreetly gathering information while having little or no contact with diseased individuals and without endangering themselves.

I find it cheating that I've decided to head to the beach anyways and do a few exercises instead of my previous plan to jog by the forest road. I think it's better this way, though. In hindsight, jogging by the forest a good half kilometer away from the city in the dark of after midnight is a good way to get murdered. I'm not saying I'm scared. Wait. I am. I've heard that story when I was a kid, back when I lived in this 80's dream suburb with my parents and my dad's Rabbi brother.

The forest is definitely giving off scary ambiance with the fog and the rain. It'll be a beautiful sight when the day breaks, at least.

I suspect that I'm not alone driving this road, though. Either good or bad news, but I think another fellow vehicle is just a bit behind me. I can see a small blip of a Nissan in the rear view mirror. At least I'm not alone.

World Parahealth Organization Pamphlet to The Civilian's Prevention of Para-Disease Outbreaks


Once the above questions have been resolved enough for the civilian's judgment, the civilian must begin to research possible and safe methods of observation, engagement, and interaction with infected individuals. It is sensible to begin research on any (if available) non-anomalous counter-parts to the disease. It is recommended that your research be carried out on the World Parahealth Organization's official website to view the complete list of known para-diseases and confirmed cures. Another alternative is to visit an expert on the particular condition.

Once sufficient research has been done, and the civilian has formulated a proper investigation method, it is recommended to begin formulating a contingency Eradication method (which will be elaborated further on this pamphlet) and a viable escape method in case the victim or disease is too dangerous for proper investigation.

This man, Carrick Owens..he seems very lively for someone infected with Human Type Emerald Thauma-virus. I haven't felt any major shifts in reality, but minor things, such as this wet fog, the rain, this craving for ham and cheese omelette. He is, while anti-social, a sportsy man.

Which is why he is such a contested asset for most of the organizations that know about him. The Hand, the Insurgency and I believe even the Fifths have been trying to get him for a while. I can and can't say why they want him, which is why I took the easier method and kil- uh, pardon my brashness, terminate him.

The kill method is easy enough. Track him until he stops, and fire off three shots; one to the head, two to the torso. Delivered via SVD. Then it's a quick moving of evidence and a ramming of my car to make it seem like an accident. If I'm feeling morbid, I'll skip out on the bail part of the ram. That way, I can really sell it.


Of course, I have to deal with the bug behind me. He's driving like a nutcase. He'll die from crashing into a tree with that style. Oh, you wanted to be a NASCAR driver, kid? I'm sorry. We can't always get what we want. His car, a newer Toyota Vios. Ruby red. Carbon fiber hood. Customized front bumper, tinted windows. Clearly unprofessional, but at least it looks classy. Not that I could pass as a cognoscenti for cars, but even I have to admire the work done on his, or her if I'm lucky, vehicle.


I should really find a way to lose the bug. I can open up or shoot at—


World Parahealth Organization Pamphlet to The Civilian's Prevention of Para-Disease Outbreaks


The investigation proper must only be carried out when all preparations, engagement methods and contingencies have been made and readied. It is ideal that the investigating civilian has a means of transportation to provide a quick escape from any danger and protection from threats. Firearms ideally must be of 5.56x45 mm caliber. Aside from an eradication plan, you may consider formulating a secondary and tertiary plan as well. If possible, travel in groups of 2-3 with other trained civilians.

During the investigation, civilians must follow a standard operating procedure: safety as an individual and as a group, concealment from the target at all costs, and willingness to respond extremely if the situation arises. If there is a situation where the victim is practically begging you to end his misery, do it. But that is for a later section.

Once you can properly observe and take down information on the victim, you are free to further assess the victim's condition, or if possible, attempt interaction and reasoning of the victim to turn himself over. The WPHO website, hotline and its member offices are available 24/7 and will respond to reports on an absolute basis. You may also attempt to eradicate the victim to ensure the disease does not spread further, but that is only recommended if the disease poses an overt threat.

Remember, the primary objective is to inform and therefore prevent. What use is your investigation if the information dies along with you?

Whoa, what was that? I think the other car just got rammed by another. I could here some crashing sounds. Maybe a mafia kill. It's best I don't get involved. I'll make myself scarce and pretend nothing happened. Yeah, by not looking out of the window, I can assure that. I'm still driving.

The beach isn't that far. I'm entering the mountain curve, and after that, it's only a cute downward slope to the secluded beach. A common courtesy by some of the kinder patrons gave the beach some umbrellas and beach tables. At this time, maybe I could get to see some seagulls going around, and maybe some fish. I should have brought a fishing rod. Or at least a snack. I could use a slice of-

-pizza. That's convenient. It's almost like I forgot I brought two slices of pizza ciabatta along. It's like it just came here. Still hot and smells great. I'll unload them by the beach. Hm, and it looks like I've lost the cars. At least, I hope so.

And hey, it looks like I did bring a fishing rod. Very new-looking. Very professional. What did I say? These are definitely my type of days.

World Parahealth Organization Pamphlet to The Civilian's Prevention of Para-Disease Outbreaks


As the WPHO, it is still our main duty to provide comfort and help to the well-being of the afflicted, and as such, if possible, the humane method of finishing an investigation is to reason the patient into being turned in to WPHO care. It is in this way that more research can be done on the patient's condition, while providing the greatest amount of comfort and care to their plight. It may even result in a cure, in which the patient will firstly and mainly benefit from.

That crazy bastard keeps on ramming my car! He's on a suicide mission! I need to do the kill op fast, or else the proto-thaumaturge is going to escape. It's a dead-end to the beach rock, anyways. I just need to take out this lunatic.

Well, speeding away isn't going to do it. I have a stock Nissan Sentra. He has a custom, sport Toyota Vios. Go figure. What do I do now?

Can't forget the target. But I need to save my own ass first. I'm gonna fire some shots.

That seemed to work. He's losing focus and trying to shake me off. Waiting, waiting, there we go! Stopped the car. That's special agent sign for surrendering. I'll focus on the target again. He isn't far away, and- oh no.


World Parahealth Organization Pamphlet to The Civilian's Prevention of Para-Disease Outbreaks


It is stressed by the WPHO that the proper civilian investigation and prevention of a disease outbreak lies in the knowledge of the civilian to do what is right in the most dire of circumstances. The threat of the disease spreading and causing public unrest outweighs the safety of the infected individual and yours. So, if the situation arises, you must take a duty not only as a civilian, but as a defender of humanity and a savior to the diseased, and execute the kill order. The termination sequence must take the shortest time possible, with the most force and least mercy.

One often-used trick among the para-hunting community is to have an overt threat being played out during the course of interaction with the infected. The one carrying out the overt threat will mislead the target to an obvious kill mechanism, while a covert kill mechanism is being played out. The kill may be carried out at earliest convenience.

It's a beautiful sight, as I have expected. Off on the horizon, the first wispy fractals of bright blue and yellow and orange are peeking through. The sky seems clear there. It seems clear here already, exactly what I wanted. After eight minutes, I can get my first rays of sunshine. Warm, welcome sunshine. Everything is how I want it to be. The wind is blowing cool, moist air, just like I wanted. The cheese in the ciabatta is a perfect melt, slightly browned by the heat of the ham, just like I wanted. I even got a text from Kelly; date accepted, just like I wanted.

Yessiree, these are my type of da- crack

Someone get me off this tree branch. How did I even end up here? Anyways, the target has been killed. I could feel it. ULCOMM will get here soon.

It looks like the bugger I've been chasing rammed his car on a large rock. I saw him driving the car to a natural ramp-rock thing, and I swear to God I saw him take his sniper rifle out through the window and take the kill shot. It was beautiful, but he died.

Now I have to worry about the clean-up. It felt like the GOC's kill method was far safer and quieter than ours this time. Hell, I forgot I was supposed to bring the thaumaturge in. Hoo boy, I'm getting probation.

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