Operations List

Ongoing operations are listed below.

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Item Deployment Ops

Item Mission Description Status
Bell of Entropy Deployed as defensive measure against ongoing military raid by Canadian Army against ShADES maximum-security lab. Item Handling Teams 'Harkes' Headhunters' and Perdition overseeing. Live feed and data concerning the item active; cross-activation with the Detrimental Disk cuts enemy units off from their command. Capture of remaining combatants underway.
The Scorned Angel Deployed on probable four day manhunt to Colorado, against two suspected rogue suppliers of anomalous weaponry to the Broken Church. The Archangel design has been implemented. Item has returned to Base Six, damage to two nodes on the archangel caused by 9mm weapons fire; the suit is being repaired and should be operational shortly.

Item Acquisition Ops

Item Mission Description Status
[Potential] Item-0146, IAO Teams 22 and 46 are investigating the source of reports of extreme personality expression on the eastern border of Israel. Acquired intel indicates GOI-492 "The Horizon Initiative" has scouts in the region. Ongoing, Item discovery probability 68%
Item-0150, "Creation of Darwin" IAO Escorts, along with item, have been stationed at a safehouse temporarily until the data from the tissue samples have been sent. Captured, awaiting storage

Military Deployments

Military Team Mission Statement Status
Publicity Team 88 Sent to Eastern Colombia to incite medium-scale riots against local and national government officials in an attempt to insert a backed presidential candidate into office. The Insurgency has evaded all current attempts at being connected with the public outbreak. Smokescreen countermeasures enacted by SCP Foundation adjuncts in the police have removed most of the reports from news officials.
Assault Platoons A6, A13 and J8 Sent to Syria to reinforce three supply control installations during each installations' construction of their SDC (Secure Direct-Communications) cables All platoons accounted for with two casualties
Assault Company Camp-I Deployed at Insurgency outpost-CC/170 in preparation for take-over attempt of Foundation G2 Site. Supply convoys are en route and arming of Items is in good progress. Sixteen fireteams have been added to the current company.
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