Operation Frostbite

Operation authorized by: "The Engineer"

Objective I

Objective Status: In-progress

Objective: Retrieve SCP-409 samples for testing.

Risk: High
Current time of extraction: July 24th, 2024. July 12th, 2024
Extraction team: TBD
Research team: TBD

Operation Tasks:
1. Determine location of SCP-409's permanent containment chamber
|Status: Completed
|Notes: Site-██ (Hidden until extraction date)
2. Perform extraction team prep
|Status: Incomplete
|Notes: None
3. Determine a plan for safe and quick extraction of 409 samples
|Status: Incomplete
|Notes: None
4. Deploy extraction team to retrieve 409 sample(s) and any information on 409
|Status: Incomplete
|Notes: Locate any information in the containment chamber (Computers, papers, etc)
5. Recede from site, bring samples to research team
|Status: Incomplete
|Notes: None

Objective II

Objective Status: Incomplete

Objective: Weaponize 409

Risk: Low
Research team: TBD

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